B Scott Is Pushing The Lawsuit Against BET

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b-scott-man-womanTransgender video blogger and TV personality B. Scott filed a lawsuit last year against BET and Viacom.  According to Madame Noire, Scott claims that he faced discrimination from the networks when they advised him to dress more “masculine” at the 2013 BET Awards. B. Scott identifies as a non-conforming individual with a fluid way of expressing his gender.  Apparently, a pair of heels and a loose pantsuit was considered too “effeminate” for B.Scott to wear at the award show. B. Scott expresses his distress at the situation and impending lawsuit,  “I feel like Sofia in ‘The Color Purple.’ ‘All my life I had to fight!’ Because of my experience with BET, it led me to the realization that I am transgender because of my gender identity and expression, it was specifically because of my gender and not my sexuality that made me a target.” B Scott’s statement is taken from case files TMZ obtained.

An internal email was sent by Programming President Stephen Hill reading, “I don’t want ‘looking like a woman B. Scott,’ I want a tempered B. Scott.”  In response to Hill’s sentiment, Rhonda Cowan, the Network Vice President said, “I can speak to him about being less ‘womanly.” B. Scott cites the actions of the networks as a humiliating and discriminatory practice. Though the comparison to Sofia in the Color Purple might not be the best example to describe the ensuing situation, perhaps B Scott has a point here with the constant fight he endures to be who he is. This is the latest update on the B. Scott’s lawsuit and the newly surfaced details. Let us know your thoughts and ideas about his perspective. What do you think about the lawsuit and B. Scott’s reference to Sofia in the Color Purple?

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