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May 2, 2014

The Miseducation of a Woman’s Worth (Documentary)

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    Four prominent Black Women of the Indianapolis Art scene give a dynamic analysis of women of today through their unique forms of poetry. Told in both eloquent and raw forms, Naz The Anti-Star (Nazeeha Khalid), Gabrielle Patterson, Chenzira Allen, and Januarie York (Kendria Smith) represent the vast spectrums of black women. No one viewer will walk away without being touched. Executive Producer and Director – Joe Clemons Producers…

Present & Unaccounted for: Black Women in Medicine

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This is a message that you might find inspiring. ¬†From Youtube: The Inspiration: In December of 2010, I was introduced to two amazing women: Doris Wethers, one of the first black women to attend Yale Medical School, and Beatrix Hamburg, the first woman to graduate from Yale Medical School. These experiences planted the seed of conception for Present and Unaccounted For: Black Women in Medicine. This documentary does more than…