Dr. Umar Johnson explains that black people are cowardly because they are broke

by / May 19, 2014 video 52 Comments

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This is a great video, in which Dr. Umar Johnson tells the truths that many black people either don’t hear or don’t want to believe.  He explains that black people have been hammered in global economic warfare, largely because we are financially illiterate.

Also, black people are cowardly because we are afraid of losing our jobs.

What do you think?

How often do you see a black person sit back quietly in the face of injustice because they are afraid of losing their jobs?

Dr. Umar Johnson breaks it down quite well in this video.

Check it out.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Finance PhD and author of the book, “Black American Money,” says that he agrees with everything that Johnson is saying in this video.

“The most important person for us to listen to on black economic empowerment is probably Malcolm X,” says Dr. Watkins.  “There is no greater freedom than that which comes from economic self-sufficiency.  When you spend your life begging, you’re nothing but a child in the eyes of your oppressor.”

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52 Comment

  1. The good doctor confuses race with class.
    The poor, period are afraid of loosing their jobs.
    There are more poor white people making little money
    who are fearful and timid because they have no power.
    Basically these people make up most of the so-called tea party.
    Classism is the ultimate racism. Look at the big picture.
    And you will see poor whites, poor natinos and poor blacks
    all in the same boat. Powerless! But this is nothing new.
    Unions are the workingman’s capitalism. The force that
    pulled the poor into middle class. And they will again do this.

    • Mo R. I agree with you that the good doctor’s are confusing Class or an oligarchic form of governance with race. Historically the bourgeoisie of Europe followed their peasant class to the Americas. No longer able to practice their form of enslavement in the New World, of their own people, they developed complexion racism and financed the propaganda that lead us to this racist brink in the armor of humanity. The good doctors wish to take a link in the chain of events and contribute that one link to the socioeconomic failures of American Class-caste ideology. But they are an integral part of that ideology maintain g a narrow focus, rather then looking at the entire picture of historical events. Slavery did not come about because of the color of our skin, rather because they could no longer enslave European Skin under the Church and Crown cast-class system of Europe, nor enslave the European Peasantry in the New World. The ships that the peasantry used to come to the New World are the same ships and owners who financed slavery into the New World.

  2. Being broke does not make you cowardly.
    Being unorganized makes you (as a people)
    cowardly. The whole civil rights movement
    involved basically poor people…but they were
    organized. The 99% is greater than the 1%.
    There is power in a united people.
    Once the poor come together in a common
    cause….they can start a revolution.
    The most stop…the powers to be…who define
    the terms of the fight.
    Plus, there are different “kinds” of poverty.
    Spiritual poverty is worse than any type of
    physical poverty.
    And anyway….as that blues song said
    “Death is how the poor get back at the rich”

  3. For my people perish for (LACK of KNOWLEDGE), because they (REFUSE) the knowledge I put before them. There is nothing else to add to this.

  4. There’s some truth to what Dr. Johnson is saying. Although we are not cowards. Let me give and example of what I am talking about, concerning speaking up about racial discrimination on the job. Let’s say you reported racial discrimination to Human Resources against a white employee, most organizations would look at the African American as being the trouble maker, this is first hand knowledge. White Managers and Supervisors tend to believe there own over a African American, now you will be wrote up for lying, when you came to tell the truth. Next you have only (2) two are less write-ups and you are fired, for telling the truth. If you seek NAACP, you probably want hear back from them, which in turn they may talk with your organization, but you want be believed by them, therefore you have no case. Next you file a complaint with EEOC, in which they take your complaint, but will not investigate your complaint, but will give you a right to sue. Afterward, you have find your own Attorney, must are reluctant to take Civil Rights cases, and if they do they will demand $25,000.00 dollars before taking the case, and will state if I lose, you will have to pay the opposing Attorney. So, you are left with looking for another job, if you didn’t get “blackballed” a bad report from your prior employer. I want to talk a little bit about EEOC, as stated by: a Senior Former Investigator of EEOC. That GOP Senator. Trent Lott was removed from the Senate for Racial Coding 2002. Senator. Tom Harkin used Racial Coding to confirm President. Obama appointee and Chair of EEOC. Jacqueline Berrien. Senator. Harkin wanted all Black complaints of race discrimination dismissed at the rogue EEOC. Chair. Berrien went back to EEOC and did the above request of Senator. Tom Harkin. The above was done at Chair. Berrien’s confirmation hearing witnessed by House Representative. Yvette Clarke of Brooklyn (11) NY. So if you have filed a EEOC complaint its a good possibly it will be dismissed. During the elections, President. Obama, asked the question of most voters “do you have my back”. I wonder sometimes will he have our back when we need him, as of now unless you have money enough to pay for your own lawyer, EEOC is dead for minorities. Soon I will write the President, to either contract EEOC out are get rid of and Government Agency, that we pay our taxes for and it serves no purpose.

