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April 16, 2014

Wambui Bahati – CLEAN stand-up comedy

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  Broadway Actress, survivor of mental illness and domestic abuse tells how to be happy — tap into your innate power, your joy and peace! Warning! It might involve falling in love — with, yourself! Have Wambui speak at your next event.         [leadplayer_vid id=”534F4EDAD90B7″]

Dog crying on owner’s grave

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  Dog crying on owner’s grave. Like&share if you think this is Sad. Ignore if you don’t care       [leadplayer_vid id=”534F4D1638018″]

Tupac Too – Blackie Sack Ep. 10

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  Blackie Sack is the story of Leon Sugarfoot – the world’s only African-American hacky sacker!     [leadplayer_vid id=”534F48CFF2586″]

YELLOW | Butterscotch | 01

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  Yellow Butterscotch 01       [leadplayer_vid id=”534F415C668DA”]

FIRST | Episode 1 – “The First Date”

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  Robin and Charles have known each other since Middle School, but have their first date in their late 20s. As the day of surprises unfolds, they quickly realize there is more than friendship in their future. Created by Jahmela Biggs, Directed by James Bland       [leadplayer_vid id=”534F382413AD0″]

Almost 30 – Episode 1 – Almost Engaged (CC)

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From the writer & director of “The Last Fall” Matthew A. Cherry comes a new comedy web series about the struggles of coming into your 30s and not being quite where you thought you would be. Starring – Michael Moss, Ricky Smith Guest Starring – Brittany C. Richards, Harvey Alperin and EJ Curse. Written & Directed By Matthew A. Cherry Executive Producers: Monica A. Young, Michael Moss, Matthew A. Cherry…

Black and Single Ep. 1 – Black and First Dates

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  Oni goes on the first date with man that seems too good to be true… Email us: blackandsingletv@gmail.com Follow us: @blackandsingle1 on Twitter Like Us: www.facebook.com/blackandsingle       [leadplayer_vid id=”534F2EAEF1F21″]