Is there a rivalry between African Americans and Africans?

by / May 25, 2014 Black News, video 19 Comments

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The show “On the Reel” with Tiara Williams, brings together the kinds of interesting conversations in the black community that we don’t get to see and hear in mainstream media.  The discussions are important opportunities for all of us to learn and grow as we decide on the joint trajectory of our community in the 21st century.

This episode digs into the divide between Africans and African Americans.   African Americans have a unique experience in this country and don’t have a heritage they can easily lean on, at least not one that goes back thousands of years.  Others come from outside the US and seem to leap racism in a single bound, in many cases because they are not crippled by the same self-esteem challenges that are faced by many black people in this country.

But also, do you think that whites treat Africans a little different?  Some say that this may even lead on blacks from other countries looking down on the black people here.  We are not saying that any of this is true or false, but there are a lot of opinions on the matter that go across the board.

This discussion is a good one, we highly recommend it.

Question:  do you feel that there is a gap between Africans and African Americans?

If there is a gap, then what’s going to take to overcome it?

Please, give us your opinion.



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19 Comment

  1. How do explain the fact that African immigrants are shot and killed in multitude by African Americans?

  2. I have a few Friends from the Motherland and i have worked professionally with many others. I have travelled to many lands except for Africa so far. The images seen most places of us are misleading and what we see here is bogus also. I talked to some Nigerian brethren and sistren the other day about the girls taken in their land and they were organizing a rally here in my city. I joined in. But i also implored them that we as african americans need to see more of them in our fights, voting, discrimination, Schools drugs etc. Most of the time we dont see them(Travon rallies) because i think they choose to fly below the radar. But ask Amadu Diallo’s family along with many others if Africans are immune to American bigotry? I think not. Also, this myth about them taking advantage of opportunities more than AA is bogus. I along with at least forty folks in my immediate family( First cousins) have college degress and we have a few lawyers and doctors to boot. The warring has to stop and we have to see each other’s struggles there and here and fight this demon together. Oh i ask them also why dont they kick him out of africa and i get no repsonse. What does that say? See we have no where to run from our oppressor, whereas they do. Power to the people..Sankofa..Hotep

  3. Correction-response, typos..

  4. First, the media will exploit divisions between groups of people, and will work to exacerbate those divisions when ever they can, so let’s not fall for that. Second, I have traveled to Africa and many places outside of the U.S. on multiple occasions. I also married and regularly interact regularly with African people from a variety of countries. I am now married to a gentleman of West Indian and American heritage. I am a fourth generation African American who happens to come from people who were once enslaved, and am very proud of my family. I have no self-esteem problems with respect to my culture, gender, socio-economic background or any such isms. I am also very proud of the legacy that my descendants have created and left for me as an African American, despite the fact that our time in this country does not go back thousands of years. I am also not ashamed of my African ancestry, which is the basis for the cast-status that people want to place African Americans in, in the first place. I realize that some non-native Black folks, not all, possess a sense of ethno-centrism that leads them to feel that they are superior to African Americans, which I find to be absolutely ridiculous. I am also tired of the idea that is promoted which states that Africans and other Blacks come and seem to excel, despite racism, far beyond generational African Americans. Some do, however, many don’t. As I interact frequently with the African immigrant community, I know folks from that community who have been here for well over a decade who continue to struggle economically, who have not educated themselves, and who have not fully mastered the language, with respect to academics and higher levels of business, so they are stuck in low-wage jobs like many Americas, Black or white. I also know successful African immigrants, however, they are a small minority when one looks at the overall community of African immigrants who live in this country. I also want to say that I know African people who like other human beings, struggle with issues of self-esteem, and self-loathing, and who are not confident in a number areas. They make mistakes like other people, have an unsavory character, who fail at parenting, and who are not motivated toward high achievement. I have seen single mothers and rachet woman and men in Africa, just like I have in America, the West Indies, in Latin America, and in other Western countries. At the end of the day, I understand and have witnessed that all people/groups are virtually the same, in that they include both good and bad. I have had non – Native Blacks try to tell me that I have no culture, because I am African American, that my people are somehow less moral, less developed, less cultured and a whole bunch of other things, to which I say, go talk to those gullible African Americans, who ever they are. I know who I am and what I come from. I also know that my people, through their struggle and great sacrifices, have paved a way for those who come to the U.S. in search of opportunities today, and without them no immigrant of color would be able to excel in this place. I also say to African Americans, who are in search of a proud heritage, you have one already, and if you don’t know it, learn about it. Slavery and oppression is not our heritage, nor is it something that we should be ashamed of as we were not the oppressors, nor those who sold their people. We are, however, human beings who continue to overcome structural barriers meant to hold us back, and to transform a very powerful nation in the process, that even other nations dare not take on. I also encourage those who would shun their African brothers and sisters due to tribalism and a real response to rebuff, to endeavor to connect, as we are an African people, whether born on the continent or in the diaspora, regardless what others might tell us. I have the same message for Africans. Individuals within our collective family will continue to excel, while the majority of our people do not, until we come together. Our collective world status will never rise while we continue to fight each other, and our children will bear the stigma of this failure for generations.

