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April 14, 2014

Is Reality TV Damaging the Image of Black Women?

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  Is the image of black women damaged by their portrayal on reality tv shows?         [leadplayer_vid id=”534C6ACC76F3C”]

Sidney Poitier saved Denzel Washington from his most racist role ever

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This video with Denzel Washington reminds you of how some things can change in an instant.  If you make the wrong decisions early in your career, they can haunt you forever.  This video knocked our socks off when we saw it, and it’s great to see Denzel be so candid about racism.  It’s amazing.   [leadplayer_vid id=”534C112321995″]

B Scott Is Pushing The Lawsuit Against BET

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Transgender video blogger and TV personality B. Scott filed a lawsuit last year against BET and Viacom.  According to Madame Noire, Scott claims that he faced discrimination from the networks when they advised him to dress more “masculine” at the 2013 BET Awards. B. Scott identifies as a non-conforming individual with a fluid way of expressing his gender.  Apparently, a pair of heels and a loose pantsuit was considered too…