  5. $$$ is not power 4 blk folk its the power buying … We can build a company by buying n2 that company.. We made many wealthy including our own .. Our own give back pennies

  6. When we stop dwelling and building on top of so much “PASS NEGATIVITY” and start realizing just how much “POWER” we really do have as a “CHOSEN PEOPLE”, then began “ACTING-ON & UTILIZING” that “POWER” which has always been on the inside of us, then and then only will “CHANGE” come…

    How can a man “UTILIZE” something he knows nothing about…

    We have become like “CRABS” in a barrel pulling each other “DOWN”, can’t even get out, then when one of us does get out for the better we forget where we came from. *Better is not anything “ILL-GOTTEN aka DRUGS ETC” at the use of destroying your own peoples lives just to get there…. / hum your azz is still in the d@mn barrel.

  7. Black people are cowardly because they are still under the spell of Willie Lynch and the post colonial era. They still depend on religion thinking that jesus will come down and save them. They need to wake up fast! Until they stop acting like mere mortals and stop accepting handouts and advice from the white man, they will be doomed! First, stop walking in the image of the beast. The black man follows the dictates of the white man…he needs to wise up!

    • Yak Yak Yak….
      Redbone ain’t under the spell of none this bullshyt… not even Willie Lynch…
      I don’t do religion and I don’t do tradition… I don’t even do black and militant… I do Redbone. I do exactly what I was created to do “not to kiss peoples azz”…
      All of you talk / yak yak yak… but your azzes change absolutely nothing.
      You’ve educated yourselves and still you change nothing not even no enlightenment. You even have the nerve to believe that you can out do the creator… to h*ll with Christianity too… I sho can’t forget that one because one of you guys will bring that up because your eaters-of-the-flesh with no discernment.
      Life is way more then what you see with the naked eye… and until any of you began to walk in spiritual tunnel-vision all your clueless azzes shall remain the walking-dead / yak yak yak… all talk. Emptiness from the Flo up….

  8. …among other things.

  9. I understand how Doc feels because I am scared to fail because I am broke. I have too many people depending on me to fail. I refuse to give in to the stereotypes and rhetoric from my peoples as well; so, my quandry has me job bouncing, prayerful and celibate. 3 mo stereotypes shot down!

