VH1 to Produce “Drumline” Sequel Starring Nick Cannon, Leonard Roberts

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Leonard Roberts returning to Drumline sequel. www.blacklikemoi.com


Reported by Krystle Crossman

The 2002 hit film “Drumline,” starring Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, and Leonard Roberts, is returning. VH1 is producing a sequel  to the film written by Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. This time around, it will focus on new students at a fictional New Orleans university.

The main character will be Danielle Bolton, a young lady who comes from upper-class New York City and goes against her parents’ wishes to attend the school. While there, she aims to restore the prestigious reputation of the drum section of the band. The sequel will be released later this year and is titled “Drumline 2: A New Beat.”

Nick Cannon will be returning as Devon Miles and Leonard Roberts has just announced that he will be returning as Sean Taylor, the upperclassman in the first “Drumline” who needed some convincing that Miles was as good as he said. The Fox Network has been thinking about turning the movie into a pilot for a possible series that follows the students through college life.

“Drumline” is about a young man named Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) who auditioned to be on the Atlanta A&T University’s drum section of the marching band. He’s faced with challenges from his colleagues due to his inability to read music. Throughout the film, he attempts to overcome his hurdle with the aid of his music director Dr. Lee (Orlando Jones) and fights to earn respect from his peers. “Drumline” got excellent reviews from critics and brought in $56 million in the box office. It also brought in $1.2 million from foreign media markets. It was nominated for multiple awards in 2003; however, it did not win any of them.


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