Dr Boyce Watkins: How black people enable the Donald Sterlings of the World

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins talks about the debacle of Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers.  Watkins says that black people ask for this kind of treatment because of their unwillingness to challenge racists when they show themselves to be biased in the first place.  There is also a pattern shown by Sterling that represents the consistent disrespect received by African Americans in the workplace and outside of it.

But do black people facilitate and add to the disrespect by not respecting themselves?  Dr Watkins states that Malcolm X always told African Americans that if they are not working to get their own businesses, they are always going to be the victims of discrimination.

There may also be more to the relationship between Donald Sterling and the NAACP.  Was the president of the LA chapter of the NAACP bribed under the table to take Sterling’s donation and give him an award?

There may be more to this story than people are willing to admit.

The video is here.


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  1. Donald Sterling was allowed to continue his disenfranchisement and discrimination of the everyday lower income minorities because no one gave a damn. He was allowed to discriminate against Elgin Baylor and Baron Davis because they were not one of the prominent NBA players. But once he mentioned Magic Johnson, oh no everyone is up in arms and something must be done quick, fast and in a hurry. Many African Americans believe once they reach a certain socio-economic level they are above the racism and challenges of those that have not reached that level. One day they will realize racists don’t see money or status, only color. When Doc Rivers was asked the question, didn’t he know of Sterling’s reputation prior to coming to the Clippers?, during a pre-game press conference on 4/29/14, his response was “yes, but I didn’t see anything….”. What did he think he
    would see? Ok, so Sterling is out the NBA, is anyone going to fight as strong to get him out the renting business? Or is he going to continue to prey on those without the nation platform. We sent a clear message to the world, it’s ok to discriminate against the everyday minority but don’t mess with our prominent ones.

  2. Dr. Watkins, you are one of the main enablers for the Sterlings of the world by casting doubt on our overall respect in one of your very divisive Black vs Ns articles. Once WE Black people have self-respect, pride and dignity for ourselves by not calling ourselves Ns then you will see how swiftly society's attitude will change about us. But as long as we continue with this foolishness and self-hatred – they GOT us just where they want us – uneducated about our true greatness, broken, shattered and fragmented.

  3. I agree. So, now it's my and every other African American's fault that this guy exists. It's not enough to get up every day and to successfully navigate this very difficult social scene which is fraught with challenges to my Blackness, etc, we have to be faulted for not doing so flawlessly by a guy, who by all accounts, is not doing better than most other people.

  4. more respectability politics. "if we would just…pull up our pants, keep our neighborhoods clean, not name our kids weird names, then people wouldn't discriminate." what utter bullshit. DISCRIMINATION is inherently undeserved.

  5. Yes sis, once we stop financing our OWN self-destruction by purchasing (supporting the Jay Z’s, Lil Wayne’s and Kanye’s of the world, who apparently have no real sense of history and Africa’s contributions from antiquity, but remain the million dollar N-word using buffoons who could careless about the Black communities except what they could take from poor people) and dancing to music that blatantly disrespects us calling us Bs and Ns, we ARE and WILL continue to be responsible for OUR own demise. We’ve got to stop the paternal dependency that even applies to our athletes (Sterling, “I give them food…” – check out the book “Forty Million Dollar Slaves”) that someone else should save us. We’ve got to save ourselves and that starts with putting the fragmented pieces back together from a people that were conditioned to have extreme hate for oneself; how else could slavery have been maintained for 246 years, plus 100+ years of Black Codes, Jim Crowisms etc. Yes, there is institutional and structural racism where laws were put in place to keep Blacks from progressing, but we’re the best of the best – no other group of people have a history like ours, where literally the strong (mentally, physically, emotionally) survived – WE ARE THE SLEEPING GIANTS and once we wake up WE WILL ROCK THIS FOUNDATION!

  6. Dr. Watkins, you are one of the main enablers for the Sterlings of the world by casting doubt on our overall respect in one of your very divisive Black vs Ns articles. Once WE Black people have self-respect, pride and dignity for ourselves by not calling ourselves Ns then you will see how swiftly society’s attitude will change about us. But as long as we continue with this foolishness and self-hatred – they GOT us just where they want us – uneducated about our true greatness, broken, shattered and fragmented.

  7. I say, great piece Dr. Boyce, because you're dead on. Donald Sterling was enabled by EVERYONE, including some Blacks in influential spaces. The NBA's former head David Stern knew, along with the owners, the media knew, and I'm sure the housing authorities in California knew as well. However, he was still allowed to proceed business as usual. Our behaviors in certain areas definitely must change.

