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April 5, 2014

Pharell gets with a German composer to do the “Spiderman 2” soundtrack

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By Liku Zelleke “The Amazing Spider-man 2” is about to get a soundtrack that promises to be out of this world. Director Marc Webb and the famed composer Hans Zimmer have brought together a group like never before. In it is “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams who has, with that single song, managed to rock the planet. Zimmer had intended to create a musical “dream team” that would be able to…

Beyonce and Jay-Z hit their sixth year of Marriage: What do they mean for black people?

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By Liku Zelleke They are perceived by many to be America’s answer to royalty. They certainly have the media’s attention, they probably earn more than some of the world’s monarchs, and they have managed to lead a warm family lifestyle – a big deal when considering the pressures of their intensely busy work schedules. They are Jay Z and Beyoncé, and this April, they are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary….

Alvin Ailey Dancers Are Doing A Major Upgrade

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger The junior division of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater is all grown up, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. A “staple in black history,” according to The Grio, the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater has played in a critical role in the artistic expression of the black community since its founding in 1958. But Ailey II, which focused on recruiting and training young black dance talent, moves…

Why So Many Black Women Are Single and Alone

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This man asks the age old question, “Why so many Black Women are Single and Alone?”  This is a question that plagues millions of African Americans, and one that he seems to have the answer to.  But is the question itself a negative one to begin with?  Are black women really alone in a negative way or are they choosing to create different kinds of relationships for themselves? This video…

Must-See: Díck Gregory Gives Profound Advice to Young African-Americans

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Díck Gregory:  Advice to Young African American Comedian/social activist Díck Gregory has never been the type of person to shy away from the truth. The 81-year-old St. Louis, MO native has always used his gift of comedy as a tool to convey the pαin and suffëring of Black people in America. Staying true to his fight for Black people, a video of Gregory giving young African-Americans advice about entrepreneurship and advancement…

Africans started slavery – how it REALLY happened

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Continuation from the other video, starting at minute 1:01 the professor explains how Slavery started with Africans. THE REAL STORY!! *WARNING* The following video contains TRUE and real education, which will be VERY hard for hoodrats to digest. If your a hoodrat, then you might not want to watch this, because the truth you cannot handle!!     [leadplayer_vid id=”533FB2D8C768C”]

Exactly Who Is African-American In America?

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America prides itself for being a “melting pot,” welcoming a number of immigrants from all over the world to start anew in a country that prides itself for giving its citizens freedom. Sometimes having a melting pot can create a bit of confusion, especially as it pertains to cultural difference (e.g. religion, communication, relationships, etc.). Americans are often challenged with trying to place some sort of label on everyone in…