New Film May Feature Kevin Hart And Jamie Foxx

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Jamie-Foxx-and-Kevin-HartBy David Bloodsaw

Kevin Hart is “getting it while the getting it is hot” and who can blame him. Hollywood is finicky and it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. With that said, Kevin Hart will team up with multi-talent Jamie Foxx for a new film project titled, Black Phantom according to The Huffington Post. The Black Phantom is about a hit-man who is double crossed and seeks the help of the Black Phantom, the same African American hit-man who was sent to kιll him.

This film will pair Hart with producer Will Packer once again, as they worked together on Ride Along and Think Like a Man. Screen Gems who is producing the film is counting on the talented pair to bring in a winner. It’s speculated that Black Phantom will have a similar tone to Ride Along.

This project has been kicking around Hollywood since 2009. Packer has been trying to push this to get the green light, so the success of Ride Along really helped that effort. The movie business is built on timing and this project appears to be the right time for everyone involved.

Black Phantom will see director Tim Story’s return, who helmed Ride Along and is being counted on to deliver similar success with this film. There is not much information on IMDB about the project. It is speculated the Foxx will play the role of the hit man – since he has more experience with similar roles (who can forgot the intense trailer scene in the movie Miami Vice when he quickly dismantled some ruthless thugs without breaking a sweat).

Sony’s Screen Gems is the production company for the project and you guessed right that they also produced Ride Along. This movie is very early in the development stage so the release date has not been reported.

Jamie Foxx is slated to be in some exciting upcoming projects including Spider Man 2 as Electro and will be featured in the Annie re-boot.

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