Michael Eric Dyson debates Stephen A. Smith about Mark Cuban

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Stephen A. Smith is an intelligent man, very sharp.  But he’s not nearly as sharp as Michael Eric Dyson.  So, watching these two men debate is a little bit like watching Michael Jordan playing one-on-one against the guy who plays ball with his buddies on the weekends.  In other words, no comparison.

The two engaged in a heated debate on ESPN about the recent remarks by Mark Cuban, who stated that he fears black men in hoodies enough to run to the other side of the street when he sees them coming.  The comments drew comparisons with Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, and led people to wonder why Cuban would be ruining his reputation to defend America’s favorite bigot.

Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote on the issue, stating that “Mark, I respect the fact that black men in hoodies scare you, I know grown men who are frightened by clowns.   I also hope you’re not concluding that because you’ve admitted to your racism that this somehow makes it less painful to those of us who’ve dealt with bigotry our entire lives.  I wore a hoodie to the gym this morning, and it undermines my humanity to know that being a professor in the hoodie suddenly makes me equivalent to ‘a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos.'”

Watch the interview below and tell us what you think.

Could Stephen A have a point, or is he insane to think that it makes sense to stand up for anyone who feels they have a right to defend a white man’s right to be racist?

It’s a good conversation.

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  1. Brian Martinez You telling me that I have a comprehension problem? Where did I talk about repression or cry about how whites treat anybody? NO WHERE! You made it up! There is a name for what you're doing. It's called straw man. Philosophy 101. Go read and find yourself there, and don't bring me anymore comments from the trailer park, OK?

  2. Terry Keith Is the trailer park joke your go to line? You think that bolsters your stance on anything? You brought race into this thread long ago. Have you forgotten about your Silicon Valley episode? Did you miss where you called people "coons"? I'm done with you here, you can have the last word (being the strong woman that you are I'm sure you can't resist), you can't have discussion with an ignorant uneducated (couldn't care less if you have a degree or where you work, education comes in many forms) individual. So while you're attempting to tell me that I made it up, just take a second to look a few posts down at some of your other comments. Have a good day.

  3. Bob Johnson
    I care less what other people think about Blacks only what and how we perceive each other. Sir I am a father of three young men I believe it is my GOD given duty as a parent to at least try to make this world a better place for them.

  4. Terry Keith
    I did not make myself clear, I should have said that everyone in this country fears Young Black Males. Since I am a BlackMan, who was once young, I am speaking from experience of being profiled and legislated against every hour of every day. whites, Blacks, Latinos and Asains all fear Black Males. if you would like I will give you a list of the times I have been perceived as a threat.
    I have been actively advocating and working for the Cause of Black People since I was twelve years old, I am no johnny come lately facebook armchair pontificator. who are bold in cyber space yet are unwilling to be on the forefront.
    I have also have been aware that their are certain people who have belittled folks just because they have a different opinion from themselves, you may wanna attack them for not allowing folkz from expressing their views.

  5. @Diane Enck Gamber

    You missed the point completely.

  6. Steven will always seek to walk the fine line, because of his full integration. He’s always been somewhat privately ashamed of Blacks that haven’t turned away from their past and moved fully into a whitewashed future.

  7. None Business. I appreciate and agree with your entire comment. Keep thinking and articulating your point of view, because it serves to open thought and call into question those that would seek to stifle the conversation.

  8. @Teresa Tanksley.

    You're oozing with ignorance. (That's my opinion, and nobody elses)

  9. Ryan M. Nivins

    Why, because he's LOUD?

  10. Bob Johnson It is about control but more important it is about selling tickets in the short term. Silver needed to react in order to have something to show the public that he is "doing" something about Sterling. The problem is Sterling did nothing to warrant they type of action Silver recommends. The Sterling's and their heirs have right's so the NBA is in for a fight if they think they can just push them out of the league based on flimsy evidence.

  11. @Spyboy Mohawk : "The problem is Sterling did nothing to warrant they type of action Silver recommends."

    It's a moot point now don't you think? Many of Sterling's sponsors have deserted him–they think he did "something." Players on his own team, the Clippers, have protested–they think he did "something." Other NBA players have protested–they think he did "something."

    Clipper fans are protesting, black, brown and white–they think he did "something."

    It doesn't matter what "rights" that he and his "heirs have," if Sterling decides to fight, he will lose. His ownership of the team is enshrined in the NBA's bylaws, which he signed, and which govern how these matters are adjudicated. Right now, I think Sterling's posturing, hoping that the NBA would rather kiss and make up than enter into an all-out battle royal.

  12. Bob Johnson No. What he said or not is very relevant and all of those folks who "think" Sterling did something are wrong. Not only wrong they are cowards for not standing up and asking "what did he say that was offensive"?

