Dr Boyce Watkins, Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill dispel myths about black men in new film

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“Hoodwinked” is a film that should be a must-see for every person of color in America.    It has earned every ounce of buzz that it’s received in mainstream media.

The film asks questions about long-held beliefs about black male graduation and incarceration rates and shows you why everything you’ve been led to believe is wrong.  Filmmaker Janks Morton brings together the top black male scholars in the country to discuss the plight of black boys and men, thus elevating the conversation about how we can move our communities forward.   The film features the following top black male scholars:  Dr. Boyce Watkins, Marc Lamont Hill, Steve Perry, Jawanza Kunjufu, and Ivory Toldson.  Each scholar brings his unique intellectual gifts to help viewers gain a deeper understanding of a very complex situation.


You can purchase a copy here. 

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