Black Cop worked as an undercover KKK Member

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April Taylor

The Huffington Post recently reported on the story of Ron Stallworth, a Colorado Spring police investigator who went undercover as a “Black Klansman.”  Stallworth had already made history at 22 as both the first black detective in the history of the Colorado Springs police department as well as being the youngest.  In an effort to gather information about the KKK, Stallworth called a number listed in a newspaper ad published by the hate group, and to his surprise, he was offered a membership to join the group in 1979.  Over the course of his investigation, Stallworth interacted with various Klan leaders over the phone including the notorious former grand wizard David Duke.

In order to conceal his identity as a black man, Stallworth sent a fellow detective in his place whenever his physical presence was requested by the group.  His friend became known as “the white Stallworth.”  Stallworth was able to infiltrate the group so well that he was eventually offered and invitation to lead the local KKK chapter in his area due to giving the impression that he was a “loyal and dedicated” member.  Not only was Stallworth able to gather information about the group, he was also able to prevent some of the hate crimes being planned by the organization.  Although Stallworth’s work yielded many benefits, including getting two KKK members who worked for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) reassigned, what he states that he was most proud of was that during his involvement, “no black child – no child period – ever had to wake up to the sight of a burning cross.”

Stallworth now resides in Layton, Utah and amassed more than 30 years of law enforcement experience.  He is also considered an expert on gang violence and culture on which he has written four books.  The full story of his undercover investigation of the KKK is published in his book Black Klansman.


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  1. Thank God we have Ron who went under- cover to fiind what these people’s focus and ideas. I believe KKKs are losers who want to make-up for their inferiority complex. If you’re successful person, why should you go around killing innocent people? That is what bothers me with such extremists like the Boko Harum. I will purchase Ron’s book.

  2. Amazing!!

  3. Lil he infiltrated them from the phone!!!!! Lol too stupid to realize how stupid they are. Try loving people instead of hating them.

  4. Just can't believe everything you read,smh…

  5. Well to be a klansman doesn't take much brains anyway…….when you have a hate mindset you're too smart !I glad that he was able to peel some of the layer off,it goes deeper and well-financed….

  6. During the early history of the KKK (called the Red Shirts) in the late 1800s there were reports of African Americans riding with them. As one of these "negro/blacks" later said, he did it to keep "uppidy n..gers" in their place. Read the history of the Red Shirts on Wikipedia. It is very interesting.

  7. Why reveal this information? Their come a time when you don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. This could put the security of law enforcement with this hate group on alert. No only that but you are telling where the person live. This is why people don't come forward when a crime is committed. He should have carried this information to his grave.

  8. this wasn't worth reporting, Walter White did the same thing and he went in person and was able to curt tail many of their plan's I think it is interesting that burning crosses as oppose to saving lives was mentioned. this operation did nothing to really eliminate nor slow down the klan nor any other hate group. when black law enforcement people would infiltrate the Black Panthers, U.S organization, The Nation of Islam, Sclc,Sncc or any other black organization that group would normally cease to exist however the klan and every other white hate group is still here and stronger then you think .'Chris Donner ' told everyone in his manifesto how the hate groups operate within the police departments and other state and federal agency's, people most learn to study and pay attention to history because history may change ,but people stay the same. there are people right now who use title's such as Republican, Tea Party,right wing as cover's for what they really are HATE GROUP'S , oh yea some democrat's do to the late senator Byrd was a former Klansman. (LOL)

  9. It was worth reporting and I applauded the detective for being savvy enough to infiltrate those demons. Anybody can sit in front of a computer and belittle the efforts of someone else, when they themselves haven't measured up to what they are belittling. He is to be commended for his efforts instead of trying to talk down what he accomplished. There is always a CRAB in the BLACK barrel, trying to keep the next crab from getting out. Buy his book and maybe you'll see everything that he was able to do, instead of relying on an article. SMH

  10. Here's why it was worth reporting, not only to EDUCATE the masses but also I'm certain that the BLACK stallworth's intelligence is the one that help bring down David Duke. with the help of the White Stallworth..and it is my hope that this type of thing continue as the KLAN has up the annie to infiltrate this nation's infrastructure.. to the higher powers to be..

  11. Amin Abdullah, if you ACTUALLY BELIEVE that black people rode with the KKK,……..I'll leave it right there.

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