Jesse Jackson Jr. Will Refinance Home to Payoff Feds

by / May 16, 2014 Black News 5 Comments

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Jesse Jackson Jr. will refinance his home to payoff the debt he owes the Feds as a result of his jesse jackson jr. 3political corruption conviction.

According to a recent court filing, Jackson is refinancing his home and will wire $550,000 to the U.S. Marshals on or before June 1. Jackson issued a check to the Feds for $200,000 last year.

Jackson is serving a 30 month sentence for misusing campaign funds. As part of Jackson’s guilty plea, he must pay $750,000.

Jackson and wife Sandi own homes in both Washington D.C. and Chicago.

The couple had considered selling their D.C. but later decided against it.

Jackson was recently in the news after a dispute led to him to being transferred to a different prison.

Jesse Jackson Jr. was transferred from a North Carolina prison to an Alabama prison after getting involved in a dispute which led to the former congressman being placed in solitary confinement.

Jackson was reportedly teaching his fellow inmates about their rights while in prison when a guard “took exception to that”, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Jackson had originally listed the Alabama prison as his first choice during sentencing, mainly because it has a treatment program that could aid Jackson with his bipolar disorder.

Jackson’s sister, Santita Jackson, told the Sun-Times that her brother wanted to make a “contribution” while in prison and that’s what he was doing by teaching prisoners about their rights.

“He wanted to be of service to people serving time with him,” she said.

“He’s been very disciplined in his health-recovery regimen,” Jackson’s father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, told the Sun-Times. “He’s been doing a lot of reading and writing.”


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  1. I’m glad to hear that Jesse Jr. Can give the feds what they ask and is still standing! Get better Brother Jackson and come home to do better! My prayers are with you! Incarceration was an important factor in making Brother Malcolm the man we all remember and admire!

  2. He should have done that and used the money instead of being dishonest and save him and his wife their freedom and humiliation that came along with bad choices.

  3. It's never to late to do what is right and we all should learn from our mistakes.

  4. Everyone deserves forgiveness. I like him, & hope he can do well when he leaves prison.

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    This type of clevfer work and exposure! Keep up the amazing
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