All-Star Panel of black scholars speak up for black America

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The New Paradigm Tour was a huge success.  It wasn’t corporate sponsored.  We didn’t get political funding from either the Democrats or the Republicans.  We used our own money to go to several cities, gathering a collection of leading black intellectuals who care enough about the black community to give specific steps and information to help people build a better day for themselves and their families.

Dr. Cornel West joined us in New York.  Min. Louis Farrakhan was with us in Chicago.  Dr. Steve Perry joined us in Washington DC, and every venue was PACKED.  There were thousands of people around the country who asked that we bring the tour to their city, but the tough truth is that we couldn’t quite raise enough money to do so (we don’t take money from just anybody, since we seek to maintain authenticity and honesty).  However, we are still working to raise the funding necessary to continue spreading the message throughout the black community without any form of corporate sponsorship.  Corporate America will NEVER willingly finance black liberation – you can learn more about these ideals in the book, “Black American Money.” 

This video shows some highlights from the explosive gathering we had in New York City.  The event featured Dr. Cornel West, Marc Lamont Hill, Imani Perry (Princeton), Christopher Emdin (Columbia University), S Tia Brown (Ebony Magazine), Dr Wilmer Leon and Tiara Williams.  The gathering was amazing and you can be a part of it for a small contribution of just $19.99, far less than the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to take a course from any of these leading scholars on-stage.  The funds are going to be used to finance the continuation of the tour, but the information is so valuable that it will power your family for generations to come.


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  1. Beautiful if you come to Bay area let me know…………..

  2. I truly hope that these are all CONSCIOUS Black speakers that will speak to the absurdity of religion and how it has crippled Black America specifically through the untrue,stolen,misunderstood,mythological message of Christianity.If not, then what is the point?

  3. It sounds like the Black town meetings that Tavis and Cornell used to do. People had to pay then too, even with funding. Humm.

    Remember when Malcolm X stated "By Any Means Necessary",we were Lionhearted.When Muhammad Ali gave up his Championship title and went to jail,for refusing to go to Vietnam,we were Lionhearted.When Nelson Mandela lead the ANC for freedom against Apartheid,spending 28yrs in prison for his people.We were Lionhearted.When Dr.King and the men & women who stood with him Marched in Birmingham,marchers were beaten,attacked by dogs,arrested and lives were lost,we were Lionhearted.When Eartha Kitt quoted "The White House, 1968: "I am a mother and I know the feeling of having a baby come out of my gut. I have a baby and then you send him off to war. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.",we were Lionhearted.When James Brown recorded the song "I'm Black and I'm Proud",we were Lionhearted.When Harriet Tubman lead slaves to "Freedom",we were Lionhearted.When Tommie Smith & John Carlos raised Black fist at the 1968 Olympics in protest for "Human Rights",we were Lionhearted.When Nat Turner lead the slave rebellion,we were Lionhearted.These were people with courage & fearless agendas against a system that treated them less than equal.
    What have we learned from our predecessors,they lead by example.Showed us the meaning of courage & sacrifice for what is right.Taught us how to be fearless against all odds.Left us blueprints of how to get what we want and need as people of color.If not for them and other men & women where would we be today.There was a time when it was,"one for all & all for one".We had Unity in our communities,lead by Freedom Fighters like the Black Panthers.Even the Hoodlums & Gangsters kept order in the streets of our communities,rules for safe passage.No selling drugs to kids or using them to sell drugs.Putting a gun in a youth's hand was unheard of.
    Now look at us today,afraid to be fearless,lacking courage to be Lionhearted.Refusing to Stand Up for ourselves,making excuses,selfish.It's no wonder why our children don't want to hear what we have to say.They're watching us do nothing about our conditions,not addressing blatant racism in the way that we should.Because some of us are afraid of falling out of grace with white supremacy.Cities where the youth & young adults daily death toll is higher than war in some foreign countries.While we stand by and watch it happen.
    What has happen to self love and love for our culture?Have we given up?Believe it or not,if we surrender to the fact,it's time act now and do something different we win.If we want better then we must do better.The question is though,do we want better.If the answer is yes,then we must be "Lionhearted" by way of courage & sacrifice…..No Violence-Know Peace!
    Posted by **ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!**Save Our Children!**

  5. Was there any mention of Marcus Garvey philosophies with all these Doctorates??

  6. In lit-land, romantic fiction it’s obvious – they are not actually looking to leave.
    January 31, 1984I dreamt I was like to stand outside her
    bedroom that she couldn’t reach him.