    I am guessing that you are not naive enough to think a billionaire is just going to lay down without a fight?

  13. Bob Johnson I agree that the bylaws govern everything including conduct which makes what was said very important. IMO the NBA will need to work overtime trying to prove what Sterling said was offensive. As far as the fans are concerned, it helps to remember that they are "fanatical" and are very fickle so given an opportunity to forgive, many will. The rest? They will simply forget what the ruckus was about.

  14. @Spyboy Mohawk : Actually, all that's need is a 75% vote from the owners to oust Sterling.

    A court proceeding may prolong but won't allow Sterling to keep the team if the vote by the owners is thumbs down.

    He signed away certain rights of retention when he purchased the team. I don't think that a court ruling can override any unfavorable outcome by the owners.

    True, fans are fickle, but it won't take that many not showing up at Clippers' games in protest to substantially impact the franchise's bottomline.

  15. Bob Johnson Maybe you are naive, people take the most arcane issues before the judge and this issue has the markings of one of the greatest courtroom battles of the century. What is missing? It's in Los Angeles, has sex, money, race, a mistress, a wife, a unfaithful husband, did I miss something? No, no, no, this is not cut and dried and it is far from over.

  16. @Spyboy Mohawk : Sterling is a billionaire. He's a billionaire because money was his primary pursuit. Those who pursue money above most other things won't now behave recklessly and throw it all away on principle.

    Sterling is a pragmatist. He stands to lose millions if he doesn't take the offers that are now coming his way on the outside chance that a court proceeding will alter his fortunes and he'll be able to keep the Clippers.

    Keeping the team at this point is more a deficit move than an asset one. I'm betting that the money that the team will now fetch will be the move he'll take.

    Why not: He's not a young man any longer, and there are more years behind him than in front.

    I think Sterling will sell and lick his wounds, but he'll have many millions of dollars from the Clippers' sale with which to fashion bandages and mix a salve.

  17. Bob Johnson Are you a billionaire? What makes you think "money" was his primary pursuit? That comes across as more opinion than fact.

    You are not privy to the internal workings of a multi-billion dollar operation and I am sure it is not as simple as selling the team and counting your money. What about the members of the Sterling Family trust? Certainly his heirs have a say in the proceedings, no?

  18. @Spyboy Mohawk :Got to go Spyboy. I find that a meeting of the mind doesn't always happen in this world because minds are already made up. It's a rarity to win someone over to your side, as most of us would rather die than admit that our opinions are lacking.

    Most don't take the whole argument into account, but take parts of it and attack that.

    Sterling will sell. His heirs will have no say because they aren't owners of the team. He is.

    It's very unlikely that Sterling received a billion dollars from an inheritance. You don't amass that kind of wealth without giving the task due diligence, and a lazer-like focus–the product of a single-minded pursuit. Ask Forrest Gump.

    You might disagree as I'm sure you will. It's human nature to disagree.

    It was fun while it was fun. Now, I've lost interest.

  19. Teresa Tanksley they will argue all day on the net or in small groupslike African warriors then wake up the next day and go to work for a white guy or go buy car,snaeakers and all type of bullshit like every other american.

    if you notice the most militants people always hide their profile because they dont want to lose their jobs or get found out . they are internet militants

  20. everyone always say we need a conversation on race and the second someone is honest everyone tries to play like they are angels and never said or thought anything negative about another race.

    what trips me out is its the most militant people playing like they are angels and we all know the truth.

  21. Bob Johnson you live in the hood or Hollywood California, clearly you never walked the streets

  22. stop putting words in people mouth, damn he did apologize to the trayvon family because he knew you crackpot militants would come out the wood work wanting blood.

    where do you live? clearly not in the hood

  23. Terry Keith stop talking shit like you are so pro-black. hiding your profile because you work for a white man and want to keep your job but still want to play internet militant . GTFOH

  24. are you talking about all white people and all black people ? who taught you to read minds ? when do you have time to meet all white people.

  25. @Shawn Mc :I tell you what: Stop telling people what to do. Who are you, the comment police? The thought police?

    One more thing: Why are you here rescuing Cuban? I think he's a big boy. He doesn't need you to defend him.

    I tell you where I live: I live as far away from "crackpots" like you as I can, as far away as my money will allow, but that's still not far enough: I still have to confront unthinking, over-reactive people like you here on a blog.

    Cuban still not giving you free tickets to his games, and you're only making yourself look sillier than a three-toed sloth in your effort to defend him and poorly, I might add, as you haven't once countered any part of my comment, in a cogent, and thoughtful manner, other than bark orders at me as though you're Samuel Jackson's despicable character, Stephen, in the movie, Django Unchained.

