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April 26, 2014

Unarmed black man was shot over a small amount of marijuana

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Reported By Liku Zelleke Ramarley Graham was 18-years-old when he was shot and killed by an NYPD police officer in his home in the Bronx in February of 2012. He had run into his home with police officers in pursuit who said they had witnessed Graham participate in a drug deal. The officers, in plainclothes, had suspected that he also had a gun in his waistband. It was later found…

BOSS Sports | Oklahoma State player gets his rape conviction overturned

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Reported By Liku Zelleke In 2010, former Oklahoma State player Darrell Williams had been accused, and then convicted, of sexually assaulting two women at an off-campus party. He was convicted on two accounts of rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual battery. Although he was not sentenced to any jail time he was ordered to register as a sex offender. On Tuesday, 22nd of April 2014, an Oklahoma court…

Solitary confinement is so horrible that it’ll probably leave you with a mental illness

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Reported By Liku Zelleke In recent years, the cruelty of solitary confinement has been one of the most debated topics. Activists against the form of imprisonment argue that it constitutes cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners that does more harm than good, akin to torture. Now, filmmaker Dan Edge has made a new documentary about solitary confinement. One thing that egged him on was the murder of Tom Clements, the…