Judge Joe Brown Arrested after Courtroom Tirade

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Judge Joe Brown has had a tough run at things lately, finding himself on the wrong side of the law this week.  According to TMZ, the judge was arrested after losing his cool in a courtroom in Memphis.

Judge Brown was reportedly in court to represent someone in a child support case.  That’s when the court staff sent Judge Brown away, stating that they had no recollection of the case at hand.  Then, Brown allegedly started to yell and scream at the courtroom staff, which led to him being taken away by police.

TMZ is claiming that Judge Brown was told to calm down repeatedly, but refused to back down. He was running for the District Attorney of Shelby County and was reportedly  “playing to the peanut gallery” and “incited a near riot.”  Maybe this will help him get elected in a city where people are looking for someone to fight for their rights and not be afraid of the system.

Brown’s official charge?  Contempt of court.  The judge was cited five times and ordered to spend five days in jail.

The 66-year old Brown once had a show on CBS, but the show was canceled after extensive conflicts over salary.  Brown is a highly-accomplished man, graduating at the top of his class at Dorsey High School in South Central Los Angeles.  He then went on to earn his bachelors and law degrees from UCLA.

Brown, who is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, then went on to become the first black prosecutor in the city of Memphis.  After that, he started his own law firm and eventually became a judge.  So, if he is elected in Memphis, the city would be getting an extraordinary legal mind at the head of its system.


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  1. Ethics ?

  2. As I see it now we need more Judge Joe Brown as district attorney and judges. Recently my ass was saved by a Black lawyer. There is now an increasing hatred by some White government officers against Blacks. I am going through it right now. A federal White district judge; Judge Crabb of Wisconsin dismissed my case because she could not believe a Black man could rank highest on written exam. She says that how she was raised – that Blacks were intellectually inferior to Whites. And I believe so many Blacks are in prisons because they are not treated right in jobs and in courts. My case is now before the US Supreme Court. I will keep you posted.

  3. Theresa Carroll-Hardy

  4. A very accomplish African American they still cannot bring him down.
    My respect Judge

  5. Never been a fan of his, but if these reports are true, then I guess he should face the consequences of his actions just like anyone else should.

    Also, how could the court not have a recollection of the case? Do they not have court records?

  6. LOL…..

  7. Staged, performance, attention?

  8. The judge is running for office and just received some free "PUB" as he run for DA… Don't play this man for a fool, he just saved thousand on his campaign. Who's laughing now.

  9. I remember years ago I was in a Ralph’s market and I saw judge Joe brown pushing a shopping cart with a lot of groceries.I only had some milk and yogurt in my hand held basket and there was only 2 checkers opened.I hurried up and walked super fast to beat his butt to the line and put my 2 items up.When he finally reached the line he said YOU BETTER WATCH IT YOUNG LADY!I turned around and said watch what Mr.Brown?Did I do anything wrong?Isn’t this the line for people with under 10 items as I stared @ his overly full grocery cart.He turned so red in the face!To this day I dont know if he was mad @ me for beating him to the line or putting him on front street for he should not have even been in that line..

  10. At some time in our lives, we draw a bad card and unfortunately protest it as Judge Joe Brown did. Yes, he too must show respect for the court, but think about it? To have the police involved is over reaching and is a vehicle to tarnish the judge’s credentials by sentencing him to Jail. “Other” judges have done much worst than an outburst and was not sent to jail.

    I is my hope that the people in Memphis will go out and vote for the judge in his quest to become the District Attorney.

    For those of you who question the judge’s ability and qualification, you are biased. For those of you ho say that he should be in Jail, it’s unfortunate. Think about the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to call for your arrest and incarceration.

    As far as Judge Judy, she is obnoxious and have no manners, yet
    some of you like her disrespectful attitude to all.

  11. You Bertina You definitely got that right about Florida. POOR Whites get treated really badly in Florida, but if you're White with any money at all … it' s unlikely you'll see the inside of a jail.

  12. we all have our personal tastes of Judge Joe Brown .I would want him on my team, right or wrong .He knows what he what he's doing !!!!!

  13. Stellami Mims Right or WRONG? Ok. Good luck with that.


  15. ALL RESPECT Judge Joe BROWN.


  17. I hope he spends the whole five days there. See how the other half live. A judge told me not to say a word in defense because he had the power; and then took my wife and all I owned…

  18. Disrespecting the court, what about the Gentiles that disrespect the President!! A jerk made an uncomplimentary remark regarding President Obama outside our Synagogue, before I could react, my nephew "decked" him!! Haven't seen him since.