  10. The ideology of Black Economics is a myth. Just as great a myth as white economic power; should I say are old economic myth that are not applicable too today's economic reality or inherited wealth or wealth appreciation. 2/3 of American both black and white are impoverished and the wealth of this nation is held by the corporations, lobbyist and Government. Definition of the Middle Class American: Is anyone that is at least 10 times his annual salary in debt. The increasing debt is due too a greater concentration of wealth at the top; greater concentration of poverty at the lower spectrum, squeezing the middle with higher taxes and ever increasing debt to earning ratios. We are facing – every American – are facing an attack on wages and labor. This attack seems much broader on the poor- rather Black or White- because they are looking up from the bottom of the poverty hierarchy; not as far from the top for the middle, due too their illusion of wealth based upon their indebted ability to consume, but the attack is against labor and wages, rather then race. We continue to define poverty, wealth and upward mobility in racial demographics, rather then at the rate at which upward mobility, rather social or economic, is being obtained. This characterization that wealth is a racial rather then sociology-economic paradigm is why the rate of mobility has constantly declined in America, for all races, because it keeps labor divided. Black Economic empowerment can not achieve without white economic empowerment and vis versa, because this is a universal economic system, domestically speaking. Speaking on a world wide universal level; wages will not increase leading to a greater distribution of wealth and resources, until American's realize – the economics are neither black or white, but a system of exchanges for goods and services. The old economic theories of white capitalism and black capitalism are no longer applicable in a Global economy that is consumption driven and resource depleted; in an economic system of inherit wealth; wealth capitalization and where the interest on wealth is greater then that paid on wages. Dr. Umar explains as well as Dr; Boyce Watkins Black Economics as a vacuum of appreciation, but wealth does not appreciate in a vacuum; wealth appreciates through legislative and political action; social and economic medium of exchanges; electrostatic of currency exchanges within the economy; wages and labor agreements. Yes we need an economic base, but that base has to be economically funded within our community, that means both private and public investments, but investments are reasoned in the rate of return (ROI) and that is based in the economic health of geographic, regional or social wealth; that is based in how much currency is in either of those demographics. Not in Race.

  11. You just typed up a whole dissertation, but hat African corporation have you started to support an African economic base in America Arthur Robinson? If your neighborhood owns no businesses you're going to be a perpetual worker. How often do you buy from an African market and support African cultural socioeconomics & communities?

  12. @James R, you are right on point. I know this first hand and have experienced this personally. Although I didn’t expect anything different during my endeavors. What was really disappointing and nauseated was when I went to these supposed minority community leaders for assistance, and was told “I’m getting mines (funding of some sort), and I can care less about the people who you are trying to help”. You see, most of the time we were at the “round tables”,strategizing ways to help the underprivileged in our community, and I was the “new kid on the block”. I often was the only person at these meetings with this purpose.These are the very people they are in office to help. So once most people quickly discovered that I was “uncontrollable”and yes people have had the nerve to insult me by saying this, I was blackballed in some circles and feared in others. The fear was having the people. I’ve done a lot in my community by providing shelter, clothing, food, transportation, counseling, credentials/certification, daycare, and most importantly JOBS! On my own dime! Not paid to do so! Don’t answer to anyone! Not using statics or reports to get more money! but because there’s a need for it! I was blackballed because I called out poverty pimps, regardless if they were an individual, small or large corporation, or a government entity.
    So I also agree with redbone 100% when she speaks of the crab in a bucket mentality.

    • @Sweet….

      I know exactly how you feel, just a bunch of d@Mn perpertraitors all the time.. Believe it or not its that same mentality BS that many of our young people run into that cause them to act out in negative radical behavior… its called losing all hope. A lot of our young peoples problems are us….

  13. The fact that none of you called yourself African shows you’ve bought into the brainwashing. Your culture & identity you should strive for is African. Its not about Black vs White. If you become African & cooperate economically & education it all comes together. But you cling to “Black” because its a skin color, its not a collected culture. So the money is never collected. Stop it. African.

    • Don’t talk that BS to Redbone, racist white America & (Blind) perpertraiting African America don’t give a shyt about Africa either. Your skin is still black… Now zapp that! We are in a crisis or haven’t you heard! Look in the mirror!

    • Red bone don’t do (brain-wash, dumb blind or clue less) and I sho ain’t married to the spirit of (Controlled Religion)… I do Red bone and that’s where it ends / aka: got my own mind.

  14. "The philosophy of black nationalism involves a re-education program in the black community in regards to economics. Our people have to be made to see that any time you take your dollar out of your community and spend it in a community where you don’t live, the community where you live will get poorer and poorer, and the community where you spend your money will get richer and richer. […] If we own the stores, if we operate the businesses, if we try and establish some industry in our own community, then we’re developing to the position where we are creating employment for our own kind. Once you gain control of the economy of your own community, then you don’t have to picket and boycott and beg some cracker downtown for a job in his business."

