Michelle Obama’s Brother Just Lost His Job

by / May 5, 2014 Black News, News 10 Comments

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Oregon State just fired President Obama’s brother-in- law as head coach of the team. Craig Robinson, michelle-obama-and-her-brotherbrother to Michelle Obama, has been canned according to Sports Illustrated‘s Pete Thamel.

In his six seasons at the school, Robinson had a 93-104 record. In addition to the losing record, Oregon State did not reach the NCAA championship.

From Thamel:

The biggest surprise of the firing of Robinson, the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama, comes with the timing. Oregon State’s season ended six weeks ago with a loss to Radford in the CBI and Robinson had reportedly received support from the Oregon State administration. Robinson has three more years remaining on this contract and the university is expected to owe him more than $4 million dollars.

Some have also observed that the timing was off since many teams usually like to make their coaching decisions earlier so that they have more to choose from in so far as replacements go.

Bleacher Report sheds a little light on Oregon State’s lackluster performance under Robinson:

The Beavers went 16-16 this past season and were eliminated by Radford in the first round of the CBI. The school will be on the hook for the three years and more than $4 million remaining on his contract, unless a buyout was reached.

“If I get fired, it’s been nice knowing you guys,” Robinson reportedly told reporters following his team’s CBI loss to Radford, so it’s certainly not as if this comes as news to Robinson. Either way, with $4 million dollars left on his contract, this is a win for him.