    Here's a "stop" for you: Stop believing that you have to defend white folks from what you see as "crackpot militants."

  26. @Shawn Mc : I live next door to Mark Cuban. We walk the wild streets of East Los Angeles, and Watts all the time.

  27. @Shawn Mc: Not to worry: Cuban and I get together often and discuss race. Why do you think he was so willing to come clean about his own shortcomings?

    I encouraged him.

  28. Diane Enck Gamber I didn't focus on one the black man in a hoodie vs a white tattooed skinhead dude, as you put it. My singular focus, after restating the points made by the gentlemen, was on how the perception that a black man in a hoodie is a threat and how illogical that reasoning is. Why is that my focus? Because I have been a 17 year old black kid in a hoodie before. I can relate to that and to know that a young man could be hunted down and killed for that bothers me because I have been in those shoes. Now the beating of a white man by a group of blacks (I have no idea of what you are referring to) may well be tragic depending on what precipitated it, is unrelated to the point that Mr. Cuban made.

  29. @Shawn Mc: And he knew, too, that he could depend on blacks like you to "come out the wood work wanting blood" to defend him

    And he was right. White defenders are every where, in the "hood," and outside the hood.

    I am the "hood." My support for blacks is unimpeachable and steadfast. I wish I could say the same for you.

  30. Bob Johnson internet militants always screaming about white folks with the most secretive profile so no one know who they are, you don't want to lose that job in the white company with the white boss. GTFOH

    "My support for blacks is unimpeachable and steadfast" but that right there is your flaw to support in such a way by race, that's not black pride that's black ignorance if not racist.
    I'l support a man on a case by case basis and if his principles are aligned with mine

  31. @Shawn Mc: And your job: What white man do you owe your soul to? I don't see your "secretive profile." What are you hiding?

    And for my standing strong for, and behind, my black people, you call me "ignorant," and a "racist:?

    What do you call yourself, one who will bend to the point of breaking to defend whites, who, by the way, don't need your defense.

    Cut the "principle" nonsense, you feel that it's your place–indeed your calling in life–to protect and defend whites from what you call "militant blacks." With those words, we have already "peeped" your hand.

    I'm afraid that you wouldn't recognize "black pride." You can't recognize what you don't have. By attacking me–and unfairly, I might add–you have shown your true colors, and your true allegiance, and it's not to blacks.

    Your calling will bleed your soul, and turn your heart to stone. It's not a path that will liberate you, and it certainly won't allow you to integrate well within your own black community.

    You're an intentional pariah.

  32. @Lee Goode Jr : I applaud your devotion to your sons, but I can't carry the burden of other people's perception of blacks, whether they're black themselves, or whites.

    I will not, cannot, shall not, live my life so that I'm perceived by anyone as one thing or another.

    As long as it's my life, I will live it my way, and will not conduct myself in ways to win the esteem of anyone but myself.

  33. Just because YOU HAVE DONE IT DOESN'T MEAN OTHERS HAVE! I don't sit in my house insulting other races, or going around using stereotypes about other races in a derogatory fashion. Just because you do, and feel it necessary to assuage your own guilt by telling yourself that everybody does it, hasn't and will not ever make you correct. Do you think monks sit on there behind doing this, do you think a martial arts master wastes his time on this, do you think Martin Luther King spent his entire time joking about stereotypes? Did Ghandi? Your own bigotry is part of your own inventory, not the world's and to think otherwise is to revel in ignorance.

  34. This article is actually hilarious because Im pretty damn sure I watched this interview and Dr. Watkins had no clue what he was talking about and sounded COMPLETELY ONE SIDED. He didn't even bother in the slightest to understand the other aspect of it. Literally nothing that Stephen A Smith said was wrong. People need to understand that accusing people that everything they say and do to you that is negative is solely because you are black is also racist. I;ve seen this quote a million times now and it hits it right on the head "Black people don't have a problem with what Stephen A Smith said, Niggas do." Go watch Chris Rocks stand up on the difference between a black person and a "nigga". It is amazing how spot on he is, and that is who he was referring to. I was every bit as offended as the rest of black America at Donald Sterlings comments, or Riley Coopers that happened earlier in the year. That was wrong and they both deserved to be reprimanded. Stephen A and Cuban on the other hand did nothing wrong. If you were offended by that chances are you are a black person who thinks that every little thing that is bad that happens in your life is because you are black and that white people don't like you. Well people accusing someone that they didn't do whatever it is that you wanted because they are white and you are black is RACIST AS WELL.

  35. Ryan M. Nivins who Stephen
    a./???? then why did Dyson sit his ass down read the article don't misinterpret whats written

  36. Diane Enck Gamber GTFOH how many times do you hear about black people getting shot for nothing go some fucking where with that ..

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