A psychologist explains that which shaped Maya Angelou

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins and Dr. Monikah Ogando discuss the life of Maya Angelou.  Angelou died recently, but left a major imprint on our society.   Angelou spoke six languages, had 30 honorary degrees, and had written books that were must-reads for the entire black community and beyond.

Dr. Monikah Ogando, a psychologist with two PhDs herself, speaks with Dr Boyce Watkins and Angelou’s legacy and what she means to the black community.  With Maya beginning life as a victim of s-xual assault, abandonment and a host of other serious problems, it’s amazing to have seen her blossom into the iconic figure she eventually became.

Are there any other Maya Angelou’s out here who are struggling right now as dropouts, single mothers, dancers or waitresses?

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to give up on our young women.  There might be more to them than meets the eye.  Oprah Winfrey was also a woman who struggled early in life and went on to do amazing things.

Perhaps that’s why she and Angelou connected so deeply.

Tell us: What is your greatest Maya Angelou memory?  How has she impacted your life?



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