4 Things Society Hates About Black Women, Loves About White Women

by / May 10, 2014 Black News 27 Comments

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Atlanta Black Star reveals the five things white women are allowed to getaway with that Black women can not. www.blacklikemoi.com


Reported by April Taylor

Living as a woman presents its own set of challenges; however, living as a black woman can be even more challenging due inequality and prejudice.  A recent article by the Atlanta BlackStar highlights some statistics that illustrate just how different being a black woman is than being a white woman in America. They do this by pointing out five significant things that white women get away with that black women cannot.

The first area of difference is that statistics show the justice system does not support the notion that black women should be able to defend themselves in the same way that white women do.  A study conducted by the Urban Institute of Washington D.C. revealed that incidences where a white woman killed a black man were determined to be justified 13.5 percent of the time; however, for black women, that number drops to just 5.7 percent for the exact same type of incident.

The second area where black women do not reap the same benefits as white women has to do with how their sëxuality is viewed.  African-American female celebrities who have dealt with leaked dirty tapes have had their careers and image negatively impacted, whereas white women are more likely to receive a boost to their fame for such an occurrence.  Jayne Kennedy, an African American sports broadcaster, had her career demolished after a dirty film involving she and her husband leaked to the public.  On the other hand, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, and Paris Hilton all saw rewards such as clothing lines, perfume lines, and TV Shows come from their leaked dirty films.

Black women are also revered as hypersëxual and animalistic in a way that makes her objectified.  White women do not have the same generalized type of derogatory images projected onto their sëxuality.

These negative stereotypes about black women’s sëxuality coexist with the media’s presentation of black motherhood.  An example of the backlash from this negative media depiction is the criticism Michelle Obama faced for choosing to focus on raising her daughters while also traveling the world to promote her platform advocating for such issues as health and education, instead of more politically charged issues.

Last but not least, the cultural history of abuse, violation, and exploitation experienced by black women has created the cultural expectation that black women will always possess an almost super human sense of emotional toughness.  This expectation has meant that black women are not culturally given the same permission as white women to be emotionally vulnerable or to make her emotional health a priority.  In summary, black women must fight stereotypes and cultural prejudices about who they are and what they are allowed to be or do that white women do not have to.



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  1. You're right "black women must fight stereotypes and cultural prejudices about who they are " but those black women on youtube are not helping.

  2. Is any of this really news, and do we really need to know? i guess it does explain why so many black women are trying to be white with all this fake ass hair.

  3. LOL @ the youtube comment. Who really cares about YouTube? Those videos are made by morons who do not have jobs and have plenty of free time on their hands. Those vids do not matter. However, black women will ALWAYS struggle to achieve the White woman’s status.

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  5. As we should know that there is a difference in black women vs white women and Black men vs white men, we are totally different they know this and the system was not set-up to support non-whites. that is a given from the these people went around destroying everythigng. we should stop following these people and let them dictate to us as to whom we are and should do and look like. these part of the many problems that we have. we were more together when things we segragated, we worked together, and had our own in the neighborhoods..

  6. I come from a group of men who are of this opinion: '' IF SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BLEED, THEN SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE SLAUGHTER. Where this frame of perverted thought comes from is besides me. But when I look at the inference in a much broader social spectrum that is the culture we have. Especially when it comes to the Black Woman in America. This trend of thought isn't unique to the Caucasian Culture but equally as applicable to the African American Culture, when it comes to Black Women.

    Traditional in this culture we approach Sex from a Mans' perspective, when we talk about racism and the institution of slavery, we approach it from a man's perspective. Women in this western society have no voice, especially the African American Woman. During the Civil Rights Marches of the early century, when women were being beaten, our discussion and outrage was concerning the treatment of Black Men, employment of black men, incarceration of Black Men, even though our women were being beaten, discriminated against, imprisoned and raped our discussion remains centered on the African American Male.

    IF SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BLEED; THEN SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE SLAUGHTER. I don't believe that this is the premises of Dr's. Watkins essay but, it follows a pattern of Male thought when it comes to women in western society; who are of the opinion that women are the archetype of sin; a weak vessel. We have been reared and feed this theology from the churches and it requires a small leap to assume, that when she speaks, she speaks with the tongue of a serpent.

    When it comes to African American woman we must exercise our due diligence in seeing her in a darker light, fore she is saddled with a social stigma greater then that of any woman on the planet, she is an easy target for allegations of sexual permissiveness if not outright debauchery – THE BLACKER THE BERRY THE SWEETER THE JUICE. She has become the sexual prowess of Caucasian legend. Let us not feed into this degrading mindset.http://www.buzzfeed.com/anitabadejo/why-black-women-in-america-are-being-told-to-find-love-in-eu.

