Lydia Cotton Black Men Are Emasculated – Are Black Men Too Feminine Now?

by / April 13, 2014 video 10 Comments

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Are black men getting to the point that they are catching the American trend of extreme male feminism?  What about having black men who are ready to lead families, become strong providers and all the things that kids need?  If every black man is feminine or gay, what does that do to the black family?

Lydia Cotton has some interesting words on the topic in the video below.  Our guess is that black male feminism isn’t all that great for the community.  Sure, some men are going to be feminine and even gay.  But does a household need two women?  What do you think?  Please feel free to share. We’re dying to know your opinion on this.


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  1. regarding the vote: need to develop and support our own independent political vehicles such as NAIP http://www.newafrikan.org

  2. Check out The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube, this is the direction The BlackMan should be moving in. We can’t let others define who we are. Peace!

  3. great job single moms out there thinking you can teach a boy to be a man


  5. I dont agree with this, most fellaz are into the gangsta shit,……..now I do agree that moer brothers are out the closet. ……but getting to feminine, Damn ! I cant see that……….just the opposite , here, everywhere

  6. Single moms wouldn't need to try to teach if the men stood up to be a man to take care of the child and raise that child to be a man.

  7. Voting Democrat is why the Black Community is in disarray. I would urge those to not join either party and vote with intelligence.

  8. Teonjia Jennings We need to redefine what black family looks like in america. The thing that your grandparents had (note I said grandparents NOT parents) is gone. This modern world has done all it can to try to break the pillars of black community as we grasp to some fantasy of two kids and a picket fence. When potential black leaders, the free thinkers are isolated at a young age and given no options but criminality, it's no wonder women take up with irresonsible and feeble men. This issue is far too deep to be attached to a trivial and lightweight blog as this.

  9. Teonjia Jennings
    Who controls your womb? HIM or YOU? {{-_-}}

  10. Compass Gezhu also on account of the two disciples beside the sentence, the surface bright flash from Astral, Astral incarnation together again, turned a fleeting.

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