Ann Coulter- ‘We Only Owe Black People Not Gays, Women or Immigrants Civil Rights”

by / April 8, 2014 video 30 Comments

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Conservative columnist Ann Coulter asserted on Sunday that Democrats were making a mistake by “dropping the blacks” in favor of Hispanics because rights for LGBT people and immigrants are not true civil rights.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Coulter what she meant in her lasted book, “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” when she wrote that feminists, LGBT activists and immigrants rights groups had “commandeered the blacks’ civil rights experience.”

“The way that liberals have treated blacks like children, many of their policies have been harmful to blacks,” Coulter declared. “We do have a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws. We don’t owe the homeless, we don’t owe the feminists, we don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions or gays who want to get married to one another. That’s what ‘civil rights’ have become for much of the left.”




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30 Comment

  1. Shes halfway right, although I know her motives didn't mean well. Civil rights have been hijacked, all those other groups don't even need black folk.

  2. Check out The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube, this is the “AGENDA”!!!

  3. Now that Ann Coulter is dating a Black man she thinks she owes Black people. Before her affair with this Black man, she thought Blacks were sub-humans. Now she has tasted it –she had changed her mind. Ann Coulter, with whoever, owe nothing to Black people. Does Ann Coulter owe anything to President Obama? Nothing. President Obama accomplished on his own – of course with help of American people who elected and re-elected him. Why should Ann, a woman, who happens to be White, owe Black people? She did not steal anything from them. Women and Blacks were in the same boat 60 years ago. They were relegated to small-paying jobs. Now we see Blacks and women as doctors, pilots, engineers, teachers, professors, firefighters, police officers and above all business people. Ann Coulter owes nothing to Black people- Maybe her new Black boyfriend.

  4. When the word "We" was use i took it to mean not her personally but America, the USA does owe black people, Ann personally does not, and as for u mentioning women an Obama as examples, I wont even speak on it. And Ann does not care about black people nor was her mind changed, she will say anything to win an argument.

  5. Although there are still disparities amongst the black community, there are other factors besides racism that contributes to black failure. On the other hand, I do not think that immigrants, LGTB rights, and Hispanics rights should not be dismissed either since the civil rights open up the doors for several marginalized groups to address their concerns. America doesn't just owe black people, it owes all of its citizens the right to education, employment stability, affordable health care, and a decent living. We need to stop being concern with race issues, when class issues is really the problem. Its all about the haves and haves not.

  6. Au contraire Ann, I don't owe anyone anything. I work to take care of my family and myself. Everyone else can do the same.

  7. Sharra Stapleton As a Native American Indian (Cherokee) I see most people have forgotten before any other race was abused and mistreated my people were. The government stole our lands and took away our rights long before any other race in the USA. I never hear anyone mention that fact!

  8. Tony Roberts oh its mentioned and not forgotten, but the fact is u guys got reparations of sorts and u guys had slaves as well and I agree Native Americans position is worse off(maybe cause they bought into the European treachery) cause I don't think I ever seen one in real life but I've seen most every other nationality, all I see are white people claiming they have Native American blood, I probably got some European blood WAY back down the line but I damn sure don't feel the need to mention it cause most likely its a product of rape.

  9. Who is the sawed off Idiot? What bad life to illegals get? They are handed the keys to the city when there really should be an "Open Season" on the Criminals! And screw civil rights to homo's! Blacks are here because some thought they had the right to Slaves, and they were forced into being in America, otherwise, think what an advanced Nation we would have! But Homo's? No one forced anything on them, they themselves decided to be perverts and an Abomination in the Eyes of God. Same goes with immigrants, no one forced them to come here, so they have to start at the bottom like every one else! Course, I don't think we owe anything to the Blacks, Illegals, or any Immigrant today, they owe us for keeping them safe!

