Police Commissioner Refuses to Apologize for Calling Obama the “N” Word

by / May 16, 2014 Black News 13 Comments

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A New Hampshire police commissioner has admitted calling President Obama the “N” wordCopeland.jpg but won’t apologize for his remark.

Some members of the mostly white neighborhood have called on Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland to apologize after resident Jane O’Toole overheard him calling Obama the “N” word. In an email to O’Toole, Copeland admitted using the slur but would not apologize for it.

Since Copeland, one of three members of the police commission, is an elected official, Wolfeboro Town Manager David Owen said Thursday that he has no power to remove him. Owen says he finds Copeland’s comments “reprehensible” and expects many residents to call for Copeland’s resignation over the the remark.

Commission Chairman Joseph Balboni told the Concord Monitor that he had no plans of asking Copeland to resign.

“I think it’s crazy. Bob is a very nice person, and he’s been very generous to the town of Wolfeboro,” Balboni said.

“He’s worked with a lot of blacks in his life. . . . He said some harsh words about Mr. Obama, and here we are. This woman, she’s blowing it all out of proportion.”

Some in the community surely feel that Copeland blew it out of proportion when he refused to apologize for his racist remarks.

O’Toole said she never wanted to get involved in politics prior to this incident.

“I vote, I’ve always voted, but I have no desire to run for any kind of office or get involved in politics,” O’Toole said. “I just happened to be at a restaurant at the wrong time.”

O’Toole says she overheard Copeland while finishing up dinner at Nolan’s Brick Oven Bistro. She says Copeland said he hated watching television because every time he turned on the TV he saw “that f**king nιgger.”

She said she asked him if he was “throwing the n-word around” and he defiantly told her, “yeah.”

She wrote the town manager and the commissioners, including Copeland, about the remarks.

Copeland refused to apologize in his email to her.

“I believe I did use the “N” word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse. For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such,” he wrote.



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  1. This is but a small peek through a clear window into a soiled,hate filled yet somewhat honest white American’s mind that reflects the unspoken,suppressed ‘alienation’ that fuels the Unfair,Unjust,Unbalanced,Inequitable Foul SYSTEM of white-supremacy/racism.His attitude mirrors that of Congress,Fox News,The Tea Party,Republicans and many of you reading this post.Said or Unsaid,this SYSTEM runs like a well tuned clock.


  2. I don’t see any black leaders or reporter’s coming out and calling for this racist police commissioner to resign; Let a black eletic official say something like that he would be out on his ass. WAKE THE F–K UP BLACK PEOPLE ! before its to late.

  3. Racists like Commissioner Robert Copeland are wondering what went wrong US has a racial minority as President. Some racists even think the US Constitution is now illegal document when it authorizes the best to be the best. President Obama competed for the job not once but twice and came on top. He was elected and re-elected by Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians and indigenous Indians. But some racists still think President Obama, as a racial minority, should not have ranked No. 1 or highest or the best. This commissioner was raised to believe racial minorities were intellectually inferior to him. He is burning with anger inside. He must be careful he may have heart attack like Karl Rove or Dick Morris. The only way to teach him is remove him from the job. Next to howl such insults is Bill O’rielly and Sean Hannity. These, like Robert Copeland, are still hurting McCain and Romney lost to President Obama. They daily burn mentally why the President of United States and of the World is a racial minority. I have written to Bill O and Sean to jump in the lake for cleansing. Maybe Copeland should join Hannity and O’rielly in the lake. We will pull them out before drowning.

  4. Sack him, he is so blatantly racist , get rid of the piece of rubbish who like many others will not let the community , no matter the colors, mix and live in harmony…as some one else said, if that was a black man commenting on white, his asse would have been kicked out, no questions asked…..

  5. That Commissioner’s hate and jealously is so strong that he probably couldn’t help himself. He looks like he is the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan (lol) Of course he wont apologize
    it would go against all that he believes in – He’s a RedNeck you can see it just like the judge who told the black guy “Run Nigga Run!” Racism is alive and well in the United States – Do they forget President Obama is a half breed? What about the white part of him – doesn’t that count. Poor President Obama its like he’s all black – The Commissioner’s remarks will come back to haunt him – he will be sorry he didn’t say he’s sorry – like the other reader said – his hate can cause him to have a heart attack! He’s the Ultimate Red Neck!!

  6. This guy not only looks like ‘WALTER”( Jeff Dunham’s dummy),he acts like him too.

  7. I had my best laugh of today after reading Croozcntrl”s comment – I loved it!! That’s the best description yet of this racists!!

  8. I think we figured it out. This is the guy that Dunham gets his material from. Walter the Dummy is real and is a commissioner of the police department in New Hampshire.

  9. Amazing that blacks and whites are still saying that it is us that refuse to discontinue the blatant observation of racism against blacks in it's most severe manner.

    • It has been very hard for both White and Black racists to live in this Country for the last 5 years- Reason-their President happens to be a racial minority. Here are some of racist Blacks: Herman Cain, Allen West, Michael Steele, and Deneen Borelli at FoxNews. Among White racists are: Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Paul Ryne, Mitt McConnell, Rev. Pat Robertson and Eric Cantor who will soon be on unemployment line. Pat Robertson even went all the way to rally his parishners to pray before the elections in 2012 that President Obama lose the re-election. Robertson’s god did not listen. President Obama was re-elected. This Commissioner, like many Black haters, will soon have heart attack.

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