Dr Boyce Watkins: What every black man must know in order to survive

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This is an excerpt of the popular lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment,” by Dr Boyce Watkins.  Dr Watkins is a leading advocate for African Americans and speaks truth with the kind of raw form that is rare among public scholars today.  Though he struggled in high school, Dr. Watkins was the only African American in the world to earn a PhD in Finance during the year 2002.   He is also the author of the books, “Everything you ever wanted to know about college,” and “Black American Money.”

You can learn more about Dr. Watkins here. 

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  1. Dr. Watkins is on target ,and to enhance the process ,view The Blackman(State of Emergency) on Youtube. It’s a guide for the future. Peace!

  2. That is a amazing YouTube vid thanks for sharing

  3. None of youall don’t see right through boyce watkins selling you book on money I bet he’s no higher than 550 xperian he’s bull shit telling everbody he’s the smartest nigga in the land he a shake down you is a soopit fatboy


  4. Very interesting topic , regards for putting up.

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  6. Thanks for this post. I undoubtedly agree with what you are saying. I’ve been talking about this subject a whole lot lately with my mother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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