    If the Black man is to be liberated, he the Black Male, must first and foremost liberate the Black woman from his perception of her as second class when the going is easy; but first class when the going is tough. We must liberate her from this western culture that sees her little more then a sex object or sex toy for the pleasures of men.

    Rape of an African American Woman in America is not difficult for us to imagine. She has been raped by western culture for thousands of yrs., and we have remained conspirators and complicit in that rape as Black men. IF SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BLEED THEN SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE SLAUGHTER MUST STOP. It is not necessarily our cultural narrative but is a social norm.

    I am of the opinion that Dr. Watkins is the innocent victim of western culture; subliminally seduced like so many of us are; sabotaged in our relationship with women, especially African American men; hoodwinked into isolating our greatest strength – The African American Woman. Yes, he is innocent of willful, malicious intent of debasing woman due to his over zealousness to resurrect African American Men, but there is no such resurrection unless we open the grave of equality too the bone of my bone; flesh of my flesh – The Black Woman.
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  7. A black women should never apologize for being women. We black men should give them the love and support to be the beautiful marvels that they are.

  8. It is unbelievable the money that they spend and sadly it defines their self worth.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly. As a black woman I experience so many stereotypes that it is hard for me to take a solid stance on being a black woman. Luckily I'm not weak and I've failed to conform to fit white standards. I particularly experience this discrimination as a teacher especially when dealing with students who resemble me.

  10. In this racist white-dominant social structure “blacks” both men and women, rarely count! In order to count. A black person must be exceptional and even better look as close to white as possible! On that inference, black women who look white are on an even keel with white women, and black women who are geniuses are similarly on a higher level in spite of their having to fight off racist lighter complexioned ignorance. This social social is built to exacting preferences and numbers. Whites will always outnumber everyone by more than half and will always own/run everything of significance. Some people who are not white will ‘sometimes’ be too significant to ignore, but will still suffer some forms of racism and discrimination whether they are aware of it or not! There is no need to count to four when the numbers are literally off the charts!

    • This social structure is built to exacting preferences and numbers. Whites will always outnumber everyone by more than half and will always own/run everything of significance.
      Like all European nations the whites must outnumber everyone else by a great percentage. In Germany, France, England, etc., the immigration numbers are strategic. Here in our country whites outnumber every nationality by four to one! In fact if all other nationalities are combined they represent about one third of the population. That is the way it is meant to be and that is the way they intend to keep it!

  11. I think that black men are focusing too much on the way black women wear their hair, hair is just an fashion statement,it does not mean that black women want to be white.what does it mean when white women are laying in the sun trying to get an tan,what does it mean when white women get lip injections, are they trying to be black .please stop black men about the hair,hair is not that serious! we just want an different look, and hair is noit as serious as lip injections,or laying in the hot sun until you get skin cancer.think about it black men,a women is just an woman.Black or white!All women just want to look the best they can look! I don’t belive color has anything to do with it! love sisters enough to understand them beyond something as simple as an hair style!smile black men! peace!

  12. Thank you Mr. Robinson for standing up for the black woman. We have fought hard beside our black men for the cause of being racial victims, and now it is time for the black man to stand for us just to allow us to be the beautiful, strong, and morally vigilant keepers of our own dignity as black women.

  13. Only because when we attempted to flaunt our self worth with naturals and cornrows, we seemed to have pushed the black man to his white lilly and nearly white woman with the long flowing blond/colored hair. I can still hear the echoes of black males saying, "I don't like cornrows and bushes"; yet they wear their own hair in dreads, uncombed afroes, cornrows, and expect us to "rub our hands though their long nappy hair, labor tirelessly to give them a cornrow bun/braids, or massage their bald heads. Such self-hatred projected on the black woman has caused her to question, "why am I not good enough, pretty hair or nappy hair? Who are we fooling here, may I ask!

  14. And yes, the black man needs to know what concerns his black woman, because what you reap from our hearts, you surely have sowed!

