One Year Later, Ahmad ‘Real’ Givens Is Winning His Fight Against Cancer

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Ahmad-Givens-Surgery-Real-Colon-CancerBy: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

Beating the odds, one year later, Ahmad ‘Real’ Givens has a lot to celebrate. Since his diagnosis of stage four colon cancer, Givens is in great spirits and he recently took time out to talk with EURweb associate Tanisha Williams about his cancer battle, that fateful day and the inspiration behind Stallionaires new song “I’m Bad.”

“My doctor told me I had stage four (4) colon cancer and one month to live,” Givens pauses and adds. “I chose not to believe it and I’m here a year later.” Givens has come a long way from checking himself into the hospital on March 14, 2014 and receiving the dreadful news about his health.

He recalls the events leading up to his diagnosis:”After attending an event, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling that good. So, I called my brother Kamal and told him I was going to go home and take some medicine. I thought I had the flu.” Givens condition worsened and after being misdiagnosed by three separate doctors and losing 30 pounds in two weeks he knew something was wrong and checked himself into the ER.

After getting seven tumors removed; a few weeks later he was told that the cancer had spread to the left side of his brain.

“I was paralyzed on my right side. I had a walker and everything,” Givens shares openly. “I gave myself three months to learn how to walk and I learned in 3 weeks. That was really scary.”

Givens gives credit his family, a vegetarian diet, his faith and maintaining a positive attitude as the reasons that he’s been able to keep pushing through it all.

“My family is my biggest supporters. I don’t wake up thinking about cancer. I think about living and being with my family, getting my son ready for school,” Givens admits that some of the worst days are when he has to do his chemotherapy treatments. “I really try not to let it consume life, and beat me down. I have to keep living.” Known for his luxurious locks; Givens says he was prepared to lose his hair.

“It’s funny, my mom (Claudia) kept saying “God is showing you that he’s healing you. Watch, you’re not going to lose any of your hair. “I haven’t lost a strand.” Givens proudly states.

A recent MRI showed the tumor in Givens brain has shrank half the size and the swelling is gone. A doctor even told him “he thinks the tumor is dead.”

Givens hasn’t hesitated to get back to business and along with his brothers Micah and Kamal Givens, the group Stallionaires have released a new song and video in honor of Givens fighting spirit called ‘I’m bad.’

Givens gives his advice and love to anyone fighting cancer or who has a loved one fighting cancer… “Go to a doctor that you trust and that’s really good. You don’t want anyone that is going to play with your life. Stay positive and don’t give up on your life an change your diet. You can’t eat ‘Church’s Chicken.’ You can’t do it.”

Source:  www.eurweb.com