Judge Joe Brown Arrested after Courtroom Tirade

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Judge Joe Brown has had a tough run at things lately, finding himself on the wrong side of the law this week.  According to TMZ, the judge was arrested after losing his cool in a courtroom in Memphis.

Judge Brown was reportedly in court to represent someone in a child support case.  That’s when the court staff sent Judge Brown away, stating that they had no recollection of the case at hand.  Then, Brown allegedly started to yell and scream at the courtroom staff, which led to him being taken away by police.

TMZ is claiming that Judge Brown was told to calm down repeatedly, but refused to back down. He was running for the District Attorney of Shelby County and was reportedly  “playing to the peanut gallery” and “incited a near riot.”  Maybe this will help him get elected in a city where people are looking for someone to fight for their rights and not be afraid of the system.

Brown’s official charge?  Contempt of court.  The judge was cited five times and ordered to spend five days in jail.

The 66-year old Brown once had a show on CBS, but the show was canceled after extensive conflicts over salary.  Brown is a highly-accomplished man, graduating at the top of his class at Dorsey High School in South Central Los Angeles.  He then went on to earn his bachelors and law degrees from UCLA.

Brown, who is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, then went on to become the first black prosecutor in the city of Memphis.  After that, he started his own law firm and eventually became a judge.  So, if he is elected in Memphis, the city would be getting an extraordinary legal mind at the head of its system.


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  1. I think the judge forgot it wasn't his courtroom and the cameras weren't rolling.

  2. every since he got canceled on daytime tv, he's been acting a plump, damn fool lately, from being publicly drunk to now being arrested. WTF Judge! sit yo old ass on down man. you really showing the true you after being censored for 15+ years on television. smmfh

  3. Leave him alone!!!! He’s earned his right to do whatever the hell he wants to do, and he’s a cool brother too… You go Joe / KICK-A$$

  4. Free that man!!!


    • Where did you get your crazy “facts” from? The trial for the child murders was in 1982, when Joe Brown was 35 years old. There is no way he would have been a Judge at that point in life. Moreover, a simple google will tell you that the judge was Clarence Cooper.

      Also, the jury convicted Wayne Bertram Williams on only two murders — both of adults. While it was believed that Williams did most, if not all, of the child murders, he was never tried on any of them. Like many people who are convicted of crimes, Williams denies that he did it. That said, there has never been any evidence that someone else did it (a KKK guy was conclusively determined to not be the killer), and none of the evidence used against Williams in his trial has ever been refuted since that time.

      Obviously, I wasn’t there, and I have no personal knowledge if Williams is guilty or not. But damn dude, if you are going to go off on some rant about an innocent man being put in prison, at least get your basic facts straight.

      • Thanks for correcting the previous post. However, let me point out that though that when you say that “there has never been any evidence that someone else did it” that may not be true depending on what you mean by “it.” There were eyewitnesses in the case of the murder of Clifford Jones, whose case had been closed and blamed on Williams though Williams was never charged for that murder (nor was Jones one of the 10 so-called “pattern cases” said to be connected to the murders of Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Ray Payne, the two victims for whom Williams was convicted.)

        As far as the murders Williams was tried for, there is no concrete evidence that he committed either of them. Prosecutors never established a place or methodology of how Williams was to have killed anyone. The meager evidentiary basis for his conviction was fibers found on the victims that were “similar to” (not “identical to,” mind you) fibers found in Wayne Williams’ environment. Significantly, no fibers or anything else connected to any of the victims was found in Williams’ environment.

        Wayne Williams was convicted due to political expediency

    • Come on people we got to stop Listening to half the story, understanding a quarter and telling double.

  6. I just 3.00 on my car insurance by switching the channel

  7. your language doesn't help your expression of thought. It sounds like you have a personal grudge.

  8. lol.