  15. Yep, and divide and conquer is always the best way for the enemy to tear down a NATION!

  16. Thank you Bubbles, we are not our hair no more than a man is his p….s.

  17. My thoughts on two points made, and I'm not speaking for other Black women, I speak only for me. Regarding #2, How black women don't receive the same "benefits" as white women for sex tapes, etc: I don't slut myself out on sex tapes, so I have no interest in reaping any "reward" financial or otherwise, for acts that I believe would diminish my value and self worth as a black woman, mother, daughter, and significant other to my man.
    Regarding possessing the "super human" toughness. I'm not super human, nor am I sub human. I am human, in the form of a Black woman. I believe these labels, although embraced by some black women as complimentary, are not only NOT COMPLIMENTARY to me, continue to perpetuate the myth of the "black superwoman", and we are viewed as "different"…not quite as feminine, soft, gentle, loving or nurturing, as other women. That no matter how many "emotional loads" are dumped upon us, that we just keep on trudging along like pack mules. Forums like WSHH further perpetuate the myth via the black woman duking it out with women and men…no matter how many times we get hit, we dont get hurt because we're still standing and throwing punches. The "angry black woman" label remains in effect, as if anger is the only emotion we are capable of, even when we are not, yet some of us consciously and unconsciously embrace these hamful stereotypes. I refuse to embrace them. They don't define my persona. I am a black woman and I am feminine, soft, gentle and kind. Like any human, I get angry, but I manage it. When I get tired I sit my ass down and rest my feet. I refuse to allow others to overload me with their burdens. I reserve the right to not live up to stereotypes that I feel hurt me as a black woman. And yes I need my man as much as I want and love him. Loneliness is not a virtue nor is it fun. I am a black woman, not a super woman, and won't apologize to anyone for it.

  18. i Love the black woman to be her natural self. not that european look. we need to stop letting these people dictate to us and to how we should look like. Lets love our women first. i know we are having alot of problems but there are a lot that want to connect with that black male. and money is not problem

  19. As a Black man we should respect our women more and treat them as the queen that they truly are. let me add. we both need to respect each other and get to know each other. an not let these Europeans dictate our lives on how we should look talk, eat, think. These are our Oppressor. We d o have a culture lets embrace it and follow it other culture follow there for the most part. It do seems that everyone wants to be or look white, adopt there ways. which was taught and beat into us that was the only right way. Love the blackness.

  20. While the Black women in this tread (3 that I’ve notice) continue to fool themselves that hair isn’t that important all the white women stealing your men. Countless times I’ve heard Black men ask you to refrain from the weaves and the relaxers and you refuse to listen but yet complain when they run to women who flaunt their (THEIR) natural hair. Many of you should listen to your man, give what he is saying a thought instead of making excuses as to why you and your precious fake hair shouldn’t have to part. Hair isn’t just hair my lovely ladies and a woman’s beauty is in her hair, natural afro hair is beautiful when taken care of just like any other hair type. Stop buying into the media’s hogwash that tells you what’s beautiful and what’s not, the media was made for white people by white people so don’t be surprised when you start feeling the need to be white when you consume so much of their media. And this article is quite obvious with internalized racism as deep set as it is that would be very difficult to change, it’s best we start with ourselves (our Black families/ Black community) first because the hate against us is also among us.

    • Black men date white women because Black women wear weaves and relax their hair??? Please explain this logic to me.

  21. To all those that have negatively commented on the hairstyles of black women why are you so worried about it. First we are not the only race of women that wear hair weaves, hair extensions, or wigs. There are whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc that also do the same. Second, how many more “dislikes” are you (Black men) going to keeping talking about to deflect from the real reason you hate on black women so much. Its not fake hair, our attitudes, or any other bogus complaint. The real reason why some black men make up these silly “dislikes/complaints” toward black women is simply because they themselves are insecure. Nothing more nothing less. Your insecurities have become so much of a focus you have began to divide your own race. You have never heard black women to publicly disgrace a black man. We have stayed loyal for as long we can. Never knowing that our own kind would turn and become so hateful toward his own counterpart that has been there from the beginning in the fields of Africa, the heartbreak and loss during slavery, to now during a time racism has began to show its ugly face again. Now what black man? Are you going to keep hiding behind hair, attitudes, and any other silly dislike/complaint or are you going to come home and become the men and providers you were destined to be, the husbands that so many single black women are secretly holding out for and broken hearted they are without, and be the fathers that our children long for. You say we are beginning look more like whites by wearing weaves these days, but when I look at a sista with a weave I see a sista not a sista tryna be anything less. But I do see more black men dating, marrying, and even having families white women in record numbers. You claim it is a preference when less than 60 years ago you would be killed for even looking at a white woman NoW you are BFFs. I guess the forbidden fruit is ripe for the taking. Such disrespect to the mothers, grandmothers, sisters , aunts, and even daughters and so many ancestors that passed before you. Who really should be complaining about whom? NO MORE DISRESPECT black man. Cut the bull and stop the HATE!!!!!!! #BLACKLOVE #DAMBLACKMANWAKEUP

  22. I Love my black women a lot of them are crazy hell but what women isnt. 9 Times out of 10 a white women will do anything you say a black women won't let you run over them it's not happening a like that challenge a women who defends her right and doesn't bow down to me. Not saying all do but you get where I'm going with this

  23. so much wonderful data on here, : D.

  24. The when I just read a blog, I

  25. But black men and white women have the worst divorce rate….

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