Meet the 16-year old Beyonce describing her future

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When most of us get a chance to see our favorite celebrities, it’s when they’re polished, successful and articulate.  We don’t often get to hear from them before the lights, the fame and the money.

Beyonce is in rare form in this video, talking about staying humble and keeping God first in her life.  She talks about the haters that she has to sometimes deal with and what she is hoping will happen in the future.  She is right at the start of her career, since only two years later, she is going to blast out like a rocket with Destiny’s Child.

Beyonce also describes herself as “the mother of the group,” or the one who keeps the other group members in line.

Years later, Beyonce is probably the most beloved celebrity on the planet, and is still going strong.  Her music is always creative and she is always ahead of nearly every trend.  She has developed as a queen of the music industry.

What do you think?  Are you a Beyonce fan?

Do you think she paid too big of a price for her fame or just the right price?

The video is interesting, check it out and tell us what you think.


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  1. Anyone having a problem with this sweet 16 year old who exceeded her dreams, know this…the problem is you.

  2. Slap her!

  3. even now she sounds like she mumbles…funny how many celebs…singers and models – you hear them speak and its awful! so not well spoken

  4. She is not ‘mumbling’ – what are you talking about? She’s 16yrs old! I’m not a Beyonce fan but your comments make you sound petty and silly. You are a grown azz woman and she’s a teenager here! Where you this focused at 16? I doubt it cuz you are still talking about other people (needlessly, EXACTLY the type person she is discussing here). Grow up

  5. Beyonce is adorable.I like her because she has always been sweet. Now she is a married woman with a child and makes love songs about her husband and life. I respect that.

  6. @Seneta-Really? So you just went in hard on Mary. You just did to her what you accuse her of doing to Bey. She has a right to say what she wants as do you; WITHOUT all of what you just let out of your mouth. If Bey is old enough to proclaim to be the mother of the group and that she keeps everyone in line then she does not get a 16 years olds pass for not not speaking intelligently. And at 16 some of us were well learned and spoke very articulately because our parents and grandparents REQUIRED it! Stop giving our young people crutches to lean on and hold them to a standard.

  7. Whatever, do be a hater StarZone Artistry

  8. Don't hate congratulate

  9. Thanks for your comment, because there are far to many haters on-line. #HidingAndHateN Lovin her, Go B go

  10. Please don't be mad at us. We are just trying to #SAVEOURGIRLS from sex trafficking, here and all over the world. We do not promote sex and we stand up against it. Sorry if I offended you or anyone one else. peace

  11. Yes, Mario REALLY! I went hard on Mary and now you because I am tired of the crab mentality in our community. Did you actually LISTEN to the video? Maybe we all need to pause a beat and look up the word ‘mumble’ – not wiki, but a real dictionary. She is NOT mumbling and is speaking ‘very articulately’ back when people were saying ‘black English’ was an actual language. Beyoncé doesn’t need a crutch u do to hold up this meaningless defense of Mary who, as I said is a grown woman being petty and silly by saying she was mumbling in the first place when she wasn’t.

    Tell the truth and shame the devil…

  12. Listen. shes a nice girl with vision. However, some where along the line as many of them have, have sold themselves to satan.

    i do not care how many billions you have, if you submit to satan you are a continued loss clause.

    Stop! Go back to the Music AWARDS… listen closely and you will find that the entire show was a ritual!

    I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ so I am free to say anything against the devil and his appointed ambassadors.

    Every dime you spend support that kingdom. Put god first? which god. ? THINK!

  13. […] Meet the 16-year old Beyonce describing her future […]

  14. You undoubtedly ensure it is seem to be simple together with your demonstration however I to discover this kind of subject matter to get in fact another thing we really feel I’d never ever recognize. This sort of thinks too difficult and intensely large in my situation. We are looking ahead in your future submit, Let me make an attempt to obtain the your hands on the item!

  15. Proof you cannot love the world and God as the love of the world has taken over her life.


  17. I agree with those that defended Bey’s way of speaking. I’m so tired of dumb negroes saying how they cringe whenever she opens her mouth. She is being real n not putting on airs to please anybody. Besides she’s from the south! Has anyone ever heard how some of those country and western talk. When I see em on commercials it sounds like marbles rolling in their mouths. Y’all haters are just ashamed of how white folks see us; hell who gives a damn what they think of us. They still gon hate us!

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