Journalist explains how athletes are 40 million dollar slaves

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The book “40 Million Dollar Slaves” was written by Bill Rhoden from the New York Times.  He says that, even though professional athletes make tons of money, they are still enslaved.  This topic has gotten hot again after Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers made some racially-controversial statements this week.

The guests say that if you are not free to speak your mind and not free to do what you want, you are still a slave.  Many athletes are not racially conscious, and if they were to speak up, they would be punished.  Whites aren’t going to understand the issue, but it seems that this is a conversation that has to occur.

Do you think that athletes are 40 million dollar slaves or something else?

Many people complain that athletes are empty-minded, do nothing for the rest of the community and leave black people behind.

Do you agree?

The video below is pretty deep, and perhaps one that needs to be shared so that black people can have a conversation about our collective future.

Tell us what you think.


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  1. Yep! Too many black athletes are 40 million dollar slaves and they know it! Thats one of the reasons they stay "hush-mouth" on issues that others would take a strong stand on if it were their people being dogged out the way African Americans are.

  2. Brand new book????it's been out for probably 2 years, now. Get you facts straight!!

  3. Yep, and MJ was the most expensive one

  4. Great book a must read.

  5. I am totally agree. Blacks folks give their money to other communities and don't invest in their community. I really can't understand why do they want to give 600 million dollars to that outraged racist shit??? Why?

  6. At the end of the day…no athletes nor sports team would be successful (rich) if it were not for the fans!!! They don't buy their own tickets and fan gear. I'm just saying!

  7. Hold up, the man just said, "here in 2006"….how is the book brand new?

  8. Slavery makes reference to ownership of a person or persons by another person or persons; the person or persons, that are the slave, preform services or duties without any monetary compensation, so in that sense, "40 Million Dollar Slave" is a misnomer, however, when it's applied to a person or persons who are aware of the condition of a people, a particular group of people who are suffering from adverse conditions, somewhat from a former slavery experience, and are a member of that particular group, and they have the monetary means and influence to address some of those conditions, and they lay dormant, one wonder why; it could be a number of things, but is it because they are afraid, if this what it is, then they are not free, which lends itself to being "40 Million Dollar Slaves."

  9. It's "brand-new" coz you ninjaz don't know about it so you are good at pointing out the year it came out…cot damn!!!

  10. This whole argument is ridiculous. If these athletes are considered slaves, then every Black person who works for somebody white; regardless of how much money they make are slaves. This professor is an idiot. Armstrong Williams whom I very rarely agree with is right on point Why do Black people always expect so much from other Blacks who are successful and making money? These players don't owe anybody anything except those that helped them get to where they are today. Being a professional athlete is a major sacrifice, a sacrifice that most people take for granted because they are inherently natural born haters We have got to rid ourselves of this mentality that Black successful people owe us something and are obligated to give something back. If they owe anybody it's the people that fought and died so that we all (Blacks) would have the opportunities to be whatever or to do whatever we want to do in this country. It is beyond insulting to call anyone a slave who is doing what they love to do and are happy doing it; money not withstanding.

  11. An fascinating discussion is worth comment. I think that you need to have to write a lot more on this matter, it might not be a taboo topic but typically individuals are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  12. We keep your page. Watch it offline once more soon. Quite fascinating article.

  13. I definitely did not realize that. Learnt something new nowadays! Thanks for that.

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