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Why did the producers on Good Times have to get rid of the father?  The show’s decision to get rid of it’s most popular and empowering character was one of the biggest mistakes ever made in the history of television.  When James died, the show started to die.  It went from being a great show with tremendous meaning, to becoming a regular sitcom with no backbone.

Finally, Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis) and Michael (Ralph Carter) talk about what happened behind the scenes.  They say that the producers of the show were just as disrespectful to this cast as the producers were toward Redd Foxx when he died a few years later.   They say that they didn’t even find out that James was going to be off the show until they started reading the script.  They also say that when they read that he died, they thought it was a mistake that the writers had made.

We know what happened to the show after that, and it looks like Bern Nadette and Ralph knew the show was in trouble.  Hear it from their mouths and ask yourself:  “Why won’t they make another show like this today?”

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5 Comment

  1. Sad but true to this Day, There is a myth perpetrated, feminist, the media and truly sad Black religious institutions that a Man{BlackMAN} is not needed to complete the Black Family. Woman thoy art Lose, Or just about any of the Stage productions, I do not need d a man i can do bad by myself.
    Even though most are fully aware of the Willie Lynch doctrine, and the negative affects on not having a strong Black Man in the Home.
    James Evans Sr was beaten up by society, he was poor, living in the projectz of Chicago, plus He was under educated. However He was not beaten down, He never stop trying to find honest work, He pushed his children to get an education & be their very best all the time. However John Amos was to strong a Black man for that role, he never projected weakness and what is not mentioned is that he was fired because He did not agree with the charecter of JJ.
    No Black Men have not been at Our best in a VERY VERY Very long time. But what group of people have thrown their MenFolk under the Bus.
    "How Strong Is Our Foundation & Can WE Survive?"

  2. His presence on the show stood as a contradiction to how "Whites wanted to see inner-city Blacks."(fatherless, etc.)
    Hence, stereotypical beliefs killed Amos' tenure on the show.

  3. I agree John Lindsay more truth comes to light.He was someone we could all look up to as being the perfect role model..

  4. If You are hired By The network you can Not bit the had that feed you , If JJ. Emerged the Star of the show so be it , Just be the best supporting cast member that you can be

  5. It was as if the show was an experiment to see how to destroy the strong black family. Sadly the areas that were portrayed in the sitcom has now been demolished, the residents dispersed and gentrification is now in full affect. Soon no black people will live in these areas at all.

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