Atlanta Rapper Young Thug Posts Image of Himself Dressed In Drag

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Atlanta Rapper Young Thug posts an image on Instagram of himself wearing womens clothing -- a skirt and half shirt www.Blacklikemoi.com

Young Thug

Reported by Barry Burch Jr.

An upcoming rapper from Atlanta has been turning heads and raising eye brows with a recent picture he released on his Instagram page.  The rapper is Young Thug, and the picture shows the 21-year-old fully dressed in some sort of skirt ensemble.

After Frank Ocean became the first African-American music artist to announce his love for a person of the same-sëx in 2012, it seems as if artists like Young Thug, who might have once been afraid to reveal who they really are, can now be more openly expressive.  Times have apparently changed, and people are more accepting.

While rappers have been pushing the envelope with fashion for the last several years, with skinny jeans and, well, skirts, there has arguably not been anyone comparable to Young Thug and the two-piece outfit he is sporting; especially not a star on the rise.  Young Thug has collaborated on tracks with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Rich Homie Quan.  Drake was reportedly spotted in a night club rapping every word of an underground song by the rapper called “Danny Glover.”

Though Young Thug has surprised many with the recent picture, he is known for being a bit bizarre.  His radical and consistent flow is what got him noticed by Gucci Mane.  The magazine XXL referred to Young Thug as a “rap weirdo,” when commenting on his appearance in Gucci Mane’s Trap God 2 and Waka Flocka Flame’s DuFlocka Rant 2.

The article reads, “Thug’s charisma, unhinged flow and hooks make his music intriguing.”

And XXL is far from the only publication excitedly writing about the budding rapper.  Pitchfork referred to Young Thug’s style as “extraordinarily distinctive” and also wrote that “What Young Thug brings to the table, then, isn’t just a weird, experimental approach to rapping, but presence, persona, mystique, and, potentially, star power.”

Young Thug’s picture has received thousands of comments already.  Most of them consist of shear disappointment in what his image means for hip hop.

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  1. Effeminization of the Black Male

  2. Black people shall continue to suffer horrendously , as they have WALKED AWAY FROM KNOWLEDGE…………….k

  3. Thugs losing their manhood….?

  4. Elizabeth Moore homosexuality was inherited thru our foreparents Adam & Eve. It gets worse every decade. In the last days men will become lovers of men, rather than GOD! A lot of people didn't understand this in the bible!!!

  5. He needs to put the cheese back on the cracker and step away.

  6. I agreed with where black males in jail and etc. Also I am hard of hearing and married to deaf who latina but I have been through black females ' games of mind playing, aggressive being negatives or talk negatives about people's lifestyle, name calling hoe after slept with him, so much, and wanted money for their looks, not budgets to save for future, and hard to find good black women fell
    in thugs' way.

  7. this is NOT Young Thug this person is a personal friend of my family members and thts pic was taken months ago!! that's fucked up ppl strealing pics smh!!

  8. Dats clearly Yung Thug fag ass look at da nigga face

  9. Nigga succ anyway

  10. Wow the Greeks were Bi it seems to me a lot of people real don't know history but lol…

  11. First of all i dont think it should be a problem.there are more of the rappers that are but just ant reveal themselfs,if you got it you just got it and for everyone that has simething to say about it.dont knock him for being honest and being good at what he do.and guess what hes gonna be real big and make a lot of alblums and make his producer a lot of money becouse he is honest.something that most people aren’t.

  12. I didn't realize black people were so stupid until reading comments on this site. Stereotypes exist for a reason…

  13. You're a homophobic racist c@nt. I'm not black either. You are why nobody likes hood rats.

  14. Blame your "I don't need no man to help me raise my son" Black females out here. This is what you wanted. Lol, "Shoutout" to the single mothers…

  15. Elizabeth Moore Please don't perpetuate the myth that homo-sexuality is something that was learned during slavery. Having lived and worked in Africa I can tell you that many Africans who have had no connection with anyone but themselves are also gay. In fact, I know of some cultures in west Africa where it's been a part of life for centuries – as it has everywhere in the world.

  16. I was just about to comment and say what an intelligent site this is and then I see where people are using the “N” word. Smh

  17. Butch Fisher You are kidding RIGHT? ADAM and EVE Had nothing to do with homosexuality.

  18. 10% of the WORLD Population is DEFINED YOU.

  19. The concerted gay agenda promoted by American media on TV, in movies, and the psychological manipulation of “political correctness” (which means the latest perverted political directives from unseen and unnamed monied perverts) in our government, schools and universities; has saturated our society/world with pervert propaganda that foists the abomination of having sex in human defecation upon the consciousness of all young men, and many black young men in their “bro before ho” mindset, have set themselves up for subliminal and overt embracement of homosexuality.

    The center of a man’s life is suppose to be his God, his woman and his children, not his “bro or his crew.” The disrespect of, the denigration of, the debasement of, the abandonment of black woman and black children, feminizes black men and sets up the black male popular culture for homosexual enticement.

    Manhood is important. The diminishing of any groups manhood, leaves the family and the culture defenseless. Black people, don’t take this campaign to destroy, black culture and American society lightly. By injecting the putrid concept of men rejecting women and having sexual orgasm in human defecation into our young men’s mind, along with 1,300 black babies being aborted six days each week. The very future of African American culture is at stake; along with the future of mankind. The perverted act of men with men, is a stench in the nostril of God, who will hold us accountable.