    How many remember the song "We Shall Over Come"?It was the song sung by MLK and those who stood with him during the civil rights movement in the 60's.This song was spiritually inspirational for those who were committed to overcome civil injustice,racial inequality,poverty,etc.This song was sung as rocks were thrown,dogs attacking,police beatings of marchers determined to overcome being treated less than human.Some marchers even lost their lives.Black folks had enough and were unconditionally committed to the movement to change their conditions & status in America.As a child I watched what was happening on TV and listened to the radio to the beginning of change for the oppressed citizens of America.The process had begun,no more sitting in the back of the bus.No more suppression of voting rights.Children of color could attend schools who's policies forbid them from attending."We Shall Over Come",yes we were hopeful ,people of color were making progress towards equality.Then came the assassinations of prominent Black leaders,MLK,Malcolm X and others.This slowed the progression of the "Peoples Movement",the singing seem to stop,the progress that was made was not being nurtured.Complacency seemed to set in by the people through the following years.Did some of us believed that we had arrived in society?Had we forgotten about what sacrifices were made for us,had we lost our way?How did we allow our self respect & pride,our love for one another slip away.What happened to us through the years,maybe it was the "Heroin & Crack epidemic.That swept through communities of color,leaving devastation & death.Has our courage been depleted through the years.It is now 2014,the era of "Sex & Violence.The biggest "Crisis" in America today is "Gun Violence".This is the scourge & plague in America's communities of color.There's a aura of hopelessness coming from people of color today.Remember those who had less than nothing that started the process of change,though today people of color have more.Reality is we still have nothing as a people.No empowerment,no Unity,no real family structure or moral fiber.Children of color killing one another.Our passion to stand for what is right has diminished.We complain on our knees,still we won't stand up for our children.Today we must "Overcome" ourselves,because we've allowed ourselves to forget.Living in denial about how we have a part in what has happened to us.In order to start the process,we have to be willing to be forthright in being diligent,accepting criticism from naysayers.Our children's lives are in peril.We can no longer afford to stand by and let them kill each other.Time for a new "Peoples Movement",still first we must "Overcome" ourselves.Then perhaps by God's will,we will begin to sing our battle cry "We Shall Over Come" in the process to save our children's lives and restore hope…….No Violence-Know Peace!
    Posted by **ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!**Save Our Children!**

  8. Truly poignant words and sentiments, Tony! We can do it as you said in your post if we first overcome ourselves and our children come to believe it abd practice it by abstaining from killing each other and men and women unify as it was intended …Regardless of the fact that I let my hair down and get a bit off center in the effort to blow off steam, I am so serious when I declare that, I for one am willing! Thank you, Tony for being another that will go the extra mile to fix what is so awfully broken in Black America!

  9. Tammie Booker thank you for being supportive,my spirit dictates what to write most of the time!

  10. Isn’t that an oxymoron, “Black Scholar”? LOL Come’on, Negro’s have extremely diminished IQ’s, and insinuating they have “degree’s” just devalues the entire meaning of “higher” learning.

    (Troublesome Inheritance – The Bell Curve – Jason Ritchwine –

    Don’t you think it’s time we stop pretending?

    • You got one thing right…The ‘Moron’ part is an excellent autobiographical title for your new book. Now go play in the sun or boff your sister or mom or dog…..again. The Bell Curve is just more european nonsense that has been completely ethered. Yes. let’s stop pretending.

  11. And Im running from a standard users account with strict limitations, which I feel may possibly be the limiting factor, but Im running the cmd as the system I’m currently working on.

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