  19. What has the President did to deserve these A-H's to talk "Impeachment"? He certainly didn't send four thousand military men and women to their deaths in Iraq on a lie!! And put on a flight suit and claim "Mission Accomplished"!! Meaning his lie or the deaths? And regarded as a Hero among the Nabisco's!!
    Bro Joe Brown, do your thing!!

  20. We know who and what you are fund raiser for the GOP!!

  21. A man of the *****!! How much tax-free money you hoarding??

  22. But Uncle…Did he have to do it this way? I understand being upset with incompetence, however, the response was just as ignorant… don't you think?

  23. So because of his accomplishments his behavior should be excused? This is our problem as black people. We want to really behind folks because they are black without finding fault in their actions! If this was a white judge in the exact same situation running for public office you all would be saying don't elect her crazy ass! I don't give a damn who you are if you break the law you are held accountable period.

  24. Say What?? This is one who gets in your face for Justice !

  25. Leslie Aday PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT! Anymore questions?

  26. Judge Joe Brown use to be a laid back, calm, fair judge, but then he changed into Mr. Judge Judy. Started yelling at folks, talking over folks, sitting back in his sit telling people how they are nothing and won't ever be anything, like he going through PMS. When old folks get like that it's only a matter of time before Alzheimer's kick in.

  27. You are right. Big Joe Brown can be very arrogant even with his own People. But I like him because he is a big "strong-minded" Black man!

    • @Oren Elow…

      Amen…!!!!! I love that strong black-man, and many of us know we are something else anyway and we don’t like to look at our ownselves in the mirror, we don’t like correction! we don’t like direction! and we don’t like or welcome change for the betterment of our people… I’m all for Judge Joe Brown 100% and above beyond the call of duty. Black-folks do more raggin then listening anyway… Here is where the rubber meets the road. Some people are put into positions for reasons concerning the kingdom of God, so people need to stop player hatin…

  28. In your article, you opined, "Maybe this will help him get elected in a city where people are looking for someone to fight for their rights and not be afraid of the system." I take it this statement is your personal opinion, since you gave no source of its origin. If it is your personal statement, then you violated your journalistic integrity by compromising the objectivity of your article; and taking away from the reader, their privilege to arrive at their own conclusions.

  29. C’mon Joe
    That didn’t have to happen. And you want to be a DA?
    FYI. Dorsey high is NOT in south central L.A. It’s in the Crenshaw district, which is to the west. At the time he graduated from there there were not many black students there.

    • thank you

  30. Joe be cool you will get your day in court.

  31. I hope he gets elected. He believes in men and women being responsible and developing healthy productive children.

  32. It’s obvious that there is a wealth of opinion regarding Judge Joe Brown’s contempt of court citation on both sides of the fence. What I don’t understand is how does Judge Judy come up in this discussion? Are we comparing apples and hazelnuts? Whatever one thinks of her attitude (which I find raspy and condescending but occasionally humorous), what we see of her falls within the context of a television show set in “her” court. She is fond of reminding folks that it’s “my show; people tune in to watch me, not you.” Were she a litigant in any other court, I’m sure her attitude would be different. Or maybe not. But that would be the appropriate time to make comparisons between her situation and that of Joe Brown. Maybe folks commenting in these threads should try to stay on point and not just post to see their words in print. Whatever opinion you have of the Judge Brown situation should not be contingent in any way of what you think about Judge Judy. In this case, one has nothing to do with the other.

  33. Aaron Steinberg the SAME amount as YOU!!!! GUARANTEED at "Yale" you learned how to be a user/abuser of the "system"

  34. MAN UP!!!!!

  35. I'm sorry, but I have to play the black card here. If he was white they would have respected him as a judge and no way would they have dared charge him with contempt of court. He was simply admonishing that office for their incompetence and as an elected official and representative of the court he has the duty to do so. If I lived there I would be at the governor's office, senate, and legislature demanding a house cleaning. This sounds like gross incompetence and disrespect.

    • @Akindeji…

      Finally a comment that makes some d@mn sense, right on target. I saw him on the news speaking this pass Tue and he didn’t sound all deranged to me, and he wasn’t incompetent either, that’s all media drama & hype to bring and play that black-man down. We need to stop being personal about Joe Brown, stand-up shake the BS off and get some d@mn “UNITY” about all this BS. Racist white folk don’t give a d@mn about Obama, so why would they even care about “THE BLACK-MAN JUDGE JOE BROWN”….
      The more I look at our people on a daily basis the more I see a blind clueless people… Shameful / JUST FRICKEN SHAMEFUL!!!

  36. I admire a strong black man or woman I am 80 yr old and marched with Dr. king we have come a long way but still
    have a long way to go

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  39. Aaron Steinberg, you are an idiot.

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