    That was from Malcolm X. Was he speaking a myth? {{-_-}}

  15. Confidence Chizoro Okeke But Mr. Okeke that is the issue. We want to place economics before economy. First develop and economy and then think of economics theory. I don't care who owns the warehouse located within the geographic of my neighborhood, as long as it provides 1.+ million dollars in payroll takes. Hell man Hitler could own it. If Walmart built a facility in the community – one of there warehouse – do you know the potential economic impact on the community. You guys want to talk Black, but Black has nothing to do with an economy. First develop the economy then develop the economics. There is no doubt that I don't possess an authentically Black mind, I possess an authentic progressive Black Mind. Those that are feeding us the theoretic about a black economic power,; has failed to address a Black economy. They are not interchangeable. Develop the economy then develop the economic. Take the que of the most recent immigrants arriving here to these shores in the Hispanic Community. They protect their investment, by developing communities that attract investment and they secure that investment through agreements with the owners of capital. We wish to take the opposite approach. We want the investment without securing that investment through cooperative agreements and responsible alliances. neither of the gentlemen in their splendid attire can say that they purchased their suits from a Black Taylor or a Black store in their respective communities or that they are attracting business investment in their communities, but they can tell us of black economics, but lack a Black economy. Build the economy and Black economics will follow. If you have been offended by my post; it is because you are authentically Black and not authentically progressively Black. It is easy to blame racism for the issues facing our communites as they have so eloquently stated; but it is responsible to tell the community that we have some house cleaning to do in order to attract a Black economy, but such a position does not raise the level of self aggrandizement or a large political following. Instead lead the people in their feelings of helplessness, by asserting that they are ignorant of economic forces, and powerless to change their set of circumstances, rather economic or social because of racism, not for lack engagement.


    It never ceases to amaze me how Americans are constantly seeking the easy way out of explaining or interpreting a catastrophic event. The easiest way is to explain our current economic condition is to use the old trusted but true racial divide. The Middle Class wishes to blame the poor for their declining losses; and the poor wishes to blame the everyone above them; each of course putting their reasoning in racial not political or economic failures. The concentration and inherited wealth/inherited poverty in this country is similar in it's pathology: AN ATTACK ON LABOR AND WAGES. 2/3 of Americans are in poverty. Many may argue with this figure of 2/3, but let us examine what the middle illusion of wealth is: Consumption. The middle are under the impression that because they have the means of consumption that they are better off then their impoverished counterparts. Upon closer examination and a true evaluation of that illusion we discover what the definition of [M]iddle [C]lass is in this new economy; where inherited wealth and the appreciation on wealth and the lack of appreciation on labor wages, the Middle Class definition is: ANY ONE WHO IS AT LEAST 10 TIMES THEIR ANNUAL SALARY IN DEBT. Under this true definition the [m]iddle [c]lass is an indebted class with an earnings to debt ration 10x their earnings.

    The greatest threat facing every American and the Democracy isn't RACE; but POVERTY, sustained by a concentration of wealth. Race is only a means to enhance that concentration by keeping labor divided.

    Economics is merely a means of how an economy exchange goods and services, not a means of social civility amongst the races. It has served, erroneously, to divide and put the social civility in parallels with one another, but that is not its intent. That intent – to divide – is promoted through economics as a means of social stratification, rather then Social Harmony as it was in the early part of this century; when Unions represented the worker as a bargaining tool between capitalist and
    worker. No longer having a collective bargaining agent the worker and wages are at the mercy n often times capitulation too a greater return on investment. Wages being the least expense of ROI.

