Dr Boyce Watkins: How black people enable the Donald Sterlings of the World

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins talks about the debacle of Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers.  Watkins says that black people ask for this kind of treatment because of their unwillingness to challenge racists when they show themselves to be biased in the first place.  There is also a pattern shown by Sterling that represents the consistent disrespect received by African Americans in the workplace and outside of it.

But do black people facilitate and add to the disrespect by not respecting themselves?  Dr Watkins states that Malcolm X always told African Americans that if they are not working to get their own businesses, they are always going to be the victims of discrimination.

There may also be more to the relationship between Donald Sterling and the NAACP.  Was the president of the LA chapter of the NAACP bribed under the table to take Sterling’s donation and give him an award?

There may be more to this story than people are willing to admit.

The video is here.


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