Atlanta Rapper Young Thug posts an image on Instagram of himself wearing womens clothing -- a skirt and half shirt

Atlanta Rapper Young Thug Posts Image of Himself Dressed In Drag

Atlanta Rapper Young Thug posts an image on Instagram of himself wearing womens clothing -- a skirt and half shirt

Young Thug

Reported by Barry Burch Jr.

An upcoming rapper from Atlanta has been turning heads and raising eye brows with a recent picture he released on his Instagram page.  The rapper is Young Thug, and the picture shows the 21-year-old fully dressed in some sort of skirt ensemble.

After Frank Ocean became the first African-American music artist to announce his love for a person of the same-sëx in 2012, it seems as if artists like Young Thug, who might have once been afraid to reveal who they really are, can now be more openly expressive.  Times have apparently changed, and people are more accepting.

While rappers have been pushing the envelope with fashion for the last several years, with skinny jeans and, well, skirts, there has arguably not been anyone comparable to Young Thug and the two-piece outfit he is sporting; especially not a star on the rise.  Young Thug has collaborated on tracks with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Rich Homie Quan.  Drake was reportedly spotted in a night club rapping every word of an underground song by the rapper called “Danny Glover.”

Though Young Thug has surprised many with the recent picture, he is known for being a bit bizarre.  His radical and consistent flow is what got him noticed by Gucci Mane.  The magazine XXL referred to Young Thug as a “rap weirdo,” when commenting on his appearance in Gucci Mane’s Trap God 2 and Waka Flocka Flame’s DuFlocka Rant 2.

The article reads, “Thug’s charisma, unhinged flow and hooks make his music intriguing.”

And XXL is far from the only publication excitedly writing about the budding rapper.  Pitchfork referred to Young Thug’s style as “extraordinarily distinctive” and also wrote that “What Young Thug brings to the table, then, isn’t just a weird, experimental approach to rapping, but presence, persona, mystique, and, potentially, star power.”

Young Thug’s picture has received thousands of comments already.  Most of them consist of shear disappointment in what his image means for hip hop.

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  1. Traci Rowland at 3:06 pm

    When people keep making excuses for ignorance, there is no hope. My artist Corey Mack out of Indianapolis, IN has a song called "Thuggin it" with that old skool flavor and he does not rock skinny jeans in multi colors or bath robes on stage and he damn sure ain't into dresses and skirts. My point be yourself and respect will follow. Who the hell would respect a man in skinny jeans and or dress/skirt

  2. Jerry Ward at 12:05 pm

    Stop listening to this bullshit HIP HOP they put out now a days.The best HIP HOP was put out between 1984 until 1999 go back and listen to so real HIP HOP before it became commercialized and corporatized!!!!

  3. Latanya Smith at 12:45 am

    "Who he really are"? Really…..I'm no not once have you seen his mouth move to see him day out his own mouth that he is gay…he explains calling dude his "hubby" like it's just a term for "his boys"…that is not him being honest when anyone with a mustard seed of sense knows that no Straight man would call another straight man his hubby. Even tho this picture lacks tattoos which we know he has plenty of….we can honestly say he's not being honest about his lifestyle…but the nigga sound retarded anyway so he gets no play in my radio….Gay or Straight

  4. La'Nekee McMichael at 4:49 pm

    He is gay or bisexual whatever he calls himself. I've seen him in more dresses then this so stop saying it's not him cause it is him.if he's gay he's gay hell allot of men or gay and bisexual they just in the closet.It's his life.we can't judge people.

  5. daphne at 1:37 am

    I’m sick of CN His Ugly Ass N Girls Clothing if He was A real Girl &not a Body Boy We would C this Pic as a Mess this is worse. B who U R & I don’t C nothing wrong wit keeping Ur business to Urself. There is nothing wrong with Being private that seems to B the problem in the Gay life Everybody ways to B out N Bold. I’m sick of it Ur sex life is private just like Drug dealing stop BN out front sat down somewhere. He need therapy sick fuck. All tattooed up dressing like a Girl. That’s an insult to women. Ain’t nothing cute about these pic I’ve seen some Lovely pic of gay Men in drag that’s not My problem. He’s 2damn UGLY to B dressN like anything other than t shirt & jeans He Fucked Ur face look like a Foot Young fucked out Wanna B Thug

  6. Jason at 10:54 pm

    Young thug is buying into and embracing a negative social campaign designed to undermine the image of the strong black male figure in entertainment.

  7. Coco at 10:35 am

    Obviously That isn’t going thug. Look at the face and he has no muscles. The picture of young thug is him posing with make up on at snail salon

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