Secret service agents in trouble for abandoning The White House

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President Obama has received more death threats than any president in American history.  So, you would think that maybe the Secret Service would be there to ensure that he is consistently protected.  Unfortunately, this is not the case, as was revealed by a recent investigation.   This story might seem harmless on the surface, but it only takes one mistake for everything to come crumbling down.  It was slack protection in 1963 which led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.   

Let’s not let this one happen again. 

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Secret Service agents tasked with protecting President Obama were taken away from their primary job in 2011 and assigned to protect a friend of the agency’s director.

The Washington Post reports that “Operation Moonlight” moved agents from the White House to Maryland because then-Director Mark Sullivan was worried about his assistant who was being harassed by a neighbor.

Members of the “Prowler Team” are responsible for patrolling the edges of the  White House, but were diverted by Sullivan. Members of that team also monitor the area where Obama enters and exits Marine One and where people gather to watch the president and his family travel by motorcade.

READ MORE via Secret Service Agents Left White House to Protect Fellow Employee | Your Black World.


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  1. This is a job for the attorney general…we as citizens can't do anything about this…peace

  2. This goes to prove that even as the President, Mr. Obama is still treated like a second class citizen. We as a people are not shown proper respect. How many times have you heard him referred to as "Obama" on the news and in print. The proper term is "Mr. President". Everyone can come here and get everything they need. We were denied so many things although we we brought here against our will, all our rights taken, or to be honest, never given to us in the first place, while we are looked down upon. We can't get employment and when we need help, all the stereotypes are used against us. None of which are true. We are for the most part, hardworking and good people. The stereotypes were put on us to keep us subservient. To be sure, the First Family proves that they are wrong about us. How can we be considered lazy when this country was built on our backs, for free, mind you. We had a Holocaust ten times worst than any people on this earth. SMH

  3. Abraham Bolden, the 1st African American Secret Service Agent assigned to former President JFK talks about similar issues with the Secret Service Agents back then. If you haven’t read his book, The Echo from Dealey Plaza, you should read it. I had him on my Public Access Show and radio shows here in Chicago and he talks how the agents back then where acting the same way and how they knew that an attempt would be made on JFK but they vowed not to protect him.

    There are a lot of racist people in positions of authority that may not display their racism but is often shown by their actions.

    The Dept of Justice should be looking into the issue that you mention in the article because I feel that it is a conflict of interest doing that for his neighbor. That Director should be fired unless he has a hell of an excuse. Just my opinion.

  4. We have to be prayful and vigilant for our President and his family. Maybe they should hire the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan will make sure he stays protected.

  5. So, the Presidential mercernary who authorised Drone strikes that killed innocent people is at risk of losing his life because his protection detail wasn't very vigilant in their duties…….oh the bloody irony

  6. Well said Mr. Parham.

  7. Which is why I have always said that the first family need to arm themselves, I never believed that Secret Service would guard a black man and his black family. No, not in this lifetime.

  8. Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear!

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