Did this man have his face slashed for saying that Tyler Perry is gay?

by / April 21, 2014 video 9 Comments

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This is an interview with Walter Lee Hampton.   Some said that he had his face slashed for telling the world that Tyler Perry was gay.  But there is more interesting stuff to the story, take a listen.


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  1. Wow… These #Dickinthebootyassninjas

  2. A more pertinent question would be, "Why do YOU feel it's YOUR responsibility to let the world know Tyler Perry is gay?". Could it be because he's successful and YOU just want your 15 minutes of fame at his expense?? It's one thing to be gay, but it's despicable to ride a nigga's dick just for attention!

  3. lol that hashtag is funny as hell!

  4. Did he really have to inform us about Tyler Perry, as if we didn't have an idea already?

  5. While it's not important because we have many Gay artists who has recieved success! I don't know if he is or not and think only Tyler Perry should answer that question! I know Some Gay men not all; would have you to think all men are gay as if to say join us! Doesn't matter all are valid!

  6. This information is needed about men on the Down Low. However he should let Tyler Perry speak for himself.

  7. When you go to God earnestly asking to be change He will do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think. Instead of running off at the mouth to man go before God to find out how well you are living your life.

  8. F*CK THIS SH*T………..I travel the world and this dude got the world thinking that the BIGGER a BLACK man is the BIGGER he's a closet GAY man……………..T.P. effeminate Black men……just for a "fist full of dollars!" He may NOT care 'cause he's COOL with the label. I DO care 'cause this inhibits Black Men from America to make a decent living i.e. food, clothes and shelter. He gives the "mainstream" MORE cannon fodder against Black Men. Make it sooooooo bad he's not the first and won't be the last. Let me make my pennies in PEACE!!! If a Black Man stands up for himself he's "sensitive" so it must be truth, and/or he's a SAVAGE! If he DON'T stands up for himself he assimilates into a system that DON'T wants him and he's STILL is gay!!! O.o WTF!!!! The issue is people don't know the difference between sensitivity and consciousness! There's a difference between hating and critical criticism! The REAL problem is the CHIDREN. We push NON-STANDARDS on them before we GIVE them any standards to follow. Young Black Men are not gay they don't even KNOW what sex is REALLY about BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! >_<

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