LeVar Burton Brought to Tears While Thanking “Reading Rainbow” Donors

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Video of a tearful LeVar Burton watching the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach 1 million DOLLARS in donations has surfaced. www.Blacklikemoi.com

Screenshot from heartfelt video

Reported by Kacie Whaley

Video of a tearful LeVar Burton watching the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach $1 million in donations has surfaced. That was the goal amount of funds that Burton—former Reading Rainbow host— and his crew were hoping to raise in order to revive the long-running, award-winning children’s program. The television show— which was dedicated to sparking kids’ interest in reading from 1983-2006—is not only attempting to make its comeback online so that it will be accessible to more children, but the team’s plan is to also provide teachers with tools that can be paired with the online program, such as teacher’s guides. They also want to give these tools to disadvantaged classrooms for free. The crew claims that their first goal will help them to get into over 1,500 classrooms. Burton gives thanks to the mnore than 20,000 contributors:

“I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much. This is going to enable us to really, really do a lot of good. I am so proud that this community has come together to support this effort and it’s a people’s thing. It’s the $5, it’s the $10, it’s the $25, it’s the $1 pledges and it’s unbelievable. Or actually, it’s very believable. Thank you so much. We are literally changing the world, one children’s book at a time.”

Their goal was reached in less than one day on Wednesday.

Three days later, funds for Reading Rainbow have exceeded $3M. With donations rising almost every minute, Burton and his team are closer and closer to reaching their main vision, which is to bring Reading Rainbow into “every home” and “every classroom.” With statistics that 1 in every 4 children in America will grow to be illiterate, many of those who care about the future of America’s education are passionately rooting on Burton and his team.

If you would like to donate to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, make your donation here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/readingrainbow/bring-reading-rainbow-back-for-every-child-everywh




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  1. awesome i remember watching this in my early years luv the show

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