  9. Integrity of a judge worth works both side of the courts weather the ruling be sentencing an offender to defending. Unlike these white lawyers defending black seem to plea more than actual defend is action is more honorable than mention of judges I say he’s a real man believing in his practice due process of the law

  10. He will hope he wins his seat and to even out the wrongs of the court and the DAs as in over charging and over sentencing .

  11. He will hope he wins his seat and to even out the wrongs of the court and the DAs as in over charging and over sentencing .

  12. He will hope he wins his seat and to even out the wrongs of the court and the DAs as in over charging and over sentencing .

  13. He gets my vote.

  14. LONG, LIVE Judge Joe Brown…..

  15. South Central''s own Judge Joe Brown don't play that shit!!!

  16. Believe it or not, in spite of the media hiccups, this man will do great things for Shelby County.

  17. Judge Brown presided over one of the cases relating to the murder of Dr. King.

  18. Why would a Judge Joe Brown want to be a DA?

  19. This is really sad 66 yrs old and acting a fool in the court he knows better. He got some deep issues

  20. If anyone should understand the do process of a court room, he should. I don't think his outburst was warrantied any jail time, but certainly a fine for disrespecting the court. I hope the judge is successful as he run for public office of Memphis.

  21. Oh whatever. He should’ve just handed the case over to somone who had knowledge of it and kept his mouth closed. I hope he gets the full treatment that the “regular” folks get.

  22. Now maybe minorities will get a fair trial in Memphis. They do not get one in Florida.

  23. No one is above the law. He should know this.

  24. If they going to arrest him for that, then Judge Judy should get thrown under the jail cell.

  25. YES, he has some deep issues… they are called "civil rights", legal rights", and "human rights"….and there's nothing "foolish" about him at the wonderful age of 66…

  26. Judge Joe Brown got arrested for a noble cause. Where are his supporters?

  27. Is Chris Brown related to Judge Joe Brown or they both just share the same aggressive mentally? One thing for sure; they both are getting negative publicity. Go Browns!

  28. Yet, Michael Dunn and Zimmerman wade in their golden-glory.

  29. Terry, Judge Clarence Cooper presided over the Atlanta Child Murder trial, not Brown.

  30. Bessie Smith-Wash Hey, the dude is acting crazy. He's supposed to behave in a professional manner, even when he isn't getting his way . . . that's the basic line he uses on people who come into his court on his TV show. Does the phrase "man up" ring a bell?

  31. I like his show as much as the next guy. But how can you support a man who is acting out like he is? A man who should know better? He got arrested for the same thing a lot of black men get arrested for — thinking the world has to revolve around them, and the moment they don't get their way, they make a big scene, and eventually come cop hauls him away.

  32. He's been released on his own recognizance. ROR Judge.

  33. This is very sad, and, in my opinion the pernicious exploitation of Joe Brown's former celebrity is digusting…Joe Brown has issues to confront it's true, but the media frenzy that has been created to embarrass Brown is totally inappropriate…

  34. This is very sad, and, in my opinion the pernicious exploitation of Joe Brown's former celebrity is digusting…Joe Brown has issues to confront it's true, but the media frenzy that has been created to embarrass Brown is totally inappropriate…

  35. …so who is monitoring Judge Judy’s behavior?

  36. Of course as a Alpha man I am somewhat biased with regard to the reportage of incidents surrounding my fraternity brother Joe Brown, and, I believe that in spite of the reportage of this incident, brother Brown will serve the citizens of Shelby County with dignity and honor…


  38. horsesarenotred . And some white man act the same way and are treated much better. Black men do not think that world revolves around them. They were glad to throw another black man behind bars. Even if he made a scene, he did not deserve to be arrested. I suppose in your world, prejudice is a state of mind and everything is just allright.