  5. Keep Pan-Africanism in mind. There is strength in unity. Let's love the best of both cultures. And work on the rest in harmony.

  6. Your head gear must be cutting off circulation to your dam brain!
    You sound like a lunatic and a bigot! You've got it twisted, Arabs
    discriminate against, exploit, and kill black Arabs and Africans.

  7. I have a african friend. He went to LSU.when he finish college he move to Germany. He told me black american are nit as bad as to what his father told him. He said they are kind and respectful people. He also said he came from a well off family and he not allowed to daye or marry a black african women because they are too free. He can marry any race but black american women. There is a big difference in how they feel blavk african. He also stated they feel our life is much easier than their’s and how we had it better. If tgey only realized we have and still fighting for fairnes in this countr, any other race from any country will be treated better than us it always have been that way. My Opinion is if they socialize with us they will be treated like us. They decides to disassociate thier selves from us.

  8. Solutions any1?

  9. Two African women greeted me, as they entered the ladies room in the airport in Paris. The younger women was a college student, and very inquisitive. She shared her desire to visit the U.S., but was very afraid to do so. Why? Because a professor had told her that black Americans were very dangerous and deceptive. We lived in poverty or on welfare, and the rest were criminals and addicts. Sound familiar! I said that I was afraid to go to Africa, because Africans live in jungles, eat monkeys,
    and have bad hygiene. She laughed and said that was not true, that they have cities
    and houses, etc. And I replied, and we have beautiful neighborhoods, hard-working
    professional and non-professional in every field, and we have a lot of black mayors and government officials, too. I told her we have both been lied to and we should always consider the source, research, and seek the for ourselves.That was 25 years ago!
    Recently, I was told by an Ethiopian store owner, that the State Dept. tells them not
    to associate with black Americans because we can make trouble for them, so they
    are afraid to do otherwise. Divide and conquer, nothing more dangerous than black black unity and black empowerment.

  10. Sorry my friend, BUT there are 40, million Blacks in USA. NOT ALL BLACK young men are killing others! MANY, MANY immigarants are in prison for their Wrong doings also.!!
    WHAT have you and your country done for BLACKS period? DO you give them jobs? I don't just mean those Blacks of Islamic religion and culture! Mostly I see rhe Black Wealthy and the Entertainers you and many other Islamic/Arab countries are giving them Big salaries to entertain you!!
    IS this not so?

  11. I am African and i beg to differ, we try to be Americans, we dress like them, act like them, i feel Africans for some reason feel African Americans are superior.

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  13. I am a so called African American and I appreciate your comment and insight because I was not at all aware of this being the case.

  14. The only disconnect between African and so called African Americans is manufactured by all of America's media outlets.

  15. By telling you that this is only happening in your mind.

  16. In Africa there are areas where either whites, Arabs, Indians or Chinese live in isolation, if any black person enters the neighbourhood they get shot on sight, all of this happening in Africa where black people were supposed to be safe,

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