  10. What a piece of trash thiis page is. Just like Huffpost.Kill your response if you mention truth trigger statements.

  11. I am no fan of hers, but I know it is a flat-out lie to try to paint her as some sort of racist. I also know that her theory is only partially right. Even today the Native Americans are getting ripped off for oil under their land in N. Dakota. The Natives were the FIRST to be enslaved on this continent. Then came the Africans (who were first brought by the Spaniards and Dutch) and then the Irish. The Native Americans are owed much more than the hollow apologies levied by the US government for the crap they were put through. I'm not even going to go into the genocide the government tried to perpetrate on both the African Americans and the Native Americans. Now before anyone gripes about my bringing up the Irish, I'll say it here and now" Indentured servant is just another term for slave. Many couldn't get out of their debts and their children were also kept as slaves…

  12. Just a footnote: The Africans were brought in by the Spaniards and Dutch–long before the Brits came over here.

  13. True…

  14. Tina Thomas And most were sold to the Spaniards, Dutch, and English by Islamic Pirates, from what I have read.

  15. Sharra Stapleton
    The problem with the class argument, as I see it, is that disparity of class tends to follow color or race lines. The poorest, downtrodden white Appalachian or Midwestern hick does not identify with Black people poor, rich or otherwise! Across the globe, ‘the haves and have not’s’ are broken down along race and color lines! Class distinction is real but racial animosity runs deeper in the DNA of America. The poorest of the ‘poor white trash’ still feels an inherent sense of superiority over any Black person including those better educated and well off! The most well educated, best qualified Black man or woman job candidate still has the odds stacked against them based on race! Race is the cancer America refuses to acknowledge; it is far deeper than class distinction!
    Middle class families still meet resistance if not out and out hostility when trying to move into or living in certain white neighborhoods! A brother or sister with PhD’s up the wazoo is still purposely led away from certain neighborhoods and housing and directed towards other areas ‘set aside’ for Blacks! Their education, class and demeanor are still not enough to breach the barrier of white racism! Look at the Obama’s; you couldn’t ask for a classier First Family and yet they are still subjected to the same old racist assaults! This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t address the class/wealth distribution issue but I don’t think we should be confused about white supremacy and white racism that is bone marrow deep in the collective psyche this country and elsewhere in the world!

  16. When someone shows you who they are, believe them! Ann Coulter has gone out of her way to show us what she believes and who she really is! Whether she's dating some Black man or not is irrelevant! sex can transcend many barriers but it rarely removes them! She is who she is; a deep, dyed in the wool intellectual conservative racist! Would she burn a cross on your lawn, probably not; would she stand there and watch, you betcha!

  17. Well she makes an interesting point.

  18. It's not about being owed something. It is about black people never having a level playing field. Your pride and honor are quit exemplary! But this is about systemic racism, you idiot.

  19. Ruth S. Idakula We'll talk about systematic racism when my people are no longer stuck in POW camps and have a level playing field–oh, I forgot…You call them "reservations" and my people have suffered and still suffer.

  20. I am not a Ann Coulter fan, she is absolutely correct listen to why the "Civil Rights Movement" occurred not from others but the actual planners I have had the opportunity to sit in their midst and her the story…
    I am a beneficiary of the "Civil Rights"plan….

  21. There was a time when we could not work and take care of our selves.
    Please donot forget Slavery and Jim Crow…..

  22. I beg to differ we see White Women in the roles you have described.

  23. Billy and the Islamic Parents Were Africans and Mulatos.

  24. Dwight I agree with you they all do. It is what it is..

  25. Ruth S. Idakula Idiot? I believe that the US is the most non racist country on the face of the Earth. If there's a less racist country, wouldn't the people be flocking there? And you calling names? What is that all about? Do you hate me for some reason that you're not mentioning?

  26. Well a civil right, by definition is:

    “A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury. Examples of civil rights are freedom of speech, press, and assembly; the right to vote; freedom from involuntary servitude; and the right to equality in public places.”

    Idk how civil rights would be construed as exclusive to blacks. Blacks have had to fight to have civil rights equal to that of whites. However that in no way means civil rights somehow only apply or are owned by blacks.

    However gays, women, men, blacks, whites, ect. Do not have inherent civil rights. They have inalienable rights and society collectively determines if they have civil rights.

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  29. Tina Thomas Your people? Bitch are you crazy? You're white. The very white people who hurt Natives and I don;t give a damn either. natives love white people before anything else so they deserve what they get. They refuse to accept Blacks as Native blood and then complain about racism.

  30. Lois Hunter bitch that is a lie. At the time Africa was the richest nation on the planet. There was nothing to be offered to Mansa Musa he didn't already have. it's a fact that europe created outposts for trading in Africa. ANd then you bastards ranscked the place along with your Arab pets.

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