Mike Epps calls Kevin Hart “Overrated” – Kevin fires back hard

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A brewing feud between comedians is starting to get pretty ugly.    It’s not that often when two high-profile personalities air their dirty laundry, but with all the success that Kevin Hart has had lately, you expect that there is going to be some competition.  This particular feud is coming from Mike Epps.

Mike Epps got his first big break by serving as the replacement to Chris Tucker in the “Friday” series, produced by Ice Cube.  Ice Cube has helped a lot of comedians get major opportunities, but for some reason, Epps was not included in the last Ice Cube project, “Ride Along.”

Kevin Hart, Epps’ replacement, brought in more money and bigger numbers at the box office.  This appears to have been the source of jealousy and resentment from Epps, who fired some pretty evil shots at Hart on a recent radio interview.   On “DeDe in the Morning” on K104 in Dallas, Epps called out Kevin as an “overrated comedian.”

Specifically, Epps said that Hart is “loud, silly,” and completely … “overrated.” 

Kevin was expected to be the bigger man and not respond to Epps.  But since Hart is only 5 feet 2 inches tall, it’s not easy for him to be bigger than anything.  So, Hart came back at Epps on social media.

“Until you do better with your ticket sales, leave Kevin Hart’s name out your mouth,” he said.

Hart then fired off another set of insults that were actually pretty funny.  He first made fun of Epps for not having anything to do, since he has fallen off a little bit.  He then goes in and tells Epps to actually kill himself.  You can see the nasty tweets down below.  It’s getting real ugly in here.




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  1. Donna Johnson, I really like the stance that you took on this matter. IT took the superior mind of a rational person like yourself to see both sides of the coin.

  2. Why is it that we, as African Americans, can’t celebrate each other? This crab-mentality syndrome that we seem to have perpetuated all these years seems to override civility and decency these days. It’s silly and sad at the same time.

  3. The most interesting thing about both of these comedians is that they both are lousy stand up comedians but both are very good actors in the roles they portray. Neither one are in the Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock class as stand up comedians.


  5. Well said. Neither one of them are comic geniuses. Just mediocre talent.

  6. Come on men!! Black Men!! Set thevexample shut media down and stop the insults!!
    Plz set a better example! 🙂 #ThankYou!

  7. I totally agree with you on this one. Why waste time responding. If you're busy being successful do that.

  8. Kevin is funnier than Mike. Simple as that. I really wish we would get ourselves together. This mess is so unnecessary.

  9. Mike knew what he was doing to say Kevin Hart's name. There was a time when you couldn't turn without hearing Mike's name. He should be mad at himself if anything. He'd been dead for a while when Kevin hit the scene.

  10. Have you ever heard of Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers? Dana Carvey and Mike Myers? Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien? Make sure you're speaking truth before you make those types of bold statements and stop trying to pathologize black people.

  11. Harrison Moore, in retrospect 'WE" are a fraternity and should above all support each other to the max because "WE" know the struggle first-hand!
    It is exactly the 'crabs in a barrel' syndrome; it gets repeated through many venues from hanging on the block to running for the presidency of the USA! If Mike Epps has a problem with not getting the part or 'A' part in Ice Cube's movie, then he should be shooting his darts at Cube, but we all know why he's acting too punk-assed for that, right? Too bad Kevin shot back, but that's the nature of our beast, "You pinch and pull me down, I'll pinch, pull you down and want you buried!"

  12. These comments from the black community are a total mess. Kevin Hart has done NOTHING to anyone and you all are so critical of him. You are doing the same thing Mike Epos is doing. You don’t know him personally so how can you really have an honest opinion of him. When tou see him he’s being a comedian. Someone even said slapstick comedy. REALLY? Jealousy SUCKS! And these comments reek of the little green eyed devil. Black people are gonna be judgmental regardless of what you do. Self hate is a mess. I tell ya.

  13. Mike Epps just jealous. It's Kevin Harts season now, let him shine.

  14. Vitamin Q, Here is the link. Listen for yourself:

  15. Your correct, this site does have the worst bloggers/reporters at time. They hardly ever give full details. That's why I always research after I read anything pisted on here

  16. I concur Brother Elijah,; Great advice!

  17. Nuccas stay hatin on each other, while Kevin doin the dayum thing he living good his kid aint livin in the hood dodgin bullets. Mike who oh yeah Mike I AINT IN NO MOVIES CAUSE HOLLYWOOD AINT CHECKIN FOR MY HASBEEN AZZ EPPS!

  18. Rodney Thomas Earl Dixon I last white comedians??? mmm jay leno and conan obrian… johnny carson and joan rivers, joan rivers and chelsa handler, joan rivers and john stewart vs bill maher… theres a super long list of white comedians feuding

  19. Rodney Thomas Earl Dixon I last white comedians feuding??? mmm jay leno and conan obrian… johnny carson and joan rivers, joan rivers and chelsa handler, john stewart vs bill maher… theres a super long list of white comedians feuding

  20. Rodney Thomas Earl Dixon I Wynn and George Crooney are feuding right now… downing each other. Whites have been doing this for years from celebs to politicians. Thanks Donna Johnson for your accurate statement.

  21. this is not Blacks being crabs in a barrel. this is WWE.

