Arsenio says that he chose to leave late night the first time

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Arsenio left late night the first time many years ago, but people thought he was forced out.  However, according to this interview, he says that wasn’t forced out, he chose to leave.  He’s been asked to leave again this year, after his show was canceled and he was sent packing.  It was a huge surprise for some, since his show was pretty strong.

But Arsenio is a staple in entertainment, and loved everywhere.  But his odds of getting another show are slim-to-none.

Check out the interview, tell us what you think.

Did Arsenio choose to leave, or do you think he was forced out of the game?



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  1. To look at other avenues that in blacks best interests you know what I’m talking about , also we need too stop acting like crab in a bucket , an get away from slave minded behavior.

  2. I think it is safe to say that Arsenio’s mainstay audience is now in the late 40’s to late 50’s age group. His absence didn’t make the heart grow founder but more like out of sight out of mind. Additionally, his format was the same as it was during his first show. Nothing new just more of the same, pretty much picking up where he left off. I realized he didn’t have a chance from the first new shows airing.

  3. Not sure why he decided to even come back into the fray. Television, especially talk shows, have changed since the 1990’s. What was funny and cutting edge back then, is pretty much run-of-the-mill right now. I believe him when he said that he left the first time. His show was doing relatively well and he was on top and his name and brand was apart of the culture. It’s difficult to take an extended break like he did, come back and try to be successful.

  4. If the black masses would and could take their money and buying power to start and finance our own Pro-Black Network.
    Then we would not have to worry or be mad when certain shows are taking off the air.
    Forget bet,I gave up them years ago.
    I wonder why do many black people and other’s think that bet is really showing the best interest’s of black people on their so-called

  5. Arsenio did his job both times, but until there’s Black commercial sponsorship or your truly Independent (which is difficult unless you own your own Satellite), you will always be at their mercy. Some people keep focusing on B.E.T or Jewish.E.T, which is a product of Viacom.. Peace

  6. Bet ,is not in black folks best interest , they are not black own ,anymore

  7. I don’t buy it ,i thought he was canned because he had Louis Farrakhan on his show back then.They forced him out this time to.I must admit i have’nt watched his show as much the second time round.If he plans on coming back he should broadcast on a black network.

  8. He can always pitch his talent to Oprah… her network need all the help it can get…

  9. He can always pitch his talent to Oprah… her network need all the help it can get…

  10. I love the Oprah network. As far as Arsenio, he lost his African-American audience. I refused to watch his show when he came out with that porno clip about Harriet Tubman and the white slave master…disgusting!

  11. Elizabeth Moore : Thank you Elizabeth. I didn't know he showed that degrading video of our Noble ancestor on his show. Now, I know that he, along with russell simmons are useless for African people.

  12. Oprah is doing quite well. Tyler Perry’s shows helped quite a bit. Not to mention, Iyanla and the others. Don’t cry for O!:

  13. Bessie _ I can already tell we would get along great. I heard similar comments from Arsenio during a promo for his contemporary show. I remember thinking back then that the comments did not exactly ring true. Who knows what the real story is. In the interview I saw and referenced above, he said he left the show so that he could spend more time with his family, but those of us who saw it live may remember it differently. Either way, best wishes Arsenio. Your work was truly special back in the day. Much respect for a job well done.

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