Sherri Shepherd’s ex-husband claims she’s a horrible mother

by / May 16, 2014 Black News, News 393 Comments

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The divorce proceedings of Sherri Shepherd are starting to get very ugly, very fast.  Even as Shepherd’s current husband, Lamar Sally, has filed divorce papers against Shepherd, her first husband has joined in the legal conversation.  Jeffrey Tarpley, the father of Shepherd’s son Jeffrey Jr, is now demanding that he get full custody of the child, claiming that she is a horrible mother.

According to TMZ, Tarpley is alleging that the 9-year old special needs child is so far behind other children that he is unable to write and reads at a second-grade level.  He can’t even tie his own shoes, according to court documents.   The father’s custody request is one that is made with urgency, saying that the child should be put in his father’s care immediately.

Tarpley is alleging that Shepherd’s busy life has led to her son’s neglect.  She is currently the host of “The View” and “The Newlywed Game.”  She also appears in numerous TV shows, movies, book tours, etc.   Jeffrey says that while Shepherd is on the road getting rich and living the time of her life, her son is being left with “unskilled nannies,” causing him to fall far behind in school and suffering from low self-esteem.

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