    The economic dogma of White Wealth; Black Poverty or White poverty Black Wealth is an illusion. Every American, except those of inherited wealth, are in debt. This generation of Americans shall retire poorer then the past 5 generations. Regardless of your Race or ethnicity. But the Wealthy in this country shall retire wealthier then their past 5 generations. Which is the greater threat facing 2/3 of Americans: POVERTY OR RACE?

    There is no BLACK ECONOMICS OR WHITE ECONOMIC under the new economics of poverty. There is only economics. There is no white wealth or black wealth. THERE IS ONLY OLIGARCHY WEALTH> A SYSTEM GOVERNMENT IN WHICH A FEW PERSONS HAVE THE RULING POWER. Pursuant to such a system; the Democracy the people has established is threaten. The distribution of wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few; who has become the invested majority. Richard Nixon spoke of them as the silent majority.

    Race must end in the American discussion of Poverty and Wealth and a discussion of pure economics must begin, if we are to save ourselves. I don't mine that a Caucasian doesn't want me to live next door to him; that is a social preference and not an economic preference. I do mine when economics becomes the backwater of social rhetoric.

  17. Redbone what? Are you having an identity crisis? If I know your culture then I know where the money is going. People who identify ass Africans can practice group economics.

    You need to recognize racism is about stealing culture and land. Yeah I’m Black and I don’t hang around people calling themselves obsessed with skin color to the point they call themselves redbone. That’s literally a whitewashed term of Red Igbo. You figure out what tribe you’re in call us. We might let you in depending on but you sound like you’re extremely mis educated and brainwashed.
    You don’t see Asian-Americans calling themselves yellow or yellow bone people or avoiding the identity Asian. They remind themselves of culture and before you know it -China Town, Korea Town, Little Cambodia.
    You would be able to tell me more about skin color than how to make money being African, so we can fund politicians that’s your problem.

    • @ZuluZapster…

      Right now the Redbone don’t like your donkey-azz… You remind me of those “EVIL EGOTISTICAL AFRICAN MEN” who cut off the African womens “CL!TORUS” for the sake of “POWER & CONTROL”, and being able to fkn screw as many of them as you wanted too because they hand their “WILL – FEMINITY – INTEGRITY and EMOTIONS” massacred away from them…
      There are “POWER-HUNGRY IGNORRANT AZZ-HOLES” in all races and right now your the “IT_MAN”….

      Get a new “STAGE NAME” cuz you ain’t in no d@mn position to “ZULU-ZAP” nobody, not even a d@mn desert camel into the next realm…. Redbone!!!

  18. The good Dr. has spoken. A lot of truth spoken. This lady here isn’t a coward. I don’t mind telling it how it is and unfortunately, I have experienced the backlash behind it in the past.

    • @F Walker….

      That’s right Walker, tell his azz before I step on his d@mn face. I don’t like old-azz screwed up wars going no d@mn where and Redbone ain’t caught up in “NOBODY”S”… and I mean (NOBODY”S) gat d@mn (IDENTITY CRISIS)… Mr. Africa the “REDBONE” is deeper then your azz can even began to imagine.

      *I love me some REDBONE, and I don’t need a controlling “egotistical nut-ball” like you to tell me who the fk I am…
      Its one thing I can’t stand: educated fools who can’t “ARTICULATE” without foolish educated sparing… My creater don’t even “ROLL” like that…. He taught me to keep it simple, too much becomes “VANITY”…. What good is your d@mn knowledge if your azz can’t even get a “SIMPLE MESSAGE ACCROSS TO THE PEOPLE”…. *(FRUIT-LOOP)…!!!! THIS MESSAGE IS TO SHAKA ZULU

    • @F WALKER….

