This man believes that single black mothers doing it all alone are causing a breakdown of the black community

by / April 9, 2014 video 14 Comments

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This man has a lot to say about single mothers and families without fathers.  Here is what he had to say on his youtube video about the state of the black family and the role that black women are playing in the problems that continue to plague us:

“Unmarried Black Women who have kids are responsible for DESTROYING BLACK AMERICA. By having kids without a HUSBAND, JOB or EDUCATION. These women think they can DO IT ALL ALONE…and the CHILDREN SUFFER miserable lives because of this. These women think its OK to have KIDS and not be Married or even have a JOB. And these kids grow up TO HATE EVERYONE!…because of the POVERTY and DESPAIR these kids grow up in. and then the HORRIBLE CYCLE continues..”

Watch his video below:



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14 Comment

  1. What a bunch of crappy BS……really!!!!

    Many black-women don’t have no other choice but to do it alone, many of our black-men are dysfunctional, even many of them with education.
    My children had a father in the home, that didn’t make a difference, and that’s not saying all blackmen are dysfunctional because I was raised with my father in the home.
    You guys get on my d@mn nerves with all this negative shyt about the black-woman always been at fault concerning all the rugged BS roads and paths yall “CHOOSE” to travel.
    My sons don’t even carry themselves in these manners at all and I raised them with a dysfunctional father in the home… excuses again / all the d@mn time, get over yourselves. Get educated about excepting responsibility for your own actions and choices that you make in life.
    No black-woman held a gun up to your head and made any of
    you do the stupid shyt that you do. Many black-women came up with-out fathers in the home, but we are turning out to be strong black independent women with high paying Jobs, business owners the whole 9 yrds…. and we have spent many nights on our knees crying snot before God, more so then the black men, so we have earned the rights of passage.

    Walk in our shoes for the next 10 yrs…

  2. Check out The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube. It’s a guide for Black Men and Women. It’s a learning Tool! Peace!

  3. @insomemaze……

    I will take you up on that… Maybe it will get rid of the blaming headache that keeps ringing in my ears….

  4. African-Americans stop with the excuses and clean up your act.

    Stop going to jail, stay in school, lose the drugs, go to church, stop having babies you cannot afford.

    It is a two way street, men and women.

    Oh and most African-American women have to have children out of wedlock because our men don’t want us, they want white or other races of women.

    However, for African-American women if you cannot afford a baby don’t have one. You are dooming you and your child to poverty.

  5. How about the Black Males that impregnated them….don't let them off the hook…
    So, then Black Unmarried Males and Especially Females, the later show the full picture…..

  6. Just an opportunist put a d@mn shirt on dude, who wants to see your body. Black men have pushed black women into this position… I can’t even listen to this dude period.

    Do any of you guys really know how stupid you actually sound every time you guys open up your mouths to blame the black women for all your down-falls. First it was AIDS then the real truth came out about black-men on the down-low.

    Black-men don’t want to wife black-women, so they are wifen white women at a great capacity, but all in the same breath you guys got a huge problem with black-women hooking up with the white brothers who really do treat and respect black-women better then the black-men do. Get over it, black-men started this behavior, but they didn’t stop to think that sisters can do it too, and sisters saw it was a good thing for them too so they are now living large and giving birth to beautiful biracial babies… LMAO!!!

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander!!!!!

  7. Redbone,you chose that dysfunctional father to father your children.That’s more of an indictment on you than it is on his dysfunctional ass. I will stop talking about women that make bad choice after bad choice when they stop making bad choices and the same old it’s the man’s fault excuses for their bad choices. If you are so independent and strong, prove it by making smart choices. If you don’t have a means and the resources to take care of a child, you shouldn’t even be having sex. You should be bettering your self by learning a trade or going to college,not be clubbing, partying and having reckless sex with every smooth talking, flashy dressing guy that makes you buttery within your neither regions.Grow up and find out how f***ed up, low down, down low and worthless these guys are before you bang them and your life and the lives of your children will be a whole lot better.

  8. And remember Redbone, no matter how messed up your children’s father is, you chose him.You are the goalie to your womb, stop letting just any mickey fickey score. You can’t just do anything and anybody and there not be any repercussions. No one stuck a gun to your empty head and made you sleep with them.If all your education and good job can’t keep you from making bad choices and picking low lifes, you are dumb.

  9. Both redbone and ty nygozi make good points. We are all responsible for our own actions. You can’t blame someone else for them not being what you expect them to be. We all have to accept the consequences of our own choices right or wrong, good or bad.

  10. The video was harsh but the speaker made some strong points. The man chases, but it’s the woman who chooses who to sleep with. Women have to demand more, choose better and allow the man to be the man. Until this is done there will be more dysfunction and insanity within our communities.

  11. Women choose the men they sleep with. They often choose sweet talking no good men over guys that would make great husbands and fathers who would help create a stable life for the children. My two cents. Other than that black women prefer to place blame on black men for all their problems no matter what the problem is so forget about it. Lol

  12. Not all of what you say is true. People DO have to be responsible for their own actions. People think that you HAVE to be in a relationship in order to be happy, and when you have poor role models, whether it's in your family or your circle, you often emulate behaviors that are detrimental to your well-being. Many Black women will take the BS just to say that they have a "man". Many let the physical desires override common sense. Some will be the side woman, just to have someone. Some suffer from lack of self-respect and confidence that good things are WORTH waiting for, and MONEY ISN'T everything. I myself prefer to be single until I meet a man of QUALITY, who is MENTALLY and MORALLY SOUND, who has found HIMSELF, as well as Christ. I've made my mistakes in the past, but I don't have to CONTINUE to do the same thing, expecting a different result, which is INSANE. And I only have myself to blame if I settle for less than what I expect and deserve.

  13. Fantastic info O?U?O

  14. Awesome read , I

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