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May 31, 2014

Teaching Asst. Convicted For Having Sεx With Student During School

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An Ohio teaching assistant has been sentenced for having sεx with a student even though he told police that he was a happily married man. Teaching assistant Brandon Lampley initially insisted upon his innocence, but the teaching assistant pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this month. Judging from evidence collected by police, Lampley wasn’t the happily married man he pretended to be. Cell phone evidence proved he’d had sεx with…

Dr Boyce Watkins: Arsenio’s show might have been too black for TV

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The cancellation of the Arsenio Hall Show was a surprising and revealing reflection on the state of American television.  Dr Boyce Watkins, author of the lecture series “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment,” says that Arsenio’s Show was amazing for the African American community.  He applauds Hall for creating the kind of television that is actually interesting to watch, much better than the other shows on during the same…

Students Defend Security Guard Who Dumped Handicapped Boy Out of Wheelchair

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A popular security guard was dismissed from the Oakland school where he worked after he was seen mistreating a disabled student. Now, however, students at the school say there’s been a misunderstanding since the disabled student is a known troublemaker who instigated the incident. On May 19th Oakland Unified School District security officer Marchell Mitchell hιt a wheelchair bound student across the head then dumped him out onto the floor….

50 Cent Explains His Awful Pitch at Mets Game

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Rapper 50 Cent may have successfully transitioned to a pioneer businessman, but professional pitcher he’s not, which was evident when he threw out the first pitch at a recent Mets game. After that embarrassing throw, the rapper tried to explain that throwing balls isn’t really his thing. “It slipped,” Fiddy,  whose real name in Curtis Jackson, told Good Morning America.”I’m not a professional pitcher,” he said. “I make music.” We…

FBI Admits Spying on Nelson Mandela as Late as the 1990s

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After Nelson Mandela’s passing, most American leaders gushed with praise over the importance of the anti-apartheid icon, but a report by Al Jazeera reveals that the U.S. was still spying on Mandela as late as the 1990’s. Even after Mandela was released from prison, the U.S. still designated Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) as a terrοrist organization. An FBI memo obtained by Al Jazeera reveals that the FBI kept tabs…

Video of a tearful LeVar Burton watching the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach 1 million DOLLARS in donations has surfaced. www.Blacklikemoi.com

LeVar Burton Brought to Tears While Thanking “Reading Rainbow” Donors

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Reported by Kacie Whaley Video of a tearful LeVar Burton watching the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reach $1 million in donations has surfaced. That was the goal amount of funds that Burton—former Reading Rainbow host— and his crew were hoping to raise in order to revive the long-running, award-winning children’s program. The television show— which was dedicated to sparking kids’ interest in reading from 1983-2006—is not only attempting to make its…

Arsenio says that he chose to leave late night the first time

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Arsenio left late night the first time many years ago, but people thought he was forced out.  However, according to this interview, he says that wasn’t forced out, he chose to leave.  He’s been asked to leave again this year, after his show was canceled and he was sent packing.  It was a huge surprise for some, since his show was pretty strong. But Arsenio is a staple in entertainment,…