  22. Just because Epps was in a Friday movie doesn't mean he has to be in every Ice Cube movie ever after.I don't think that's why he was mad though.No role is guaranteed just because you know somebody.Maybe he just doesn't like Hart?

  23. Mike epps aint jealous of a damn thing…his movies are better and he is funnier…he was asked a question and he gave an answer its not like he just randomly brought it up….some ppl just cant take it when someone else speaks their mind and keeps it real…..

    • This isn’t the first time Mike Epps threw slangs at Kevin Hart. Mike Epps should have been focusing on his success the way he focuses on smoking blunts. Don’t get mad a Kevin because he’s making a name for himself. That’s what we are all here to do. Mike isn’t very busy he should be trying to get in with Kevin instead of hating. I definitely would go see a comedy tour with these two on the ticket but of course once you reach a certain status you feel you’re too good for some (other blacks). Black comedians and black people should come together when they are doing well not pull apart. This is why we will always be the underdog!


  25. Clearly Mike Epps is totally jealous n he has reason to b… he has fallen off his game n Kevin has step his up. No position to hate tho just sit back n take notes n watch the young man do his thang n step yo game up in the meantime

  26. See this makes me sick to my stomach….when will we as Blacks STOP airing out our "dirty laundry" before the world….Now the two of them make enough money, travel in some of the same circles whereas they could have hit each other up PRIVATELY!!!

  27. @Harrison Moore We should at least try to stick together at some point in LIFE…..every other race does!

  28. A Bernard Coffer definitely Not Richard Pryor he was one of the best!

  29. i argee epps is not funny at ALL///////

  30. let that man eat Epps!!! Stop that hatin shit

  31. But,….he IS overrated and really not that funny. How many times can you make fun of yourself for being small? We get it, you're teeny weeny….next.

  32. Judge Ye Not… If you think Kevin is funny Laugh… If you think Mike is funny Laugh if neither is funny then WE are not in Short supply of BLACK COMEDIANS… We cannot allow ourselves to return to times long gone.Praise GOD that We are at least being rated.Over Rated Under Rated.Does not really matter.LOVE EVERY BODY.The GOOOOD thing is they are EMPLOYED. If you GUYS don’t STOP. You will have to watch Jerry Lewis & The Three Stooges. Let’s be THANKFUL That, WE HAVE COME A LONG WAYS. Can We All Get Along and LAUGH TOGETHER?

  33. That's funny.. But so true..

  34. Just like d l hugley. They not that funny

  35. Bruce Bruce is funnier than the both of them put together!

  36. Bring the Movie On!!!!! and give back to your community!!!!!!

  37. I mistakenly liked your post. Had to fix that. So your comparing Kevin Hart to Whitney? lol Kevin and Mike are both not even funny to me!

  38. And yet they still made money off you at the end of the day so I'm sure they are ok with that.

  39. There is a time for everyone. Mike was hot years ago when he was on the Friday movies, this is Kevin’s time. In a couple of years they will both be has been comedians. The difference in their attitudes is the money they have. Eddie, Chris Seinfeld the top money makers don’t have time to throw shots.

  40. Haters!!!!

  41. Both are really great comedians and I like them both. No need to hate on each other because your gift will make room for you!! You just have to trust God to open doors of opportunity, I'm sadden when I see feuds like this amongst our people. We need to support and encourage each other in our successes!!!

  42. Kevin Hart is over-rated and not at all funny. We are all entitled to our opinion and if you don’t like someone’s acting or comedian act just don’t support them. However, he does not care what you or I think because obviously a there are a lot of people who think otherwise because he is hot right now. That’s all that matters. I hope they both prosper but I happen to think Epps is funnier.

  43. Why did Kevin throw all the insults, Epps gave his opinion of him being overrated. He did not start insulting him.

  44. Right! Because its true!

  45. keep on brown folks, give people like donald sterling ammo to shoot our entire race down!! stuff like feuding, atlanta housewives, all of that negativety just enables all of the nay sayers and racists!!!

  46. I think they are both hilarious in their own way. If anyone follows comedy you would know that Mike is know has been, a lot of comedians when they are not doing movies are touring. They make quite a bit of money that way. In no way is KH overrated, he had DC looking like the million man march when he came to town. I just think everybody needs to chill on this feud because I am just happy that neither one has gone crazy like so many other black comedians that were thrown in the limelight.

  47. Donna Johnson , nicely put..

  48. This is pathetic.

  49. It doesn't matter whether whites feud or not. We as Black Americans are not suppose to do what they do and fall in line with their ways. We need to stop the downgrading, belittling, and negetive actions towards our own, period. We should be taking out hostilities and anger on our oppressors and former slaves masters by taking over. We need to Unite, and focus on gaining wealth, resources, and land, not in-fighting or even perpetrating it. We make our former slave masters over a trillion dollars, we are worth as a whole in America about 400 million and we spend over 90% of that outside our communities. We still haven't overcome, we still own about 2% of the wealth, resources, and land in the USA, that's just a little higher than what we own on the eve of the civil war.

  50. To me,which is just my opinion Kevin Hart is overrated. Ice Cube should've paid and used Chris Tucker in the next Friday,but instead he used Mike Epps who was funny as well,and why he didn't use Mike Epps again is beyond me. Mike Epps and Chris Tucker made those movies funny. To me Kevin Hart just not that funny. Again my opinion

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