  20. Sacrosanct Di Illuminatus Oh for god's sakes. Single mothers make men dress in skirts? Or maybe fathers beat up their sons when at 21 they put a skirt on for whatever reason? Anyways, all this brouhaha cracks me up. Jesus wore a skirt. The Pope wears a skirt. Japanese kimonos are skirts, as are thai men's original outfits. Many african traditional dress had "skirts" for men… in fact, most places in the entire world had a sort of skirt for men's original clothing. Scottish kilts for tough men like Braveheart are skirts.

    And btw, lots of gay men are into super masculine guys with muscles, lots of hair, beer bellies, tough guys working on oil rigs, cowboys and what not.

    And on top of that there is no problem being gay. But hey, don't let me rain on your parade of dissing this guy, and somehow conflating his fashion in one photo to homosexuality, lack of masculinity, and then onward to the american black man in general.

    The one calling for homosexuals to be treated like in Africa, where thanks to the influence of hatefilled American (white!) evangelists going over there and pushing their intolerance, there are death penalties… DEATH penalities, and prison terms for being in love with someone of the same gender, and even laws making it a criminal offence not to turn in your gay son, friend, father etc. That is just sick and hateful.

    And really… the birth rates in the world, overpopulation, and we're worried about a few men not making babies as they dig guys.

    Really. How about worrying about your own lives and letting this guy, whom it seems is an innovative and amazing musician, live his?

  21. Compton Gutter you're kidding, right? "the destruction in the black male race from this"… no. If there is any destruction in the black male race (btw male is a gender, not a race), it is due to them acting all big ass gangsta and shooting each other in gangs, with no chance to get an education, a good job, a family, grow up and grow old. Never seen no musical ability, and putting on a skirt cause destruction yet.

  22. Thank you Naomi, for a reasonable opinion. The amount of homophobia, hate, disdain, putting down black men, and acting as if a skirt on a man for a photo is the sky falling in is insane on this thread.

  23. This isn't young thug you dumbasses he has tattoos all over

  24. Elizabeth Moore I agree that this behavior is learned however who are you to say someone is not an African man because they don't want to be with a woman. The fact that so many "black" people are always worried about what the next "black" person is up to, what their waring, or what they are saying is the reason we just can't seem to get ahead these days! and for the record MEN IN AFRICA WARE TRIBAL WRAPS (SKIRTS) so this image believe it or not is not far off from a traditional tribal wrap.
    Also while you are sitting here saying what is wrong with our "Black" men why don't you give a solution, otherwise people like you are apart of the problem…On that note I'm out! and Young Thug: I could care less what you ware I am not the judge (like others think they are)

  25. Yea u say thay till u catch ur getting fucked … must not know about the depopulation agenda has …smh thats the problem accepting this gay ass dude

  26. I know the person in this pic and we are very close friends. This is NOT young thug. So if you gone bash make sure you do it right.

  27. Thats not even thug. Can't believe everything the internet says

  28. Dont come down here wit yo family fuck u though. Everybody in this city dont rock like that.nigga that gay shit everywhere not just here.##fuck u talking bout…..

  29. Look here you on educated black man I don't even like coming to Atlanta is country is fucking is ghetto as hell what a terrible place to live

  30. young thug is a star now….gay or str8…only reason we are even commenting on this pic is because his music is bigger than his image. ..fact weather i like it you like it or not he is who and what he is now….a famous entertainer

  31. That Don't Look Like Him

  32. man fuck!!!!! This shit has to stop!

  33. Sick bitch!The industry is fucked up!

  34. Mario Jamison but your the jerk who cant even spell uneducated…
    and note Atlanta isnt a country; its a city! i need you to get those corrected before you talk shit, ok.

  35. If he gay he gay…. Who are we to judge?

  36. Why is it a problem for homosexuals to be in the industry is it a crime? Its a crime for all yall simple minded muthafuckas to sit and judge. We are all humans with ambition. Maybe half yall niggas thats got some to say negative want a dick in yall mouth or ass. IJS Keep your self centered opinions to yourself.

  37. I see nothing wrong with him being gay, it doesn't change his sex or makes him any less of a man. However I do wish he just come out and say it.

  38. Okay WAIT just a DAMN SECOND so it is okay to call a STRAIGHT GUY GAY FAG and to dignify this day in age as bad or worse YET if you say it to someone GAY it is the end of the world…. okay NOW I AM CONFUSED … what makes it better ?

  39. I love young thug because i appreaciate his honesty about who he really are theres nothn fake about him

  40. ATL didn't fuck up hip-hop. It's idiots like this, that fucked up hip-hop. That's like saying every black man is a killer and have an attitude problem.

  41. Elizabeth. If homosexuality came from slave masters raping slave children, that mean the element of rape was already apart of the master before slavery. So it's safe to say, that the master was raping children of their own biological race back when they were in Europe……Check…….Checkmate.

  42. The Dennis Rodman of hip hop smfh

  43. is it really him tho

  44. Thats what I was thinking too!

  45. U a fuckin fagg, dressed in dragg, how u a young thug ,and u buyin 2 pc outfits poppin tags

  46. I'm just saying when I come to Alanna most of the people

  47. I'm just saying when I come to Atlanta most of the people black people are ghetto

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  49. That's just a damn shame but if he likes it I love it,

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