Dr Cornel West: America has become Morally Obscene

by / May 20, 2014 Black News, video 449 Comments

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The New Paradigm forum in Brooklyn New York was absolutely explosive.  In an historic meeting of leading black scholars and thinkers, the forum spoke to a jam packed auditorium filled with black people seeking a better day for their community.  The scholars at the event provided a wealth of information and specific action steps designed to make black America stronger and better for the future.

The participants in the event included Dr. Cornel West, Dr Boyce Watkins, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Imani Perry from Princeton, Dr. Christopher Emdin from Columbia, S. Tia Brown from Ebony Magazine and Tiara Williams from Reel Righteous Entertainment.  The moderator is Dr. Wilmer Leon, one of the most noted and repected Political Scientists in the country.

The content is profound and provides a direct blueprint for the things that black people can start doing RIGHT NOW to make their lives better and stronger for the future.  It is part of the New Paradigm Tour sponsored by Dr Boyce Watkins and  Your Black World that made stops in Chicago, New York and Washington DC, featuring individuals such as Min. Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Steve Perry, and former NBA star Etan Thomas.

We hope you’ll spend the few dollars it takes to give your family a wealth of knowledge that will last them for generations.  You can make a purchase here. 


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