This expert says that Single is the New STD

by / April 13, 2014 video 3 Comments

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In this video, Lydia Cotton talks about people who enter into relationships for no reason.  She says that “single is the new STD,” meaning that she believes that some people are so afraid of the stigma of being single, that they drag someone along that they wouldn’t normall have in their lives.  Check it out.  It’s interesting.  



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  1. Young people…really!!! Single is not the new STD! Ignorance, immaturity and refusing to re-frame yourselves from because you don’t like direction, and your lusty ways always wanting to feed the wiles of your flesh, your donkey’s love playing with fire… That’s the old /new STD, still is, always will be until you stop right in your own tracks and make a change.

    Stop trying to change the rules just because you need something to talk about. Stop making “SINGLE” a bad word, its biblical and its a good thing, there are LAWS. Social Media, statistic, and research continue reeking havoc over the black-community.
    Just because you’ve been blessed to have a forum to speak your piece doesn’t mean you get to make-up dumb shyt to feed our people, especially our impressional young people.

    And no I haven’t listen to the video, just the title alone is “SUBLIMINAL” enough…

  2. It must be Stupid Sunday….Anything to get the blog a hit……stop spreading the ignorance…I refuse to watch …. As bad as HIV is in our community and y'all printing BS… Instead of worrying about laying up folks need to be worried about graduating from HS…learning to read…stopping the violence and all the half a million babies with no daddies….black folks…..we got enough on our plate nothing wrong with being single at all gives you time to get focused and get right…..#don't set yourself up to be passed around from dude to dude just cause you don't wanna be single…

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