FBI Admits Spying on Nelson Mandela as Late as the 1990s

by / May 31, 2014 Black News, News 8 Comments

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After Nelson Mandela’s passing, most American leaders gushed with praise over the importance nelson_mandelaof the anti-apartheid icon, but a report by Al Jazeera reveals that the U.S. was still spying on Mandela as late as the 1990’s.

Even after Mandela was released from prison, the U.S. still designated Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) as a terrοrist organization.

An FBI memo obtained by Al Jazeera reveals that the FBI kept tabs on Mandela during his visit to the U.S. in 1990. Among other things, the files reveal that a member of Coretta Scott King’s staff arranged Mandela’s itinerary and Minister Louis Farrakhan was unable to get a meeting with Mandela during the visit.

But Massachusetts Institute of Technology student Ryan Shapiro, who obtained the documents from the FBI through a Freedom of Information suit, says much of the information relating to Mandela was withheld.

“What’s missing from these documents is often as illuminative as what’s disclosed,” Shapiro told Al Jazeera. “Not only did the FBI heavily redact and withhold documents, but there’s virtually no discussion of U.S. intelligence community involvement prior to Mandela’s 1990 release from prison.”

Many have long suspected that U.S. intelligence agencies worked alongside the apartheid government to secure Mandela’s arrest.

By the time Mandela visited the U.S., however, he was a hero who was expected to play a role in the South African government, so the FBI dedicated some attention to ensuring that he was not assαssinated during his visit.

“Remember John F. Kennedy in Dallas?? Bring this black mυrderer to Houston and we will give him a welcome the world will not forget!!!” read one handwritten deαth threat prior to Mandela’s visit.

The U.S. also speculated about the ANC’s fundraising and internal politics.



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  1. They will spy on their mamas

  2. The FBI needs to be spying on their own little murdering White boys! They are the ones running around here taking out innocent children in the school systems, elementary, high school and college! They need to check their own crazy mentally ill people and leave everyone else the hell alone! They need to be finding out why there is so much mental illness in their race, starting today not tomorrow! Could it be the sins of their fathers??

  3. How do you think Mandela was captured in 1962

  4. What is the difference between racism and apartheid? It is a known fact that things happen to leaders of other countries when certain leaders in the US don't like them. Of course they were part of the reason Mr. Mandela was in prison for 27 years.

  5. Gues what ? chicken butt. That is a joke. At this point in time who cares. A vast % of black’s know that they have been spying on us for years,
    Plus their buddy snowden just told on them too

  6. He was not a Terrorist. He was a man that deserved to be the President of the land on which he lived. The real Terrorist were the ones that came in and stole from the Africans that were born there and we’re killed and placed into slavery .

    John f Kennedy was stupid to think his inner thoughts and reveal them based on what he thought he knew.

  7. they spied on MLK and Malcolm X, Angela Davis and they probably spy on Oprah.

  8. The CIA had an interview with Mandela and told the African Government where to find him.

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