Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Spill The Beans On His Love Life

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maxresdefaultInsider information on the life of eccentric artist and King of Pop  Michael Jackson has been released, in a book written by his bodyguards on his life. Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield penned the book, titled, Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days. The tell-all is set to be released in June. The bodyguards give their accounts on the pop star’s last days and affairs.

Dailymail reports some of the tidbits in the book. One of the most popular, an alleged affair between Jackson and a mystery woman who was believed to be Eastern European and stunning.  Her name was not spoken of, rather they simply called her “Friend.” The bodyguards claim that Jackson would visit the mystery woman at night after his children went to sleep. Their late night visits took place at the Hampton Inn. In a first hand account, the bodyguards explain that they were required to drive this woman and at times pick up presents for her. Jackson, in good taste would have his bodyguards them buy the woman gifts from Tiffany’s.

According to many who knew about the “Friend,” she was a “slender 5-feet-4 gal pal” and “drop dead gorgeous.”  The book reveals that the singer maintained multiple love interests. Another lady love was referred to ask, “Flower.” Apparently, Jackson fancied “Friend” over the latter, “Flower.”

Other interesting finds in the book reveal more about the King of Pop’s financial challenges and his strict parenting skills. In terms of being first hand witnesses to Jackson’s financial strains, the bodyguards expose “that they would sometimes go months without a paycheck from the world famous performer and witnessed Jackson splurge on a $10,000 shopping spree that ended when his credit card was declined.” The book is not meant to harm the cultural icon’s image, Both of the writers claim that they are “fond” of Michael Jackson and enjoyed their time together.

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