Students Publish a “Rαpist List” In Retaliation of School’s Delay In Punishing Perpetrators

by / May 14, 2014 Black News 2 Comments

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Columbia University students distributed a rapist list on campus after the school failed to punish alleged rapists. www.blacklikemoi.com


Reported by Krystle Crossman

Columbia University students are sick and tired of the way that the school has been handling all of the sëxual assault complaints that have been placed. They decided that it was time for them to do something about it since the school doesn’t seem to care. The women’s bathrooms all over campus have been mysteriously adorned with lists of students who have sëxually assaulted or rαped someone else on the campus. The other women are trying to let people know who to watch out for. The sad part is that putting up these lists could fetch big trouble for the women that are writing them.

The first list that appeared was in Hamilton Hall. There were four different male students named on the list. Each name had been written by a different person in a different color. The list made it on the wall for four hours before a maintenance person scrubbed it away. The next sets of letters had the same four names on them, but only one person had written the list this time. They wrote those four names over and over and posted the lists in a different building. Instead of headlining the list as “Sëxual Assault Violators on Campus” they instead titled it “Rαpist List” — blunt and right to the point.

The school is investigating the incidents and are treating it as a graffiti case. Unfortunately for whoever is writing these lists on the wall, this could lead to serious punishment because it is against the student conduct code. The reason that women feel the need to write these lists on the walls is that Columbia does not seem to want to take care of the problem themselves. A lawsuit was filed by 23 students against the school, who claim they were discouraged from reporting when they had been rαped. The perpetrators of the assaults would receive little, if any, punishment and would be allowed back on campus. They would do nothing to protect the other students from suffering the same fate as the previous victims.



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  1. Just be careful of retaliation.

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