Judge Joe Brown Explains Why He Was Arrested

joe-brown1by Barry Burch Jr.

Judge Joe Brown is still very upset about the five days he was sentenced to serve in a Memphis jail for contempt of court.  He claimed in a recent interview that his legal troubles have a lot less to do with his behavior, and a great deal more to do with his bid for District Attorney.  Brown is running for the office in the same town as this arrest, and where he once served as a criminal judge.

Brown said he went to observe how things were going in a Shelby county juvenile court, much like he has done on numerous occasions, but was horrified by what he witnessed.

“I saw a woman get done horribly wrong,” said the judge.  “She came and asked me for help, so I said, ‘OK, I’ll take the case Pro Bono.'”  Brown said after reading everything in the woman’s jacket, he came to the conclusion that “everything the feds have said is wrong.”  He believed the woman was being held in court for no justifiable reason, causing her to miss work, so he moved for her cased to be dismissed.

Among other things, Brown argued, “You have no return on service.  This woman’s not even supposed to be here.”

Brown said the judge overruled his request for dismissal, and told him that he was getting out of line; to which he responded: “I’ll get way out of line.”

Brown said that he later learned that his opponent’s nephew was “egging” the judge on the entire time to take Brown into custody, and “jack [him] up.”

“I’m a little hot under the collar,” said Brown.  “40 years, I’ve never seen such a circus as they’ve got down there.”

Brown said the juvenile court seems much like a production line, and cannot see how the citizens are being properly served.

When asked if he could change things if elected District Attorney, Brown responded with an emphatic yes.  “I saw eight or nine criminal violations down there today.  I had no idea it was that bad.  People worked for years to get that place straightened out.  Now it’s gone back to worse, almost, other than the lack of the use of the N-word in court that I experienced the first time I appeared in court in 1974.  About a month and half from now it will be 40 years.”

Brown said he would do what he did all over again, and added that standing up for clients has always been his deepest motivation.

Barry is an award-winning writer and political scientist.  His business, “Barry Writes,” provides biographies, speeches, press releases and so forth to individuals and businesses in need of potent and compelling literature.  Reach him @ Facebook.com/barrywrites and Twitter.com/barryburchjr

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  1. Jimmie L. Williams Jr. at 4:22 pm

    Judge Joe Brown certainly understands the law, and he knows the procedure that should be followed in do process. It's sound more like the muscles were being flex on who has the current power, oppose to respecting everyone's legal expertise and wisdom of the law. This is why we should wait to hear both sides before opinionating conclusively. I hope Mr judge Joe Brown succeed in his run for public office.

  2. KIKAY EXUM at 1:39 pm

    Thank you, for this article!! I was very surprised by some of the comments in an earlier article, such as: Judge Brown is arrogant….he should have known better….etc.. Judge Brown operates from the old-school methods, and he always conducts his self as an MAN!!! Judge Brown is extremely intelligent and wise and smooth as silk! I just can’t see him “acting out” in court!! We see almost daily, who disrespect’s the President openly, so what happened to our brother, Judge Brown does not surprise me! Matter of fact, while I am on the subject of disrespect, I still have an issue with the present governor, of Arizona, putting her FINGER in President Obama’s face!! Now, that I got that off my chest, I will attempt to get back on point, which is, for me, when I hear things going on with real MEN AND WOMEN, I wait to get to the meat of the matter!!! PEACE

  3. J. D. Hill at 10:09 pm

    This is the kind of civil servant and top law enforcer who will keep rogue officers from abusing citizens and run criminals who are not behind bars out of town. He don’t need the money, he’s got top-notch credentials and experience, and he ain’t s’ced!!!!

    Elect Judge Joe Brown for District Attorney for justice in
    Shelby County!

  4. William H Leonard at 2:34 am

    Judge Joe Brown should be a great help to the community justice system in a positive way and hope he gest the chance to prove it.

  5. Maurice E. Gilbert Sr. at 11:12 pm

    If the voters can keep this from becoming a "black" issue, and observe all the crap that is happening, then the VOTERS have the responsibility to elect Judge Joe…if that's what they want! No one can do it for them!

  6. Weston Pacenta at 7:48 am

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