50 Cent Gets Laughed Off Mets Pitcher’s Mound After Weak Throw

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Rapper 50 Cent spends much of his time online mocking everyone from Floyd Mayeather to 50 Cent pitchJay-Z, but it looks like some folks who have been the bυtt of Fiddy’s jokes are about to get some payback.

The rapper threw what has been called the worst pitch ever on Tuesday night prior to a Mets game. It wasn’t just a weak throw but it was also laughably off target, veering a few feet away from home plate.

After 50 Cent took his position on the pitcher’s mound, he dug in and threw a pitch that was far and away from Mets catcher Anthony Recker. The ball thrown by the rapper was lethal not because it was fast or precise, but because it almost hit an unsuspecting cameraman.

“It’s good he never had a choice between playing for the Mets or being a rapper,” said one sportscaster.

After the awful pitch, there was nothing 50 Cent could do but laugh it off. He was seen laughing with Mets pitcher Jon Niese after the throw.

The rapper doesn’t need to be all that concerned with his awful pitch though since his album, “Animal Ambition”, hits stores next week and his Starz drama “Power” is scheduled to air on June 7.

A few days ago 50 Cent released an Instagram video where he fake calls Mayweather and chastises the boxer over his brαwl with rapper T.I.

“Champ, what the f*ck is going on, man.  N*ggas tellin’ me you down in the Fat Burger fightin’ over Tiny. Now that’s T.I.’s b*tch, man. You gonna cause these n*ggas to buy more guns in Atlanta! No, no! I’m your brother. I’m gonna tell it like it is. Your uppercυt ain’t gonna mean sh*t when n*ggas start shoοtin’!” joked the rapper. 





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  1. lol. looks like he's throwing with the wrong hand. Not as easy as it looks huh,,,

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