      I don’t even remember you like that. If it was that bad I really do appologize. Everybody really has their own opinion, its the ones that get out of hand with their comments that “PULL” Redbone to the challenge. A lot of people talk a whole lot of shyt these days, they remind me of what Jesus said on the cross: Father forgive them for they know (NOT) what they do.
      Everyday I ask my creator to teach me how to “LOVE HIS PEOPLE”, not cuz them out… sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t… I just have to keep moving, but I will come with the truth rather its excepted or not. I have gifts and I see so “FAR” beyond many trivial things that man think is so d@mn important.
      LIFE in the “FLESH” holds more importance / TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE then our creator allows, its really sad. Real life starts when we cross over, that’s why our creator told us to “PLANT” our “ROOTS” in heaven. The word of God is “LAW” just as it is also “WISDON – KNOWLEDGE and PHILOSOPHY”… God said in all things get an understanding. I live in the “LIBRARY OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN” that is basking on the inside of Redbone at all times. I refuse to live and survive any other way, that’s why I can roll with the best of them, but truth is its (ALL) boring to me to because the “FOOD” Redbone eats don’t come from man. Its not too many people who can feed me on my level unless God sends them and they feed me by the spirit / only by the spirit, then you’ll have Redbones “FULL ATTENTION”… The only man in the flesh I have found that can do that is: Noel Jones and one other man whom I will not speak his name. Don’t get me twisted: I’m not one of those crazy female followers of Noel Jones, but I do enjoy black-men who can tap into my spirit and feed me straight from the “THRONE OF GOD” and know who the Redbone is when she walks in the doors and the whole atmosphere changes because they already know who’s walking in with me. Peace My Brother / wink!

  19. Arthur Robinson
    "I don't care who owns the warehouse "

    There's the problem right there. Black people have let others run the show everywhere we go. How can we expect to get a fair shake when we don't own anything in a world where others DO care about owning the game? {{-_-}}



  21. Arthur Robinson Sounds like you still want to be close to "mass" old man.

    We don't want anything to do with the cracker, the whole chain has to be owned and controlled by black people. If Asians, Whites and Hispanics can make/produce/manufacture the things they buy the most, then by God we should be able to do the same.

  22. John Nre You lose any moral high ground when you go around calling people cracker. Please stop. Its not Black vs White. Its Black IS African. If you haven't come to terms with that, you're the one cracking yourself upside the head. If you can't pick a culture & stick with it then you don't know where your people are spending your money on and it could be outside your community.
    What is the "Black" economic & culture base going to be? Africa or Love & Hip Hop. Its 2014. No one is forcing anyone to save themselves. But its time for people to stop confusing terms and for each individual to choose. Based on numbers of Black people in the world, Black culture is African culture. Any attempt to redefine it is acquiescing to historical systematic racism which says remove the African from his land & accomplishmets of creating the first cultures, running the first kingdoms, & watch her/him become dependent, alienated, and unable to live without my culture.

    Africans ran the first Kingdoms. You don't need to run around chanting "cracker". Get ahold of yourself or get away from us and check into the psych ward. You're compromising our moral high ground & accomplishing nothing but distracting by "ratcheting" up the rhetoric. Peace.

  23. We all know what the problems are that stifle us as a people. NOW is the time for ACTION, not words. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. There is no middle ground when it comes to our future generations….

    • @Sweet1..

      I love your comment… Its nothing but a bunch of words going down in here that sound just as bad as the “RAPPERS”, and bunch of “NOISE” (FALLING ON DEATH EARS), feeds out and has no purpose and no life in it. It will get us absolutely “No Where”…….

  24. some people are contend living on the street, some people want to be rich and some people don't. A man's condition is the result of his past decisions – It's an individual/personal thing.
    Knowledge is the key to changing future conditions. It's so true the Bible states, "Wisdon, Knowledge and Understanding", can get you anything.

  25. Sweet1 and James R. you two are right. I have been in that situation, fighting by myself and was branded. It comes a time when we must rely solely on self, because everyone has their own battle to fight. I wish thing would change but I don’t see it happening anytime. Crabs in the bucket thinking should be the first thing to change and then maybe we can get together and do something for US..

