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March 28, 2014


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  RBG – The Story of Marcus Garvey – A Documentary Film     [leadplayer_vid id=”5335E063399A5″]

Black People Love Going To The Movies More Than Anybody Else

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger African-American movie attendance hit a new high mark in 2013, a year when several black-themed films were released, including the year’s Oscar winner for best picture, “12 Years a Slave.” The Motion Picture Association of America estimates that African-Americans attended the movies 170 million times in 2013, a 13-percent increase from the year before and the first significant bump since 2009, according to the Hollywood reporter….

Dr Boyce Watkins, Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill dispel myths about black men in new film

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“Hoodwinked” is a film that should be a must-see for every person of color in America.    It has earned every ounce of buzz that it’s received in mainstream media. The film asks questions about long-held beliefs about black male graduation and incarceration rates and shows you why everything you’ve been led to believe is wrong.  Filmmaker Janks Morton brings together the top black male scholars in the country to…

Cornel West, Dr Boyce Watkins, black scholars speak out against racism

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We know that black people are great, but how great are we choosing to be?  The panelists for New Paradigm New York explain that our greatness goes as far as we choose to take it.  Wealth, Education, Family and Community: A New Paradigm for Black America, is an initiative created by Syracuse University professor Dr. Boyce Watkins to reshape the trajectory of African American progress by providing 21st century solutions…

Min Louis Farrakhan breaks down powerful knowledge on Meet the Press

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Min. Louis Farrakhan made a few visits to Meet the Press over the last 20 years.  In every case, you can clearly see that he is more intelligent and sharper than nearly anyone he confronts on the show.  Watch him go head-to-head with Tim Russert in an interview for the ages. [leadplayer_vid id=”5334F37BBAA0C”]