Racist? Why is Lupita Nyong’o being warned to avoid Tyler Perry films?

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People have warned Lupita Nyong’o to avoid Tyler Perry films for being “degrading.”  But do you really believe that white Hollywood is going to be more respectful to her image than Tyler Perry films?  Dr Boyce Watkins discusses the matter with Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses.  Check it out.

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  1. I believe Lupita Nyong’o should pursue her Hollywood dream. I see her on many clothing brand ads and on internet promoting fashions. No doubt, Lupita is a beautiful woman. Let her chase her dream.

  2. This is the second article I have read about a particular African American celebrity being warned to "avoid" Tyler Perry and his films like he is the plague. So the film in which she played a slave and won an Oscar for can't be considered racist, but Tyler Perry's films, tv shows can? Come on. Give me a break. African Americans need to get off their soap boxes and stop trying to blame Tyler Perry for the negative perspectives about Blacks. The Black Experience has its ups and downs. Tyler Perry didn't just make up those stories he dramatizes or makes fun of depicting The Black Experience. We as African Americans given our history created those experiences. If we can't accept the good and bad of being Black, African American, Negro, however you want to classify yourself, then what makes you think, another culture is going to respect us, if we can't embrace all of what it means to be Black? Smh. We need to stop using race to bash Tyler Perry. He has over the last 10 years done more for giving African Americans a platform..a voice than anyone in Hollywood.

  3. I can't stand Tyler Perry! What. A. Hack.

  4. May S. Young Well, His work is not going to appeal to everyone but it should not be just because people think he is the "sole" blame for making African Americans look bad. That is ridiculous.

  5. It’s true that Hollywood’s track record regarding the casting of black actors is absolutely abysmal but I would like to believe it’s improving slightly. However, the fact is that Tyler Perry’s films are mediocre and shallow, whether we have the courage to admit it or not. If we want to pretend that because Tyler is black, we should overlook his shortcomings – fine – but that is not going to help anyone in the long run. I’m not saying there’s no place for his style of film-making but to defend it simply because he is black is actually degrading in its own way. I hope that Lupita Nyong’o finds varied and challenging roles whether they be in Hollywood, France, Africa or anywhere else in the world. And I do not agree that her role in Twelve Years a Slave was “degrading”. There is no shame in playing a slave. The only shame would be in being a slave owner.

  6. Great reply elrancho2@ And I do not agree that her role in Twelve Years a Slave was “degrading”. There is no shame in playing a slave. The only shame would be in being a slave owner. I also agree that while Tyler Perry films aren’t the best, I can’t knock a man for bringing more AA unto the acting forefront.

    I did lose considerable respect for him though, when he casted “Kanye West’s baby mama” (I refuse to say her name) as the lead role in his next film. Just yuck.

    • Who cares if Kim Kardisian was in a Tyler Perry movie? Seriously! Tyler Perry had made wonderful films; to be put down by his own people is just wrong. Tyler Perry has worked his behind off to get where is his. His OWN people should be ashamed to disrespect the brother. I have enjoyed his plays, movies and television programs for many years. I respect his hard work and his commitment to the people he has worked with for long periods of time. This young lady has a good head on her shoulders and I’m sure she can make up her OWN mind about with who she will and will not work. SMDH
      Go for it, young sister. Live your dreams and let all the haters hate. All that bitterness coming at you is just jealousy.

  7. She is just another confused, conceited african! that ain't nothin' but her own mind as though she can just pick and choose her way past us now. Like other jealous immigrants, she playing stuck up meanwhile taking our good american money to her family in africa so they can get a cup of water or a monthly bath. Just like the president.

  8. Really hateful and ignorant response that has nothing to do with what others have said to Lupita, which is the focus of the article.

  9. Wow. How supremely ignorant, and poorly articulated. However, a fantastic display of pure lack of an educated mind. Quite rude and disrespectful, as well.

  10. Chantey Renee Thomas, please watch your mouth! Your rhetoric is hurting you, Africans and African-Americans as a whole. Don’t be like those Blacks at FoxNews. They are paid to talk bad about President Obama because his father is from Africa. Lupita Nyong’o is not taking your job. After all she was born in Florida- only raised in Kenya. I doubt if you whine when this Country imports doctors, nurses, space scientists and professors from England, German, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, China, Japan, Jamaica etc. This Country is great because it attracts talents from all over the world. Feel proud that Lupita Nyong’o is from your origin – she came-actually came-back for she born in Florida, and became a star. Racists are raised to believe Africans are intellectually inferior to Whites. They are disappointed when see facts don’t add up. I know Lupita Nyong’o is now on the internet and TV promoting different products and fashions. Of course she is beautiful. I have one suggestion for you: Learn the trick Lupita Nyong’o used to get to the top. Compete with her. Don’t write stuff like that. Like those Blacks at FoxNews, you’re enabling racists to bully you more as an African-American.

  11. Sounds like jealousy of Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry's films follow the theme of "You reap what you sow." It shows hold women can overcome mistreatment and other hardships to achieve and find happiness. That is a positive, not a negative. I would advise Lupita to take advantage of the opportunity to act in a Tyler Perry film.

  12. We all have one, and respect Mr. T. Perry' Journey. If she wants to work with him, so what who cares. It's Ms. Nyongo' Journey as well.

  13. Let admit their will people who will dislike you no matter what you do. Tylet Perry have made created job for people of color. Look at his record you can see many people go in drove to see his movies. Where are the people in hollywood doing so much for the African American community.

  14. Oh my, I agree with you 150%. And we wonder why blacks are not getting ahead as a people. Stop the hating and try looking for the positive. Tyler Perry is giving actors employment as well as opportunities. God bless.

  15. Sounds like straight hate to me. Tyler Perry is doing his thing. Tyler is self made. Hollywood has a problem with that because they can't cash in on his movies. I have seen a lot of white movies with no substance. If Lupita is against working with Tyler Perry that's on her. Tyler continue to do what you do.


  17. i just want EVERY BLACK person to stop kissing this girl ass. black folks love to create idols for worshiping .
    I could care less what she does with her career. damn enough already

  18. The reason tyler perry was able to get gelila bekele pregnant, she became jealous of lupita and conversation he would have about her.

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