  26. As I’m teaching students, I’m constantly reminding them that there is always hope and a purpose to life. We get dysfunctional students as well as those who just need a jump start, so to speak. Some people want to change, but may not know HOW to change. I get frustrated when good apples are mistaken for bad apples and people start lumping these individuals together. Now don’t get it twisted we are all apples, so to speak. Most people look @our apples and automatically assume bum, thug, and/or ignorance. In some cases these words may fit some apples. But for the rest who have the h.s diploma, may have graduated from college, may even speak multiple languages, have never been arrested, may be working but underemployed to be lumped in as a bad apple wouldn’t be befitting. I’m tired of people throwing away good apples with the bad ones. Some times you can’t save a bad apple because it’s too far gone and if you don’t get rid of it quickly, it will destroy the
    others.In other cases, you may be able to peel out the rotten spots, and use a portion of it. It’s never too late to save a good apple….

    • LMBO…!!!!! your too funny! but your right on it…

      Now if you can understand that much….. then you should be able to understand how many strong black-women feel when we’re always thrown into the same d@mn basket with all the other spoiled apples….wink! aka:STERO-TYPES

  27. There’s no gender separation….we are all apples.

  28. I have ALWAYS been a person working towards obtaining economic empowerment. I’ve worked for 8 years to get to where I want to be. Yes, it was a struggle,but now I am on my way…..to be among the 1%. Since I graduated college over 30 years ago, I wanted to be a philanthropist who would work with humanitarian projects to help the poor. I guess my quest for this has placed me in my position. I always thought, that we has African-Americans can’t help one another if you don’t have economic freedom along with creativity to develop projects that will benefit all. How can we be creative when stuck in a 9-5, having someone to tell you WHEN to go to lunch and WHEN to go to the bathroom. Anyway strive to be a part of the 1%,learn all you can about HOW money moves throughout the world and you will be part of the 1% club.

    • You go girl!!!! I also have a business I’m struggling with trying to get it up off the ground. I’ve had my days end with pushing somebody elses clock. You said so many positive things in your post without getting all carried away. I design top of the line / one of a kind (UNIQUE) “DESIGNER JEWELRY”…. White america came into the shop to purchase with no problems about the pricing, but black america came in as usual not wanting to pay me what I’m worth. I don’t design junk. I use real authentic raw materials. I also enjoy my work and get off on my designs / they even blow me away just to “SEE” what comes forth from my hands. Its so amazing because its all God and I’m not selfish with my gifts. But before I will allow anybody to use me I will take my creations put them in glass cases on a wall and just look at them for myself. This is not the first time I’ve ever been in business for myself, but I’ve learned a lot about (BLACK PEOPLE DON’T SUPPORT BLACK PEOPLE IN BUSINESS)… I already know where my clients will come from… its very sad but it is what it is…

  29. Although I know people who are quick to support a black owned businesses, there’s always some who feel like they’re entitled to some type of deal just because they’re black and you are too . I tell them quick when you spend your money @ the mall which is more than likely owned by someone white, do they give you a deal or is the price the price? It’s wonderful when a woman not only has goals, but the knowledge to turn them into accomplishments. I can’t say I strive to be part of the 1% but comfortable knowing I will be leaving wisdom and assets for my children and for future generations to come. They won’t have to struggle as I did. Money is just a tool it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. I had plans on retiring @ the age of 40, but it looks like it’ll be a lot sooner. I’ve owned multiple successful businesses for the last 7 years.
    If you’re an entrepreneur you know it’s very hard work and takes a lot of dedication, blood, sweat, and tears. I always tip my hat to those who know and understand this and are not afraid to stay with it…

  30. Well as I have said I am not of the Black Mind; I am of the progressive Black Mind. The progressive Black Mind says: that if I want a Black Economic Theorry of ownership, I must have private and public investment in my community. 1+ million dollars of economic investment in my community, where Black people don't have to spend fuel monies, lunch monies and other resources outside of the geographic area. Other business will be attracted around that business sector of the community, stores, shops, lunch counters, banks and other retail establishes. These retail establishes will be possible because of the infusion of capital within that geographic location. Build the economy first and then economic theory of Black Ownership shall follow. Not as backwards thinking of economics first; without an establish economy withing your geographic location. Our thinking is that everything has to be Black; No the economy must be Black, but not necessarily to economics.

