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April 13, 2014

Al Sharpton explains his mafia and FBI involvement to Arsenio

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Al Sharpton has been under a tremendous amount of pressure this week after it was revealed that he worked with the FBI after being caught in the middle of a drug deal in the 1980s.  Sharpton is saying that the mafia associates that he sent to prison were not his friends, but others are saying that he was flipping on people who would have been making him money had the…

Salli Richardson Joins Gabrielle Union On “Being Mary Jane”

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By April Taylor The second season of the BET Show, “Being Mary Jane,” is set to start soon, and the production team is continuing to add to the cast in preparation.  BET’s website reports that the show started in January 2014.  It was created by Mara Brock Akil and stars Gabrielle Union.  The show is built around Mary Jane Paul, a successful talk show host played by Union.  The plot…

BET’s Comic View Making A Comeback

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By April Taylor BET has announced that it is bringing its once popular comedy show, “Comic View,” back to the airwaves.  The announcement was made during the networks annual Upfront presentation.  Upfront is an event where television networks unveil their upcoming programming to the media. The show originally ran from September 1992 to December 2008, and the show has served as a launching pad for such comedians as D.L. Hughley…

Black Twitter Goes After Lolo Jones

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger Lolo Jones tweets smack and riles up reactions… again Track Olympian turned bobsledder Lolo Jones attacked Rihanna via twitter this week and drew immediate criticism via social media. Jones responded to the news that rapper Drake would be hosting this year’s Espy Awards, airing July 16, 9 p.m. on ESPN, Jones decided to take a swipe at singer Rihanna, who is—once again—dating the Canadian superstar. “It’s…

Lydia Cotton Black Men Are Emasculated – Are Black Men Too Feminine Now?

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Are black men getting to the point that they are catching the American trend of extreme male feminism?  What about having black men who are ready to lead families, become strong providers and all the things that kids need?  If every black man is feminine or gay, what does that do to the black family? Lydia Cotton has some interesting words on the topic in the video below.  Our guess…

This expert says that Single is the New STD

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In this video, Lydia Cotton talks about people who enter into relationships for no reason.  She says that “single is the new STD,” meaning that she believes that some people are so afraid of the stigma of being single, that they drag someone along that they wouldn’t normall have in their lives.  Check it out.  It’s interesting.       [leadplayer_vid id=”534A26B2D966D”]

Light Skinned vs Dark Skinned Debate

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  Thoughts on the never ending debate amongst African-Americans and basically any other people of color, regarding the issue of colorism.       [leadplayer_vid id=”534A24C58E900″]

Worst Things Men Do in a Relationship

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  Some of the worst things men (and women) can do in a relationship. Let me know if you agree or disagree!!!       [leadplayer_vid id=”534A229B6F6C7″]


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  Thoughts on why so many black women are single and may remain single and unmarried.       [leadplayer_vid id=”534A20C76191E”]

Anthony Mackie reveals hes dated the same woman since seventh grade. www.blacklikemoi.com

Black Actor Reveals He’s Had the Same Girlfriend Since He Was 7-Years-Old

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Reported by Marie S.  Actor Anthony Mackie has his career going uphill.  After playing the role of a U.S. bomb disposal team in Iraq in the Oscar-winning drama titled “The Hurt Locker,” he now plays the role of Sam or Samuel Wilson“Falcon” in the movie Marvel film titled “Captain America:  The Winter Soldier,” which topped the box office last weekend, grossing $96.2 million and making it  April’s biggest release so…

These brothers started at the bottom, and now they’re billionaires

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  This story from Black in America 2 will simply amaze you.  These two brothers started with nothing and are now worth a billion dollars.  They tell their story honestly and candidly about how they overcame a difficult start to build an empire for the ages.  Rather than telling your kids about Jay-Z and LeBron James, tell them about these guys instead.  This might be a better lesson for your…