  39. Without knowing the complete issues, I cannot /will not address his allege irresponsible behavior.
    But will speak to the rude behavior of the family court judge here in city of Dallas, Dallas County a.in the family 303rd court.
    Both judges and the public defender Carl H. Had…. who lied in court and fail to provide proper legal representation for a child in a Child neglect /abuse, When the assist judge ordered the child into play therapy ,the public defender fail to get the medical report and lied, The medical report was conducted with the child and the therapist only.(That’s without the parents participation)
    Some of the judges are completely out of order and actions are irresponsible,

  40. Judge Joe Brown is an intelligent, aggressive and straight forward individual. While I may not agree with some of his actions, as it were, he has integrity and I believe he would be a great DA. Why not? He has already made history within the City of Memphis. As far as I know, the man has never been charged with excessive treatment while a judge; his popularity may get him voted in. I don’t believe he would be the type to milk the City of all it’s money, like a LOT of people within the political arena. He may actually work FOR the people. What’s with all the yada yada yada? He IS going to spend the same amount of time in jail as any other individual who is charged with contempt of court. Sheesh, people. I think we all have gotten pissed at one time or another and unfortunately, it wasn’t the ‘right’ time and we had to pay the consequences. That’s being human. The City of Memphis needs all the good leaders it can get. Look up Memphis, TN’s history.

  41. It’s about time Judge Joe Brown’s true colors showed. He is a ticking time bomb and he’s fake. I’ve watched him label people just by the way they look, which is wrong. He is boshy and I’m glad he got arrested. What goes around comes around.

    • Do you want racists as your prosecutors in Memphis? You should remember Brown was acting how Black people have been treated in jobs, in Courts and in society as a whole. There is a group of Racists –both Whites and Blacks who hate Blacks. They want Blacks dead. Look how racists have been treating Preside Obama. I have just been listening, unfortunately, to Bill O and Charles Krauthammer. They were hammering President Obama, as a Black man, is weak for Ukraine crisis. They were sked if they wanted President Obama top put American “boots” there. They said no. Bill O and Krauthammer did not have solutions. Then they attacked Obama for reducing military spending. Bill O and Krauthammer forgot it’s the Repubs and TPs who want small government spending. They can’t have both ways. Hypocrites. Stop attacking fellow Blacks. You’re encouraging racists to hurt Blacks and you-if you’re Black. Memphis should elect Brown as their prosecutor. He can send me pledge envelop.

  42. Unfortunately, America's a jail happy country. Why not just fine the guy after taking him to the station and having him calm down. In other countries, they're not so quick to give you a record at the drop of a hat including for fights unless someone gets killed.

  43. I don't know what to say…I always found him to be a little arrogant for my personal tastes, and never enjoyed watching his show. If he was acting in the defense of a client is one thing, but just showing off and trying to garner media attention for basically NOTHING, seems to be a bit over the top. There are better ways to get your point across. And although it may have been severe to throw him in jail, he IS a judge, and is expected to act with some decorum.

  44. Brown is a arrogant, egomaniacal ASSHOLE!!!! point blank & STRAIGHT UP!!!

  45. Brown is a arrogant, egomaniacal ASSHOLE!!!! point blank & STRAIGHT UP!!!

  46. We need more Judge Brown's that will fight for justice for all… not like the system in Florida that only give justice to only whites

  47. Judge Brown is a fair Judge and despise hypocrits, racist fools, biggots and dam right injustice.. He need to straighten out Shelby SC

  48. Keep fighting JUdge..We need more blacks that are willing to take the fight to the streets for the rights of all the people of Memphis and that will flow to others cities where there are black lawyers fighting the smae fight..Keep the faith….

  49. Sho ‘nuf! The Black community is in dire need of Black lawyers who will fight for them – going to jail themselves if they have to!

    Judge Joe Brown for Shelby County District Attorney! He will fight for justice, even if it means setting some free . . . or sending some to jail.

    Joe Brown means business! Shelby County won’t be anything but better with Joe Brown!

  50. It's called "ethnics" and judge Joe Brown's isn't good. To the people who want him to win "why would you want a man whose out of control, to run a system just like him "out of control"? Aside from his degrees and his experience, that's all he has cause Judge Joe Brown aint all the way there anymore!

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