  31. Every time an African/Black person who's dedicated a great deal of their time, health, and even personal safety, to the self-empowerment of Afrian people, folks continue to try to tear them down, pick them apart, be overly judgemental, always offer a rebuttal, and any other method they can used to tear down good works, in relation to good works that will empower African/Black people. It doesn't matter if it's Dr. Umar Johson, Amefika Geuka, Harriet Washington, Dr. Frances Welsing, James E. Clingman, Claude Anderson, Chockwe Lumumba, Michelle Alexander, etc.

    Too often, Black folk (most without any track record of working for the good of African/Black folks) are putting more energy into trying to prove them wrong…or push their own personal agenda, rather than help African/Black folks…their own peers…become self-reliant and therefore truly free. I consider this one of the biggest reasons African/Black folks are currently making no measurable progress…and while we actually stand in real danger of global genocide within 3-4 generations!

    Additionally, some argue the misguided idea that…"it's not about race, it's about class"!

    If that was true, then…since Black folks are at least 13% of the population in the U.S., we'd own roughly 13% of the U.S.-based wealth-producing assets & multinational corporations that help maintain and create an economy.

    if it was truly about class, then African/Black folk…globally…would not be the among the world's largest percentage of the poor people…while White skinned people…especially Western Eur-Asians (what we now call European) have the SMALLEST percentage of the world's poor people.

    If it was not about race…but about class, the Irish immigrants of New York city in 1863…would not have turned their 4 out of 5 days of murder and riot against a helpless Black population….while ignorning the then 600 year history of their own military & economic oppression by the Anglo-Saxons…including the Anglo-Saxon power brokers who owned and controlled the United States!

    If it was just about class, milliions of White folks would not KNOWINGLY vote against their own economic self-interest just to keep a Black/Biracial man out of the White house, or when that fails, just to have White folks brag about taking their country back while simultaneously sending the jobs of their loyal "Aryan brothers" to China!

    As a side note, the reader should recognize that there's a difference between raw numbers and percentage. For example, since Black folks in the U.S. are numerically inferior to Whites, the fact that larger NUMBERS of whites in poverty shouldn't be a surprise, since percentage is a ration of a portion of a population to an entire population.

    Back to the subject at hand…

    Whether we agree with Dr. Johnson or not, the facts are clear that as a collective, we African/Black folk in America ( and unfortuantely, even most of Africa) don't own a single shred of wealth-producing resources and better do so quickly if we want to seriously combat the global White supremacy that also uses wealth production as a weapon against us.

    I hope in all the rebuttals, theories, and counter-therories, we don't loose sight of that fact.

    I know we all have an opinion and right to voice one, but the right to offer rebuttal alone, espeically for the sake of doing so, will do nothing to save us from White supremacy…nor ourselves!


  32. Are you serious? Have you ever thought about the fact the MONEY is the worlds problem? MONEY created by whites is a fictional instrument of power, class and statu and religion

  33. Money is debt. Whites created this mess and control exactly where the money flows by allowing their friends and family to gain the monetary advantage just as they have. Money is the worlds problem. White people created this problem intentionally. Africa the world greatest nation full of resources and knowledge has been turned into a war zone for control and MONEY. Children are starving because of money. People hate when others attack money because they believe in the lie of monetary gain. You are as worthless as the instrument of monetary

    • Your the first person that has posted a comment that really sums it all up and your message goes all back to proverbs: Money is the (ROOT) to all evil which = “Power – Manipulation – Control” = the demonic spirit of (Idolotry)…. people hate to here this kind of talk but it is what it is and its not going to change because it is apart of God’s Laws.

      James 5:1-6 (Warning To The Rich)… destruction is on its way…. You can believe it or not….but no debatable argument can over-come this fact.
      If money was not involved these power struggles would not exist….

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