  8. Long as nuccas keep killin each other, long as thugs and project h@es keep having b@stid kids that turn out like their triflin mamas and daddies, long as nuccas keep buyin $200 sneakers, long as hoodrats keep bein hoodrats and sewin brazilian hair on their head becuz they ashamed of their nappy hair, then turn around and say god dont make no mistakes (they do think god made mistake on their hair becuz they wear that ugly sheit and do they know how stupid they look with another woman hair sewn on their head) but keep wearing them hairhats but always cryin they too broke to buy school supplies for their kids, and long as they keep glorifying them sheitty neighborhoods they live in instead of saving sneaker and weave money for a downpayment on a nice house and get the f@ck out the hood, nobody gonna show respect. Respect yourself and respect will follow.

  9. I agree with Marcia, Dr. Watkins I understand you must garner readers, but your methods are divisive. " Example first Black Ph.D. in finance, that is well we have too many first Blacks but what does this mean? absolutely nothing. These questions that I respond to are old and very sterotypical of Black Bloggers and e-magazines seem as though you all do the same thing as White Folk pit us against each other. Let us talk about suppoeting each other creating economical pyramids. Our problem is their is not wealth to go around in the Black Community. Give us something challenging. Sterling is not our problem. We are lazy and do no critical thinking keep spinning the same ole wheel.

  10. Marcia Har said: "Once WE Black people have self-respect, pride and dignity for ourselves by not calling ourselves Ns then you will see how swiftly society's attitude will change about us."

    This is the only part of your comment I don't agree with. We (Black folks) weren't always the way we are now. 50, 60 years ago, Black folks WERE proud, stuck together, carried themselves with respect and THEY were disrespected in the same way Black folks are disrespected today. If we went back to having self-respect, pride and dignity, society's attitude (towards us) will stay the way it has always been. Nothing will change. That doesn't mean that WE shouldn't change, because we should and need to. But NOT for them — for US. I know Black folks back then had it harder than Black folks today, but sometimes I wish that I was born back then and dead already so that I wouldn't have to see what we have become. Black folks were a different people back then. Strong, stuck together, fought together (not each other), stood for something. We are not like that anymore.

  11. If blacks are so thin-skinned as to want to cry every time someone calls them a derogatory name or uses a racial epithet they will remain in a state of constant anxiety and fear!!!!! Sterling is guilty of absolutely NOTHING!!!!!! I tell my granddaughter at 19 yrs old to refrain from most black males her age because they are about absolutely nothing!!!!!! Any MAN who has lavished in excess of $6,000,000 on a woman has the right to TELL HER WITH WHOM TO ASSOCIATE AND WHERE!!!!!!!!! Wake the “F” up; this shit isn’t Ozzie and Harriet; we’re acting like a race of children!!!! And this over dramitazation by the players threatening to boycott the game because the owner told a hoe not to associate in public [not private] with those that look like them is pure, unadultarated BS!!! They’re goin’ leave millions of $$$$ on the table over what a “Sugar Daddy” tells his hoe????? Where they goin??? MacDonalds; Burger King; White Castle; Popeyes; outside of basketball their total earnings combine wouldn’t equal on of their annual earnings currently!!!!!! You can get rid of all the Sterlings in the world and blacks would still feel inferior; grow up and join the “Adult” human race!!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Boykin’s makes an excellent point regarding the fact that we enable the Donald Sterling’s of the world by not respecting ourselves. The President of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP clearly bears this out buy ignoring principles for pay and I’m glad he resigned. However, Dr. Boyklins leaves out one little point when he calls for us to be more vigilant about the Boykin’s in our own jobs. He fails to mention that it takes courage to step out there and confront a millionaire or someone with clout. People in this position can usually make your life very miserable if you become their enemy. So although you may want to be brave and do the right thing. Most folks are scared of losing their job, losing their money in the bank, and ultimately losing the livelihood just for calling out someone exhibiting racist behavior. This is no longer the fifties or sixties when it was fashionable to do this. This is 2014 and jobs are hard to come by given the millions of illegal ad legal aliens coming to this country. They are making it hard for anyone to take a stand because they ain’t going to say nothing, When’s the last time you heard a Mexican or Japanese American complaining about anything? This makes it hard for us to stand up for righteousness when others are willing to be exploited.

  12. I understand, however, we can agree to disagree. Our attitudes about ourselves is what is imperative. That's why history is so important, yes, you did have those who continued to lynch, beat, mistreat us to the core, but while doing that to us, simultaneously we were fighting for human and civil rights, changing laws to make America what it is today – the land of the "free" although this is stolen land. No, it's not all that by any stretch of the imagination, but because of Black people's struggle, blood, sweat and tears many are able to come to this country and reap all the benefits that we Black people fought for (with the help of the John Browns, of course). In addition, because we had self-respect, pride and dignity there weren't as many killings of each other, we looked out for each other as a community. Brother, we're in a state of emergency and we have a lot of work to do!

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