Dr Claud Anderson – Reclaiming Your Gifts, The Power Of Black People

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Dr. Claud Anderson is the current president of PowerNomics Corporation of America , Inc. The Harvest Institute, and WaterLand Fisheries, Inc. PowerNomics is a corporation that facilitates major business development, focusing on inner cities. PowerNomics is also a social-political-economic concept developed by Dr. Anderson that examines race and offers specific principles, strategies and activities for Black America to change behavior, establish accountability, and achieve unity of purpose in a way that allows for self-sufficiency and the ability to compete economically as a group.

In his book, PowerNomics, Dr. Anderson draws on his experiences as an academic researcher, businessman, and federal and state politician to discuss how this can and must be accomplished through a five-year national plan involving education, economics, politics, and black religious organizations. The motivation for developing the plan lies in the fact that despite the fact that black people make up America’s only non-immigrant group and were present in America before 98 percent of all immigrant groups, blacks are at the bottom of every economic, social, health, and political indicator.

In the following video, Dr. Anderson discusses his first book, Black Labor, White Wealth, where he highlights the economic and political structures that have systematically exploited black labor to build white wealth. He compares black peoples economic struggle to a Monopoly game where black people are playing a game they are not going to win because they are starting without having any money or true economic power. He also discusses his book Powernomics that picks up where Black Labor, White Wealth left off.  Dr. Anderson also discusses his book Dirty Little Secrets About Black History: Its Heroes and Other Troublemakers where he highlights information necessary for black people to feel empowered and understand their true identity. To hear Dr. Anderson discuss more about the impact that black people not owning any resources or retaining any true economic wealth and what can be done about it, watch the video below:

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